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Divine Beast Adventures (Web Novel) - Chapter 416: Verified. Pardon Token

Chapter 416: Verified. Pardon Token

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

Many generals were gathered in the military conference room.

As the fleet of cars entered the building, a group of armed soldiers came up to guard the computer Zhang Che had handed over, escorting it to the conference room.

Of course, those soldiers were only a superficial protective force.

A number of high-tier beastmasters were hidden in every corner of the building. If any accidents happened, those powerful beastmasters would quickly summon their subdued beasts to take down the ones who dared to challenge the military’s authority.

Well, no matter if it was before the arrival of the new age or after, no one had dared to cause trouble at the military department. No one thought they had lived too long of a life.

In the spacious conference room, a few experts who hailed from a unique department had been waiting silently.

The item the Huang family was presenting this time was too important. Today was the day to verify that item; it was no wonder everyone was treating it so seriously.

If they could verify the information was true and reliable, then Hua Xia could consolidate the information and make great progress on the development of exotic beast genetic evolution fluid.

Although they might not be able to produce an evolution fluid suitable for human use without any side effects, this process would be brought countless times closer to its completion. It would display great effect when defending against the beast swarm or the demonic invasion in the future.

After all, although beastmasters were powerful, they were only a tiny minority compared to the massive numbers of common people.

If there was a way to strengthen those soldiers who weren’t able to become beastmasters, allowing them to display powerful combat strength, the chances for humanity to survive would greatly increase.

Also, if there was remarkable progress in the development of exotic beast genetic evolution fluid, not only would it strengthen the physiques of humans in all areas, it could also increase their lifespan! All the experts and people in authority would be glad to see that happen…

As the main computer was escorted into the conference room, Huang Juyun and Fu Tianjiang also walked into the room together.

All of a sudden, everyone’s gazes were drawn to Huang Juyun.

Occupying the main seat of the conference room was an elder in military uniform. He had a head full of white hair, but his face was unusually pink. He nodded at Huang Juyun with a smile and said, “You’re here, Juyun. Come take a seat quickly.”

Huang Juyun nodded and soon found his seat in the conference room.

Immediately, an unnoticeable glint flashed across his eyes.

In the past, his seat was in the few rows in the back. Now, he was assigned a seat at the third row from the front in the conference room, in the middle of a bunch of Lieutenant Generals.

Of course, this was only temporary.

If the information in the main computer was verified to be false, his position would revert to the back rows, or even be assigned to the corner.

On the contrary, if the information was indeed useful, perhaps his position would stabilize, and he might even gain a star on his shoulder!

When Huang Juyun entered the room, the generals in the conference room were whispering among themselves. Their gazes contained various emotions of admiration, envy, and even jealousy.

After all, the military wasn’t a rigid board. Every person had their own circle of influence.

If Huang Juyun were to gain favor through this, the Huang family’s influence in the military would surely rise a level, which would affect the benefits of some other people as a result.

“Silence,” the white-haired general at the main seat ordered in a low voice. The entire conference room immediately fell quiet. Afterwards, he turned to look at the experts at the side, who were trying to hide their excitement, and said, “Professor Yan, we’ll have to trouble you and your team.”

The experts weren’t modest about it. They nodded and connected the main computer to a power source and screen, as well as a device for cracking codes, and went to work.

As expected, although Zhang Che had forcibly snatched the main computer while it was running, a password verification was needed when it was rebooted.

Even so, this didn’t pose a problem to the prepared experts present. Using the password-cracking device, they soon started up the main computer forcibly.

Afterwards, the expert professors started verifying the feasibility and accuracy of the information in the main computer based on the results of their own research.

The information on the main computer was vast as the ocean. Naturally the experts wouldn’t look through it bit by bit. Otherwise, they would have to spend the rest of their lives to finish it.

Very soon, they found the outline and the important parts of the information. Afterwards, they did some complicated calculations and verification.

Time passed slowly.

Every general in the conference room sat quietly in their seats, waiting patiently. None of them made a sound.

Finally, the experts came to a stop.

The middle-old-aged referred to as Professor Yan by the white-haired general earlier pushed his glasses up, showing an extremely surprised smile and said, “Although there are still many items yet to be calculated in detail, we can already be sure that the information in here is unimaginably helpful to our research!

“I can proudly announce that with this information, we’ll only need three years’ time at the most to develop the first generation of genetic evolution fluid.”

As Professor Yan finished speaking, a wave of enthusiastic clapping arose in the quiet conference room, not coming to a stop for a long time.

The fifth beast swarm would have yet to descend upon Mercury in three years’ time!

If they really managed to develop the first generation of genetic evolution fluid by then, Hua Xia could produce large amounts of genetically evolved warriors at the time to make up for the lack of beastmasters, which would be hugely useful in the upcoming beast swarm.

Combined with the improvements in scientific weapons, everyone was confident that during the upcoming fifth beast swarm, they would pay a much smaller price to obtain the final victory compared to the previous invasions.


At noon, Zhang Che suddenly received a call from his father-in-law while he was having lunch with Miss Tienan at Bei Du University.

“Xiaoche, you’ve achieved great merits this time!”

On the other end of the call, Huang Juyun sounded very agitated. His voice was so loud that even Huang Tielan, who was sitting across Zhang Che, could hear him clearly.

“The information was confirmed to be usable after calculations and verification by experts! Now, the military has come together with the relevant departments from the government and assembled a large amount of manpower and logistics to fully take in and digest all the information in the shortest time possible, and to produce some preliminary results before the arrival of the fifth beast swarm.

“The brass has expressed that as long as you didn’t commit any wrong from now on, they wouldn’t allow anyone to commit any harmful acts against you. Once discovered, they will surely be severely punished!

“Haha, kid, this is equivalent to the pardon token from the ancient times!

“From now on, the Zhen family won’t dare to make any petty moves!”

Zhang Che was very happy when he heard this. Of course, to a larger degree, he was happy for the rise in Hua Xia’s strength in the future.

As for himself, having this “pardon token” or not didn’t mean much to him.

At present, he already possessed outstanding strength. Unless he was facing beastmasters with divine-quality subdued beasts, Zhang Che wasn’t afraid of anyone.

The scarlet and white sword wasn’t just for show. Unless they had an extremely tough defense, Zhang Che could kill anyone with a mere thought.

After ending the call with Huang Juyun, Zhang Che saw Miss Tienan staring at him from the opposite side of the table.

“Woah, Zhang Xiaoche, you actually snuck abroad to have fun!” Although she said that teasingly, Huang Tielan’s eyes were filled with deep concern. Naturally she had realized how much risk Zhang Che had taken and how many fierce battles he had fought to get his hands on that information.

“Promise me not to go risking your life in the future, okay? The other countries aren’t like Hua Xia; no one would be there to help you if you’re in danger.”

Seeing the worried look on her, Zhang Che quickly nodded and promised her, “Mhm, don’t worry. I’ll definitely not risk my life in the future.”

However, he knew inside that as he gradually grew stronger, even if he wandered outside, he wouldn’t be in much danger.

Moreover, he had the ability to switch up his identity. There was almost nothing to worry about!

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