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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 415: Genius. Military Conference

Chapter 415: Genius. Military Conference

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

After dropping off the beast cards he’d obtained on this trip to the beast world, Zhang Che didn’t remain in the store.

Although the Premium House’s income had reached a shocking level for ordinary people, Zhang Che really didn’t care about that small bit of money.

The reason why he opened this shop was to bring his great-aunt’s family over from Tian Xing City and giving his mother some companions, keeping her from being alone.

Now, that objective had been perfectly achieved.


After driving home, Miss Tienan had come back from school.

As of now, Huang Tielan was considered a “privileged” student among the freshmen of the Bei Du University’s beast card cultivation major. She was free to skip the night self-study sessions. Not only that, if she had other matters to attend to, it was fine even if she didn’t go to school. She only had to inform her professors.

The other students were really envy of this.

It couldn’t be helped; Huang Tielan had already become an official beast card cultivator barely a month after school started!

Moreover, Huang Tielan’s professional knowledge was among the highest. Even students in their second, or even third years, were only around her level.

Of course, the most important point was that Huang Tielan had already become an official beast card cultivator.

This point alone was much more practical than memorizing the necessary professional knowledge.

After all, the beast card cultivator profession was extremely unique. It wasn’t like you could automatically become one after memorizing the relevant knowledge, including the known ingredients and herbs.

If you were unable to concoct beast card cultivation fluids on your own, it was useless no matter how profound your knowledge was.

This was exactly why Huang Tielan was looked upon favorably by the school and the professors. She was only eighteen years old and had become an official beast card cultivator!

Over the past decades, in all of Hua Xia, or even all of Mercury, she was the only one to achieve that.

Not only that, the professors already had high hopes for her. Perhaps the first divine-quality beast card cultivator would come from Bei Du University!

When Zhang Che returned to the lab villa, Miss Tienan was preparing the ingredients.

During this period of time, she had successfully researched the concoction recipes of three other beast cards. Her high success rate would shock anyone who learned of it.

If it weren’t for the fact that those beast cards were only at low-tier low-quality, Huang Tielan could even try for intermediate beast card cultivator. Her talent in this area was indeed very high!

“Wait for a while, Zhang Xiaoche. I’m going to try concocting cultivation fluid for a mid-tier beast card today. If I succeed, I’ll start striving to become an intermediate beast card cultivator from today on!”

“So soon!?” Zhang Che was shocked when he heard her.

-The beast cards I left for her previously were all only low-tier ones, right?

-How long has it been? This miss here is actually trying to concoct cultivation fluid for mid-tier beast cards already?-

-What is a genius? This is a genius!- Zhang Che sighed in endless admiration. He was far from comparable to Miss Tienan.

She had truly relied on herself and her own talent. What about Zhang Che? He was nothing more than someone using cheats!

“Of course! Look who you’re talking to!” Huang Tielan said proudly, although she indeed had the qualifications to be proud. She was simply in a league of her own!

Zhang Che suddenly thought that if Miss Tienan hadn’t chosen to develop in the path of a beast card cultivator, she’d probably be as outstanding in the field as a beastmaster, too.

Well, as long as she was willing to work for it, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to become a high-tier beastmaster within a year. Ordinary people could never compare to someone so outstanding!


More than an hour later, the sky had darkened. Suddenly, Huang Tielan’s suppressed cries of excitement could be heard from the lab.

She had actually succeeded in upgrading a four-star bronze-quality beast card to five-stars in one try!

Although the concoction recipe was given to her by the school’s professor, actually succeeding in concocting the cultivation fluid wasn’t something ordinary students could do!

After all, the higher a beast card’s level and quality was, the ingredients required were increasingly complicated. In the process of concocting the cultivation fluid, any slight carelessness might render your efforts fruitless.

Huang Tielan succeeding at first try meant her talent was indeed so high that it was shocking.

Zhang Che wasn’t shocked, however. He directly rushed in when he heard her cheers and hugged her.

He was missing her very badly after not seeing her for some time.


The next morning, a fleet of cars set off from the Huang family’s ancestral home and drove straight to the Hua Xia military.

On their way there, another fleet of cars joined up with the Huang family’s fleet.

A elderly man in military uniform with no rank showing on his shoulders got in Huang Juyun’s car.

“Uncle Fu,” Huang Juyun greeted the elder very politely after he got in the car.

Fu Tianjiang nodded. He swept his eyes over the storage chest in the car and chuckled, “Here, here, bring out your family’s unique medicinal wine. I’ll have a sip first. The weather this year turned cold very early. This old man is turning pale from the cold.”

Huang Juyun glanced at Fu Tianjiang’s healthy pink face. He didn’t dare to expose his lies, and could only open the storage chest silently and take out a jade bottle from inside. Afterwards, he opened up the small table in the car and placed two jade white wine cups on it, then filled them with the amber-colored wine in the jade bottle.

As the wine poured out, a thick fragrance spread in the car’s narrow space.

Fu Tianjiang sniffled, and he immediately showed a drunken expression.

He wasn’t polite about it. He directly raised the wine cup and downed the amber fluid in one shot, then sighed in satisfaction, “Smooth. Your Huang family’s medicinal wine is the best. One shot of it and I feel much more comfortable. I say, can you brat not be so stingy? You always use such a small cup! Remember to switch to a bigger one next time.”

Huang Juyun finished the other cup with a pained look. After hearing what Fu Tianjiang said, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Uncle Fu, it’s not like you don’t know that the spiritual herbs needed to brew this medicinal wine are rare. It’s not easy to cultivate them, too. There’s hardly any output per year…”

Before he could finish, Fu Tianjiang directly interrupted Huang Juyun with a wave of his hand. He huffed his beard, staring at him and said, “Nonsense. You really think this old man knows nothing? Lanlan’s little boyfriend brought back a huge spiritual jade, and your family’s research institute has a huge piece of land there. Will you be unable to cultivate those spiritual herbs?”

Done speaking, he directly grabbed the small jade bottle on the table and said, “Look, I’m not asking for much. Just take this bottle as the share for this year. Remember to put more aside for this old man next year. With that spiritual jade, I don’t believe you’ll have a shortage of this spiritual herb wine.”

Seemingly worried of Huang Juyun rejecting him, Fu Tianjing immediately changed the topic and asked, “Are you sure the information in this thing is all real? This is no small matter; all the important figures in the military are gathered here.”

Huang Juyun nodded and smiled confidently, “Rest assured, Uncle Fu. That kid Zhang Che directly snatched it from their base. It can’t be wrong.”

Fu Tianjiang nodded slowly. He sighed immediately, “I’m really envious of you. Your Huang family’s third generation was looking rather bleak. Unexpectedly, you found such an outstanding son-in-law all of a sudden. Your contributions will be huge once the information is verified. No one will dare to make a move on that kid in the future.”

As the two conversed, the fleet sped along, and soon drove into a building in the military zone. At present, almost every important figure of the military was gathered in the conference room there…

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