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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 411: Once the Hunter, now the Prey

Chapter 411: Once the Hunter, now the Prey

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

When that terrifying green bird shot a glance in his direction, Zhang Che was so scared his heart almost stopped beating!

In the end, it went as he expected. The green bird Zhang Che guessed had already reached super divine-quality, paid no heed to him while he was in the form of a one-star bronze-quality little green frog, and directly returned to the tall mountains behind it.

Of course, it was also partly due to Zhang Che being quite far away from it. If the green frog was right in front of it, perhaps the bird might feel a little mischievous and shoot him to death with a ray of light?

It was akin to how a human wouldn’t purposely go stomp an ant a few meters away from them for no rhyme or reason, but if the ant was right in front of their feet, perhaps they just might step on it.

When the terrifying green bird had disappeared, Zhang Che waited for a while more to be on the safe side of things before he flopped his frog limbs ferociously, swimming in the direction the white sword had fallen in.

After the high-tier beastmaster’s death, his subdued beasts had naturally all turned into streaks of light and dissipated, joining him in the afterlife.

However, the white sword was different from subdued beasts. Naturally it was left behind!

After swimming ashore with much difficulty, Zhang Che still didn’t dare return to his human form. If he accidentally drew that terrifying green bird back here, he’d really die without a complete corpse.

Flopping his four long legs, and his headlight-like eyes wide, he began his search for the white sword in the dense woods.

However, after transforming into an exotic beast, his physical features were basically no different from those of a green frog, other than his soul being a human’s.

-Damn it, I can’t even use my spiritual strength. How do I search for it?- Zhang Che cursed inside. Seeing the dense vegetation all around him, he didn’t know where to start his search at.

He only knew the rough area where the white sword fell. Wanting to find its exact location would be very difficult.

It couldn’t possibly be that the white sword would know he was looking for it and come flying to him on its own, right?

When he thought of this, however, Zhang Che’s frog face couldn’t help but change.

He finally remembered that the white sword wasn’t an ordinary weapon, but a spiritual sword fragment.

After the green bird had killed the beastmaster, it was like the spiritual sword fragment was free from control and had regained its freedom. So… would it still remain here obediently?

-Oh, heavens, please don’t fly away…- Zhang Che smiled bitterly inside. He knew searching for it like this was useless.

He stopped on the spot and pondered for some time. Afterwards, he jumped around and back into a river on his own will, going along with the water flowing downstream.

After floating along the river for about a thousand meters, Zhang Che returned to his human form and jumped ashore. First, he used his spiritual senses to feel around towards the deep mountains apprehensively. He didn’t notice anything strange, and finally let out a long sigh of relief.

In the next moment, a scarlet light shot out from his brow. The scarlet sword flew around him and shot off in the direction where the white sword fell previously.

Although he didn’t know whether the white sword was still there, Zhang Che had his own method: release the golden vortex’s control over the scarlet sword and use it as bait to go fishing for the white sword.

They were both spiritual sword fragments. They should have some special connections between one another. Perhaps the scarlet sword might just find the white sword for him?

Just as he was thinking of that, Zhang Che saw the scarlet sword was quickly flying back to him, with a white sword emitting a sharp aura following closely behind.

“Hmm? It really worked!”

Zhang Che didn’t expect this method of his would produce results so quickly, and he immediately broke out into a wide smile.

In the next moment, however, he realized something was amiss.

The two spiritual sword fragments seemed like… one was running, and the other was chasing!

After taking a closer look, it was indeed so. The scarlet sword was being chased around by the white sword, escaping straight in Zhang Che’s direction.

“The heck, that sword is so fierce?!” Zhang Che’s eyes went wide. Just as he wanted to summon the ice-attributed white sword in his spiritual sea, it was already too late.

How fast were the spiritual sword fragments? The scarlet sword suddenly accelerated and turned into a scarlet light, entering Zhang Che’s brow.

In the next moment, the metal-attributed white sword was similarly speeding in his direction like a bolt of lightning. Zhang Che couldn’t react at all as it also turned into a sword light and flew into his brow.

“What is up with that thirst…” Zhang Che jumped in shock. Afterwards, he smiled bitterly. He truly didn’t expect that metal-attributed white sword to be so fierce, wanting to devour his spiritual sword fragment.

How was that acceptable!?

Well, now that the metal-attributed white sword had chased its way into Zhang Che’s spiritual sea, he had nothing to worry about.

With the golden vortex and the rainbow crystal keeping them in check, did he have to worry about them turning the world inside his head upside down?

Indeed, when Zhang Che looked inside, the golden vortex was already in control of the metal-attributed white sword. It was unmoving, hovering in the air high up in his spiritual sea.

Meanwhile, the two other swords Zhang Che possessed had surrounded this intruder, circling around it cheerfully. Judging from their appearances, it seemed like they were hunters who had discovered a tasty meal, slowly beaming with excitement.

“You can even eat that?” Zhang Che was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t try to suppress the two swords’ desire to consume it.

Although the metal-attributed white sword’s attacking power was extraordinary judging by how that high-tier beastmaster wielded it, it was stolen property, after all. Zhang Che wouldn’t dare to use it in public.

Since that was the case, why not let his two swords consume it? It would similarly strengthen him!

“Let’s see how much your strength will increase after you two consume this sword…” Zhang Che only pondered for an instant before agreeing to it.

In the next moment, the two swords turned into two lights, one red, and the other white, and directly flew towards the suppressed white sword.

Zhang Che wasn’t sure if he was imagining things, but he seemed to feel that the metal-attributed white sword trembled in fear, wanting to break free from the golden vortex’s control.

Alas, its efforts were in vain.

In the next moment, the metal-attributed white sword was completely enveloped by the two lights.

Perhaps the metal-attributed white sword never imagined that it would get reverse-killed so quickly!

Was this what people call failing to do something, and getting something done to them instead?

Zhang Che revealed a faint smile at the corners of his lips. He knew the two swords wouldn’t finish devouring their meal any time soon. Thus, he looked back in the direction he came from and left slowly and carefully.

He was too near to the terrifying green bird’s territory. Zhang Che didn’t dare summon the Purple Jade Condor. Otherwise, if he drew that bird’s attention, he’d probably get killed even if he transformed back into the green frog.

As for the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, he was currently recovering from his injuries in Zhang Che’s spiritual sea. He wouldn’t be able to come out any time soon.

When they were being pursued by that high-tier beastmaster, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon had burned much of his cold aura. If Zhang Che didn’t have the rainbow crystal to heal it’s internal injuries, heavens knew whether it could even recover…

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