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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 413: Dark Gold Gluttony Monkey. Truth

Chapter 413: Dark Gold Gluttony Monkey. Truth

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

Time passed quickly. Two days later…

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon had recovered to his peak condition. After the two swords devoured the metal-attributed sword, the scarlet and white sword light they turned into had achieved great merits for Zhang Che.

Although the scarlet and white sword’s attacking range had shrunk to nearly a third of what it was, its attacking speed, had increased by a huge margin, truly reaching the level of a sword of light. No exotic beasts could escape it.

In addition, the sword’s attacking power had risen greatly. Its efficiency at hunting exotic beasts was even more impressive.

During those two days, Zhang Che travelled around on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon. Other than summoning the Earthen Rock Demon to take control of the area, Zhang Che couldn’t even be bothered to summon out his other subdued beasts or pets. He directed the scarlet and white sword himself, slaying every exotic beast they came across.

As of now, Zhang Che had accumulated several hundred mid-tier beast cards in his spatial storage. It was the reward he got for sweeping all of the mid-tier exotic beasts in the surrounding few hundred kilometers.

It went without saying that Premium House wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of stock!

During this period of time, Zhang Che had gotten close to the territory of those powerful exotic beasts on multiple occasions. However, with the map his father-in-law had prepared for him, he managed to avoid them in time. He didn’t have to worry about encountering any danger. It was another reason why he had gained such huge rewards.

“Indeed, information is the greatest resource one can have!” This wasn’t the first time Zhang Che had lamented the exact same thing. Without Huang Juyun’s help, he would have needed more than twice the time to advance to Tier Seven beastmaster. At the very least, he would need half a year to achieve that!

Zhang Che wasn’t the only one who had gained rewards. The frisky monkey had also finally risen to dark gold-quality.


[Gluttony Monkey]

Level: Three Star (Level 28)

Quality: Dark Gold

Characteristics: Lively and Mischievous, Extremely Skilled at Climbing, Excels in Finding All Kinds of Fruits and Spiritual Herbs

Weakness: Poison Attribute Attacks

Innate Attribute: Spiritual Reaction, Able to Sense the Fluctuations of Spiritual Herbs Within a 1,500 Meter Radius.

Skill: Superstrong Spiritual Reaction. Able to Sense the Spiritual Fluctuations of All Spiritual Herbs Within a 10,000 Meter Radius After Activation and be Aware of Their Exact Location. Cooldown Time: 1 Day

Halo: Spiritual Force Sensitivity

Potential: B Rank


After breaking through to dark gold-quality, the changes to the frisky monkey’s attributes were huge!

First, his senses could now detect spiritual fruits and herbs up to fifteen hundred meters away, and when activating his skill, he could expand his sensory range to ten thousand meters!

That range was extremely terrifying. After activation, any spiritual herbs within three hundred and fourteen square kilometers would be sensed by the Gluttony Monkey!

Three hundred and fourteen square kilometers! That was about four times the size of the town Zhang Che lived in his previous life!

Judging by the density of spiritual herbs growing deep in the beast worlds, perhaps he might not find mid-grade or higher spiritual herbs with every activation of the skill, but he would definitely find some ordinary spiritual herbs.

After the frisky monkey advanced to dark gold-quality, he also gained a Halo called Spiritual Force Sensitivity.

Zhang Che tried it out. Under the blessing of the frisky monkey’s Halo, he gained sharp awareness towards spiritual force, too. However, the range was too small, only allowing him to sense the fluctuations for about a hundred meters around him.

For ordinary people, gaining such an ability would truly be a huge blessing. However, to Zhang Che, it simply wasn’t any help.

Let alone a hundred meters, so what if he could sense a thousand meters around him?

That was still within the range of the frisky monkey’s senses. It was useless to Zhang Che!

“It’d be countless times better if his Halo was changed into something else; whatever will do!” Although Zhang Che was very dissatisfied with this result, what could he do? He could only accept it passively..

During the past two days, the nearby mid-tier exotic beasts, as well as the sparse high-tier exotic beasts, were mostly killed by Zhang Che. Even if there were a few stragglers here and there, they were no longer worth his time.

“It’s time to head back. After being pursued by the Zhen family all the way here, if I don’t go back to settle this trouble, who knows what other tricks they’ll pull the next time?”

It was getting dark. Zhang Che didn’t set off right away. Instead, he found a large mountain and had the Purple Crystal Tortoise dig out a cave for him. Zhang Che hid in the cave together with the frisky monkey and enjoyed a meal of roasted exotic beast meat, then went to sleep, awaiting the dawn of the next day.


The next morning, Zhang Che packed his belongings and mounted the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, letting him find their way back. Half a day later, they were back at the safety zone.

It could be said that this trip to the beast world was fraught with troubles.

Not only were they pursued by a high-tier master from the Zhen family… [The Zhen family yelled silently, -It’s really not us who sent him! This is simply the worst case of injustice!- …] they also encountered a powerful exotic beast who was possibly at super divine-quality!

Although Zhang Che guessed that the green bird was much weaker than that golden divine bird, it was much more powerful than ordinary exotic beasts regardless!

After all, the high-tier beastmaster who came to assassinate him couldn’t even retaliate against the green bird’s attack, and was killed instantly. It could only be described as extremely terrifying!

After exiting the safety zone, Zhang Che boarded Dijiang-hao. After flying for about three hours, Zhang Che returned to Bei Du once more.

Zhang Che wasn’t in a hurry to get home after arriving at Bei Du. Instead, he went to the Huang family’s ancestral home.

During this period of time, the military and the government had been discussing their strategies for the future regarding the invasion of demonic creatures. As such, Huang Juyun didn’t return to Qian Wei City. He remained in Bei Du, attending meeting after meeting.

When Zhang Che arrived at the Huang family’s ancestral house, Huang Juyun was waiting for him at home.

Although Huang Juyun knew that Zhang Che surely had something to ask him about if he came to him, he wasn’t in a hurry to talk about that, and instead asked about Zhang Che’s trip. “How is it? Did you get a good harvest?”

“Uncle Huang, these maps for the beast worlds have really helped me a great deal!” Zhang Che grew unusually excited when this topic was brought up. He smiled brightly, saying, “I went to two places over these last few days. It was as indicated on the maps; the density of mid-tier exotic beasts was far higher than other places, and there were even mid- to low-quality high-tier exotic beasts! The harvest was plentiful!

“If I keep up at this pace, I’ll only need two to three months at most to successfully advance to Tier Seven beastmaster!”

When he heard Zhang Che, Huang Juyun’s face froze for a moment.

Two to three months and Zhang Che could advance to a high-tier beastmaster?

Even though Huang Juyun knew those places were filled with mid-tier exotic beasts, that speed still gave him a scare.

However, Huang Juyun immediately recalled that Zhang Che wasn’t an ordinary mid-tier beastmaster. Not only did he have an epic-quality subdued beast, he also possessed an extremely rare spiritual sword fragment. His attacking power wasn’t inferior to most high-tier beastmasters at all.

With such great strength, breaking through to Tier Seven beastmaster in about three months didn’t seem like such a strange matter anymore.

“Alright. When you advance to Tier Seven, your strength will surely increase greatly. You won’t have to fear even if the demon world invades us again and sends stronger creatures this time!” Huang Juyun praised, clapping his hands.

“Oh, right, Uncle Huang, the Zhen family set their eyes on me again on my trip to the beast world. They sent a high-tier beastmaster to pursue me.”

Huang Juyun’s face changed. He immediately said angrily, “What? Does the Zhen family really not want to preserve the slightest bit of face they still have?

“After the arena deathmatch, no matter how deep the grudges, both sides have to put it to rest! This is the rule set by both the government administrative office and the military! I can’t believe the Zhen family actually dares to act so brazenly!

“Since they’re like that, then don’t blame us for acting immorally!”

-Are we going to start a war with the Zhen family, just like that?- Zhang Che felt that this was somewhat inappropriate. Let alone the fact that this matter had deep implications, more importantly, he had no evidence. If the Huang family started a war with them, they would become the target of public criticism.

After hearing Zhang Che’s concern, a layer of dark clouds shrouded Huang Juyun’s head. He nodded slowly, “This will indeed be extremely troublesome. Since that high-tier beastmaster is already dead and is left with no corpse in the beast world, we won’t be able to produce any evidence, indeed.

“Right, do you remember that beastmaster’s facial features?”

Zhang Che slowly recalled. He described that middle-aged man’s appearance, and even pointed out the fact that he had a spiritual sword fragment.

After hearing this, Huang Juyun unexpectedly revealed a look of doubt. He said in confusion, “Hmm? The Zhen family doesn’t seem to have such a high-tier beastmaster. Also, from what I know, although they do have a spiritual sword fragment, it isn’t metal-attributed.

“Perhaps, this is their clan’s hidden strength?

“Right, wait a moment. I’ll go find someone who can draw a quick sketch. Describe that beastmaster’s appearance once more later, and have him draw his face.”

No matter if it was a high-tier beastmaster or a spiritual sword fragment, both of those were the high-end combat strengths of a clan. Usually other factions would have some information about those things.

Arriving soon after at Huang Juyun’s orders, a soldier who excelled in sketching listened to Zhang Che’s descriptions and drew the high-tier beastmaster’s face through a long-distance video call.

Zhang Che was impressed when he saw the end result.

Just by listening to his description and making some changes afterwards, the appearance of the high-tier beastmaster who pursued him was reproduced almost perfectly on paper.

“This is…” Huang Juyun, who had also saw the sketch, suddenly sat up straight, his eyes wide, and let out a low exclamation.

“Xiaoche, is this man really dead, and has no corpse remaining?”

-As expected, father-in-law really knows this person!-

Zhang Che nodded firmly, saying, “That’s right. This guy’s strength was really decent. If it wasn’t because of his overwhelming aura attracting a powerful exotic beast nearby, it would’ve been really difficult for me to escape from him!”

“He’s not from the Zhen family,” Huang Juyun sighed, his expression complicated.

“He’s not the Zhen family’s man? Then…” Zhang Che was really surprised.

-Since he’s not someone from the Zhen family, could it be that I have offended some other large faction in Hua Xia? That is troubling.-

“He’s the younger brother of the Japanese Miyazaki Clan’s patriarch, Miyazaki Musashi! Among those in my generation, he is an exceptional talent!

“Years ago, I met him before in a secret plane. That’s why I recognized him. At that time, he was already a Tier Five beastmaster, possessing really powerful subdued beasts.

“I didn’t expect him to die by your hands.”

Hearing this, Zhang Che’s eyes finally shot wide open, nearly popping out from their sockets.

-He’s actually from the freaking Miyazaki Clan!

-That makes sense! My grudge with the Miyazaki Clan runs deep. It’s no wonder they sent out such a powerful beastmaster to assassinate me.-

Thinking back, this high-tier beastmaster by the name of Miyazaki Musashi was indeed powerful. If Zhang Che didn’t have the Myriad Transformation Lizard’s exotic beast transformation attribute, there was no way he could have used a powerful exotic beast to entrap him.

Under those circumstances, he couldn’t run, either. He probably would have died in the end!

However, with how things had gone, the Miyazaki Clan would surely feel the pain when they learned the final results. Not only did they lose a powerful high-tier beastmaster, they also lost a rare spiritual sword fragment!

Most importantly, that high-tier beastmaster wasn’t an ordinary clan member, but the younger brother of the Miyazaki Clan’s patriarch! He was an extremely important member of the clan!

-Hmm, I hope they won’t cry!-

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