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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 414: Giving to Higher Authority. Prosperous Business

Chapter 414: Giving to Higher Authority. Prosperous Business

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

“It’s good that it wasn’t the Zhen family,” Huang Juyun sighed in relief. If it was really the Zhen family who were behind it, this matter would be rather complicated.

After all, they were a first-rate clan in Hua Xia, despite their heavy losses from the arena deathmatch. Their foundations were much deeper and stronger than the Huang family’s.

Although they had lost a huge sum of money, their strength wasn’t affected too greatly.

If the two clans really went to war against one another, the end results would be unpredictable.

“The Miyazaki Clan keeps looking for trouble with you. Do they really think they are the Miyazaki Clan of the past? It looks like I have to teach them a lesson before they will learn to act honestly.” Huang Juyun narrowed his eyes slightly, a faint cold glint in his eyes.

Let alone the fact the Miyazaki Clan was now reduced to a third-rate clan, Huang Juyun wasn’t afraid of them even when they were still in their prime! Since they dared to keep stepping on his son-in-law, then they should be prepared to face the Huang family’s wrath!

Judging by Huang Juyun’s tone, it seemed like he was going to start a war with the Miyazaki Clan?

“Ugh, Uncle Huang, I think we don’t have to bother with them,” Zhang Che quickly persuaded him otherwise.

What a joke. Although the Miyazaki Clan kept hounding Zhang Che and came looking for trouble with him, he didn’t lose anything. On the contrary, he had gained much!

Under such circumstances, if the Huang family were to start a war with the Miyazaki Clan, although they were almost guaranteed to win, the Miyazaki Clan was far off in Japan. The Huang family would have to pay a certain price.

Moreover, it would be bad if the Japanese government were forced to interfere.

Since Miyazaki Musashi, one of the strongest figures of the Miyazaki Clan, had died to Zhang Che, he didn’t have to worry about their next actions at all. He’d just kill whoever came next, no matter how many of them there were!

It wouldn’t be too late for Zhang Che to go find trouble with them after he broke through to Tier Seven beastmaster and grew much stronger.

After listening to what Zhang Che had to say, Huang Juyun fell silent for a while. Afterwards, he realized that the current Zhang Che really had no need to fear the Miyazaki Clan taking their revenge on him. So, he nodded slowly and agreed.

After all, if his son-in-law wanted to take revenge with his own strength in the future, then it was better for him to not interfere.

Moreover, even Miyazaki Musashi had died by Zhang Che’s hands. Whether the Miyazaki Clan had the courage to continue finding trouble with Zhang Che was still unknown.

After a period of time, Miyazaki Musashi’s disappearance would surely shake the Miyazaki Clan. They would probably recognize Zhang Che’s strength and not dare to keep finding trouble with him from now on, keeping to themselves.

On the side of the Bei Mei region, however, the faction behind that mysterious pharmaceutical company was pretty strong. They must have learned that Zhang Che was the one who stole their experimental data back then, leading to their conflict with the Miyazaki Clan.

Would they, who were used to having things go their way, let Zhang Che go so easily for such a deep grudge? That was absolutely impossible…

However, it had been so long and yet they still hadn’t taken any action. Were they preparing something in the dark to deal with Zhang Che? Nobody knew!

-Looks like I have to watch out from now on…- Zhang Che thought to himself. Compared to the Miyazaki Clan, the mysterious faction from Bei Mei was obviously much more patient, not to mention Zhang Che had no idea how strong they were. Once they took action, it’d probably be a big attack that would be hard to defend against.

Of course, as long as Zhang Che didn’t go to the Bei Mei region in his true identity, he didn’t have much to fear.

The two lands were hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart, and there was the shield of the Hua Xia government between them. They wouldn’t be able to send too big of a force if they wanted to take action.

Zhang Che’s strength was very different from before. As long as he paid attention, he didn’t have to fear whatever method the other party used.

Thinking of the mysterious faction in Bei Mei region, Zhang Che suddenly recalled something.

Back then, in order to set up the Miyazaki Clan, Zhang Che took away the main device that stored the lab’s experimental data. Currently, it was still stored inside the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s storage.

Zhang Che would have totally forgotten about that if he hadn’t thought of this matter today. After thinking for a bit, it was better to give this to his father-in-law to handle.

This thing should be extremely useful to the Huang family. It was nothing but a pile of useless metal if Zhang Che kept it in his possession, not bringing out any of its practical uses.

Of course, Zhang Che wouldn’t take the device out from the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s storage right in front of Huang Juyun.

He went to the washroom and transferred the device to the Meso Worm’s spatial storage, then came back and brought up the matter to Huang Juyun.

Huang Juyun’s jaw went loose from shock after hearing Zhang Che talk about this.

Huang Juyun had originally thought that this kid was very capable of stirring up trouble, but he didn’t expect Zhang Che to be THAT capable. It was simply unrivalled!

“You’re saying that you’ve brought back the main computer that stored their lab results in perfect condition!?” Huang Juyun was astonished.

Of course, there was research conducted on developing an exotic beast genetic evolution fluid in Hua Xia, too. But, due to the lack of test subjects, their progress had been slow. The brass had wanted to give up on this project before.

Obtaining that pharmaceutical company’s experimental data would be an enormous help to Hua Xia. It was invaluable!

Zhang Che nodded. With a wave of his hand, he took out that gigantic main computer, presenting it to Huang Juyun.

After seeing the actual object, Huang Juyun was so excited his whole body was trembling.

This thing bore too much weight, figuratively speaking!

In Hua Xia, not a single clan dared to conduct such research in private, no matter how detailed their data was. It was something decided by the government affairs office.

However, the Huang family could totally present it to the higher authorities in exchange for huge benefits.

Huang Juyun had no doubts that if he did that, the Huang family would definitely rise to become a first-rate clan, albeit being on the weaker end, and receive huge support from the government. As long as they didn’t do anything to betray Hua Xia, they had nothing to worry about.

The most direct benefit would be that with this thing, even if the Zhen family hated the Huang family and Zhang Che to the bones, they could only give in and endure the matter, not daring to harbor any ill thoughts against them. Otherwise, no one in all of Hua Xia would stand on their side. Not only that, most clans would even work together against them. Perhaps the Zhen family might even cease to exist from that point on.

After all, contributing this experimental data was too great a merit. The brass had to show some sincerity.

“You brat, why didn’t you bring out something so good earlier?” Huang Juyun looked at Zhang Che, slightly irritated, and said, “If you handed this thing over earlier, the Zhen family wouldn’t even have dared say a thing about you killing Zhen Long, and they would even have apologized to us!”

Zhang Che’s eyes widened. -This thing actually has such an impact? I really didn’t know!-

It was hardly surprising that Zhang Che didn’t think of that. After all, if Zhang Che wasn’t supported by the Huang family, a faction deeply rooted in the military, he’d only get some material rewards at the most if he handed this experimental data over. He wouldn’t have gotten anything special.

However, it was different if the Huang family were the ones who presented it. After all, the exotic beast genetic evolution fluid project was headed by the military, and the Huang family was a faction belonging to the military.

Seeing the look of shock on Zhang Che, Huang Juyun laughed candidly. “You head back first. Once I hand this over to the higher-ups tomorrow and have the data verified as useful, you won’t have to worry about the Zhen family within Hua Xia’s borders.

“But, you have really offended those from the Bei Mei region. You still have to be careful and act cautiously!

“Well, it’s best that you don’t leave Hua Xia. Otherwise, we won’t be able to provide help in time if they take action against you. It’d be useless no matter what we do if you’re in danger.”

Zhang Che nodded, “Don’t worry, Uncle Huang. I won’t leave Hua Xia’s borders.”

He thought to himself, -Even if there’s anything I have to leave Hua Xia to settle, naturally I’ll switch up my identity. No one will be able to find me.-


The sky gradually darkened. Zhang Che didn’t stay behind for dinner. He had Liu Gang drive him home.

Back at home, his mother Sun Lan had prepared dinner for him. When he arrived, he only saw Sun Lan and his great-aunt Sun Shaoying around during dinner.

“Mom, where’s Uncle and the others? Are they at the store?”

Sun Lan nodded at Zhang Che’s question. She said, “That’s right. The store’s business is doing very well recently. Your aunt and uncle can’t even catch a breather. Sometimes, even your great-aunt has to go help them out at the store.”

Naturally Sun Lan was very happy that Premium House’s business was booming. It meant that not only would her son be making big money, her aunt’s family could also settle down in Bei Du without worry and live a better life.

“Eh? Right, when your aunt came home yesterday, she mentioned telling you to bring another batch of beast cards when you get back, and that the stock in the store is running low. It will only last a few more days.”

Zhang Che revealed a hint of surprise. -Has the store’s business really been doing so well?-

“Alright. I’ll go over and take a look after dinner.”


After dinner, Zhang Che didn’t get Liu Gang to drive him, instead driving himself straight to Premium House. Just as he was done parking the car, before he even entered the shop, he saw the place was as busy as a market. Groups of beastmasters were entering and leaving the shop together. It was really lively.

“Tsk. This traffic is comparable to the period of time when the Nirvana Snake beast cards were on sale. It’s no wonder the beast cards I’d prepared before are running low!” Zhang Che sighed, the corners of his eyes and forehead hinting at his happy mood.

Although he didn’t care about that little bit of money he earned by selling beast cards, who would dislike earning more money?

Moreover, if the business was doing well, his great-aunt’s family could settle down completely in Bei Du. His mother wouldn’t have to worry about not having any companions around.

In a relaxed mood, Zhang Che walked into the shop and greeted his aunt and the others. Afterwards, he took out the hundreds of beast cards he had obtained this time inside the storeroom and handed them to his aunt, Xi Muyun.

Xi Muyun jumped up in shock when she saw Zhang Che taking out so many mid-tier beast cards at one go, in addition to some mid to low-quality high-tier beast cards!

-This nephew is incredible! How long was he gone for? He actually brought back so many beast cards!-

She knew very well that Zhang Che didn’t buy those beast cards from other beastmasters. Each and every one of them was hunted in the beast world with his own strength!

-This boy is only eighteen years old!

-Indeed, a genius isn’t limited by their age! This son of my cousin is a genius among geniuses! No one his age can measure up to him!-

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