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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 412: Turns Out They’re All Gluttons

Chapter 412: Turns Out They’re All Gluttons

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

Finally, after traversing the mountains and crossing rivers, Zhang Che found himself several kilometers away from that green bird’s territory. He let out a long sigh of relief, then summoned the Purple Jade Condor and mounted it, quickly flying away.

He couldn’t take it slowly. Heavens knew if that green bird would suddenly come out and take a breather.

Everything would come to an end if it noticed him.

The Purple Jade Condor flew about a dozen kilometers at low altitude, sticking close to the crown of the trees. Seeing as there weren’t any signs of movement at his rear, Zhang Che finally relaxed.

“What a close shave! I’d better refrain from using such methods as much as possible. I’ll hurt myself if I get careless, and perhaps even lose my life, at that!” Zhang Che felt the lingering fear in his heart ease up when the Purple Jade Condor left the area completely. He swore to himself he had to raise his strength quickly, to prevent coming into situations where he was pursued by powerful high-tier beastmasters and had no strength to retaliate.

This time, he got through by using a terrifying exotic beast and that beastmaster falling into his trap, killing him. Would he be so lucky next time?

That didn’t seem likely at all…

“Hmm, I’d better go back quickly and pick that spiritual herb. It’d be too big of a loss to leave such a high-grade spiritual herb there. Who knows if another exotic beast will pass by and eat it?”

The Purple Jade Condor kept flying. Half an hour later, Zhang Che finally returned to where the qilin-like exotic beast had died.

Luckily he was flying in a straight line when he was running from the high-tier beastmaster earlier. Otherwise, Zhang Che would never have been able to find his way back here, hundreds of kilometers away, without the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon leading the way.

Diving straight into the small mountain, Zhang Che soon found the spiritual herb previously guarded by the high-tier epic-quality exotic beast. It was an oddly-shaped flower growing straight up.

The stem of this flower was as thick as a thumb, round and green, its body smooth and hairless. Nine round lush green leaves grew on the stem, in a picturesque disorderly fashion. At the top of the stem was a flower with a beautiful mix of colors, about the size of a fist. A faint fragrance was coming from the pistil of the flower.

Zhang Che brought his face closer to take a whiff. He immediately felt a mass of robust spiritual force entering his nose, leaving him feeling refreshed.

“It actually has such potent medical efficacy!” Zhang Che couldn’t help but be greatly surprised. He hurriedly took out a little hoe used for digging herbs from his spatial storage and dug out the spiritual herb out by the root. Afterwards, he threw it into the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s storage.

Regrettably, Zhang Che came out in a hurry and forgot to bring a small piece of spiritual jade. Otherwise, he could bring back the spiritual herb alive.

“Mhm, I have to remember this lesson after I get back. I’ll have to keep a piece of spiritual jade in my spatial storage next time!”

After all, with the Gluttony Monkey’s ability to look for spiritual herbs, Zhang Che was sure to come across all kinds of spiritual herbs. Thus, it became necessary for him to bring a piece of spiritual jade around.

After digging up the spiritual herb, Zhang Che suddenly had an idea.

In the next moment, a ray of light shot out from his brow, turning into something like a sword.

It wasn’t directly referred to as a sword because it was hard to tell if the thing in front of him was real. It didn’t have a fixed shape, but had the overall appearance of a sword.

Two lights, red and white, were flowing around the unreal long sword, looking rather coordinated. It didn’t give off any feeling of contradictions.

“This is… the two swords actually fused together after devouring the metal-attributed white sword?” Zhang Che opened his mouth slightly, his eyes filled with shock.

His gaze swept across a large mountain rock at his side, and he thought of something.

In the next moment, the red and white entangled light flew past it. The mountain rock was cut into two smooth halves silently.

“There doesn’t seem to be any obvious increase in power..?” Zhang Che was slightly dissatisfied with the power the combined sword displayed.

Of course, it could be that the mountain rock he used for his little test was too ordinary, and so he couldn’t tell the difference.

Zhang Che thought to himself, -I need to find a strong exotic beast to test it and find out exactly how strong this scarlet and white sword is.-

“Hmm? Something’s not right!” His peripheral vision swept over the sliced mountain rock again, his eyelid twitching. Afterwards, he walked over to the rock with hurried steps.

“This, this, this…” Zhang Che was shocked at the sight.

The cut surfaces of the two rocks were actually flat and smooth. It was like two mirror faces, reflecting his face perfectly!

-Maybe this has something to do with the mountain rock’s composition?- Zhang Che thought. He simply couldn’t believe what he just saw. In the next moment, he summoned the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword and slashed at it, slicing another one of the rocks into two.

This time, however, although the cut surface was still incredibly flat and smooth, there wasn’t the strange phenomenon of that mirror-like reflection.

How sharp did a sword have to be to produce a mirrored surface with a cut on a mountain rock?

Zhang Che didn’t dare to imagine it. He only knew that the scarlet and white sword light was simply extremely terrifying after their fusion.

He didn’t dare to claim that the sword light’s sharpness could cut down a divine-quality exotic beast, but a high-tier epic-quality exotic beast would probably die instantly to one attack if its vitals were struck, right?

Zhang Che grew incredibly excited at the thought of this. He was like a kid who had found a new fascinating toy, directing the scarlet and white sword light to ravage the nearby plants and rocks.

Regrettably, he discovered to his disappointment that the scarlet white sword light’s attack range had shrunk after devouring the metal-attributed sword and they had combined as one, with a reach of only around a hundred meters.

That was a problem. Epic-quality exotic beasts’ False Domains could cover a five-hundred-meter radius at the very least. Zhang Che would have to bear quite the risk if he wanted to use the scarlet and white sword light to kill an epic-quality exotic beast.

Shaking his head, Zhang Che stopped thinking about this matter.

He took the qilin-like exotic beast’s corpse he had snatched earlier out, and at the same time, summoned out the Umbra Wind God Leopard.

As he had expected, the Umbra Wind God Leopard immediately grew excited when he saw the exotic beast corpse on the ground, pouncing at it and tearing large mouthfuls off it.

“Why are these fellows all gluttons…” Zhang Che couldn’t resist lamenting when he saw how happy the Umbra Wind God Leopard looked when eating.

This qilin-like exotic beast was a high-tier epic-quality exotic beast. The energy contained in its flesh and blood was massive. Despite the Umbra Wind God Leopard’s shocking speed at eating, he still took more than half an hour before he finally finished eating the whole corpse, not leaving a strand of hair behind.

After eating his fill, the Umbra Wind God Leopard cried out a few times in satisfaction, then turned into a streak of light and returned to Zhang Che’s spiritual sea, falling into a deep slumber.

Zhang Che was elated. -As I expected, the Umbra Wind God Leopard finally accumulated enough energy after consuming the qilin exotic beast’s corpse! When he wakes up, he’ll probably have grown out of his newborn phase and possess a certain amount of combat ability!-

After fantasizing for a while, Zhang Che didn’t waste any more time. He summoned his army of capable babies and resumed clearing the nearby exotic beasts.

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