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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 359 Nine Dragon Shadow Sword

Chapter 359 Nine Dragon Shadow Sword

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“True dragon sword intent? You entered after you comprehended the 9 types of true dragon sword intent?”

The moment Zong Shou heard that he knew things were wrong. He sighed in his heart. This Jin Buhui stopped at nothing. 5 grade 9 talismans were similar to 500 grade 7 beast crystals. That formation breaking intent ending talisman was even rarer in the world. This fellow used it here.

He wanted to avoid the topic but thinking about it, Zong Shou decided that it was best to be sincere and decide not to hide it. He shook his head, “Although I have some money in my hands I am not as generous as you. Those grade 9 talismans have no supply at all. I can only use such a stupid method, to follow the dragon shadow old man’s rules to walk in. The true dragon essence blood was a surprise…”

Jin Buhui couldn’t help but suck in a deep cold breath as he looked right at Zong Shou. After a moment he said out word by word, “Zong Shou, I realized that you are just perverted! Do you know how many of those 9 types of sword intent that my senior brother Xuan and my teacher comprehend?”

Zong Shou was disinterested at all, still looking at the lamp. Jin Buhui was helpless and continued, “My teacher and my senior brother Xuan only comprehended 5 of them. I am more talented than them and only comprehended 6. You are just 14, how did you comprehend all of the 9 sword intents? How overpowered. Are you lying to me? There are many people more talented than me in the world, but to be so much higher, that’s a little too much…”

“Lie?” Zong Shou laughed involuntarily, “Whatever you say!”

Whilst speaking Zong Shou’s eyes lit up, pulling out 7 golden needles from beneath the lamp as well as a small bottle.

These things were well hidden, behind the lamp and stabbed deeply into the stone pillar. Those spiritual energy fluctuations were hidden by the lamp which was a spiritual artifact. If one didn’t pay attention, one wouldn’t be able to notice.

Luckily, he had seen almost everything in those treasure finding books in the last life. If it was anyone else, after obtaining the true dragon essence blood, they would be careless and miss out on it.

He smiled coldly in his heart. Xuanlang was such a smart person. That Dragon Spirit Fairy might be a reason for this person to betray Juelong City, but it definitely couldn’t lure this person to be willing to take the risk.

If what he guessed was correct, the thing within the bottle was the reason why Xuanlang truly betrayed Juelong City.

And within this person’s heart, he most likely felt that the 7 golden needles and the bottle were more valuable than the true dragon essence blood.

Although he didn’t know what that item was and what purpose it had. However, he was still happy, shaking it towards Jin Buhui as he said, “Brother Jin wouldn’t think about splitting these items with me right?”

Jin Buhui nearly wanted to cry out, his circular fat face frowned into a bitter gourd as he forced a smile, “How would I? Didn’t I say that I didn’t want to take one’s opportunities?”

He regretted it so much that he wanted to pound his own chest. He also knew that the thing in the bottle was definitely above that of the true dragon essence blood.

In the past, it has always been him taking all the spoils such that others looked on enviously. Who knew that today, he could only look as Zong Shou kept all these treasures one by one into his bag.

Zong Shou’s brows curled up and he stopped asking, casually keeping all these few items. Then he just turned around and left with no intention of staying. There was no more suspicious spots in this place and even if he left anything behind, it would be limited and he wouldn’t have to spend time and effort to search.

That Jin Buhui followed along behind him and asking probingly, “With a heavy treasure on you, aren’t you afraid that people would snatch it? Forget about the others, Juelong City will not let you off. The Lingyun Sect are also searching for the true dragon blood. Why not split some with me and let me split the responsibility with you?”

“Split some?”

Zong Shou was in deep thought, “What about these two items?” What he took out was the dragon breaking drill and the dragon blood body training pill.

Jin Buhui was speechless, directly shutting his mouth, “Pretend I didn’t say anything!”

Things like the dragon blood body training pill were something that Haoxuan Sect could get as many as they wanted. As for the dragon breaking drill, he didn’t want to go all out against the dragon raise so why would he need it?

Zong Shou had predicted that and he smiled. Then he took a dragon blood body training pill and after biting it open, he swallowed it down.

The fire and water spiral energy were still conflicting in his body. Using this pill, his body was still burning but it could make him feel less pain than before.

In that instance, his expression changed slightly. Just as he wanted to listen, a pair of fox ears suddenly appeared from within his hair.

Zong Shou didn’t bother about the change of monster body, his eyes slowly focusing as he could hear a group of people walk over roughly a few hundred feet away.

They just needed to make a turn and they would appear in front of them.

There were a total of 14. When they walked, they didn’t make any sound at all. Their aura was hidden.

The reason why Zong Shou was able to notice their arrival was from the dust changes in the air.

He didn’t hesitate at all as he suddenly threw out mind stone and talismans all about.

Then he immediately pulled his sword and turned into an afterimage, silently proceeding towards the turn 200 feet away. He used all his strength to head forwards.

Jin Buhui also noticed the group of people moving over. He just focused slightly and was on alert. Now he was stunned, he didn’t think that Zong Shou would attack even before the 2 sides met. Such decisiveness!

In the next moment, they saw a middle-aged black robbed man walk out from the corner with no preparation at all.

Zong Shou’s body sped up once more. He didn’t bother about hiding his sound and aura, purple lightning exploded, following which the sword light flashed as blood spurted out!

“Energy swallowing!”

Heaven Swallowing energy conversion, he absorbed the vital energy of the person into his sword. He didn’t stop at all, the sword continued to fly. Whilst the group of people were unprepared, he used the sword in his hand to kill 3 people. Then he moved as swift as the wind as he retreated backward.

At the same time, a serious of loud angry scolds broke out from the group of black-dressed man as the blade light flashed. Some summoned their protector beasts and cast spells to buff whilst some chased right after. Their expressions were extremely vicious.

Zong Shou held the sword and slashed down, instantly smashing away the hundreds of storm like hidden weapons.

He continued to slash with a few swords, blocking away the few sword lights which were close to him.

When he directly reached 180 feet away, he suddenly abandoned the sword, letting the lightning winged sword circle around his body.

A cold glow exploded out in his eyes as he chanted out. Instantly within this hundred feet, numerous tremors exploded out, balls of fire swept the entire cave.

A gust of wind also blew up from behind.

Zong Shou stopped his retreat, along with the wind that was pushing on his bag he once again exceeded to the maximum and crazily stabbed out!


A fist striking out as it collided against the blade light. The vital energy and essence energy of 4 Xuanwu ancestors instantly exploded out.

The power of this fist had increased by a hundred times! Just one fist and it caused the weapons in front of him to scatter. The momentum didn’t stop as the chest of one Xuanwu ancestor behind was blown up.

His hands spread out as he grabbed the meat around his dantian. Grabbing it out powerfully, blood splattered all about. A vast amount of energy surged into his arm.

Zong Shou also waved out another fist. Numerous lightning flashed on his left hand, following which there was another loud “hong”.

Instantly another person, blood and meat exploded.

200 feet of land, he just stepped 3 steps and punched out 3 times. Each fist caused one Xuanwu ancestor to die on the spot!

On the 4th fist, Zong Shou felt a really strong repulsion strike him from his right arm.

He instantly focused and he knew that the person ahead of him was an expert no weaker than Yue Guanyun and Xue Shuifan.

The bones on his body crackled. He couldn’t help but follow, directly leading this huge strength into his external bone.

This 3rd series lightning walking external bone which he had just made for a month instantly burst into pieces!

Zong Shou didn’t care at all, seeing that person fly out a hundred feet due to the force of his fist. His body continued to accelerate forwards as he charged out between the few spirit masters.

Then, he controlled the falling lightning winged sword, sword light flashing as the few protector beasts were instantly crushed.

A few threads of blood spurted out. In just an instant, 2 of the 3 were dead and 1 was injured!

At this moment the person who was forced back pounced forwards. Waving a huge drill as he smashed down. Who knows how many hundred kilograms it was as the wind struck forwards. Everywhere the drill passed even the stone pillar couldn’t take it as stone shrapnel flew.

Zong Shou’s eyes constricted. Only then did he see clearly that it was a 9 feet tall white-haired old man. His gaze was fierce like he wanted to swallow him up.

At this moment, his sword attack had waned and he had no path to retreat to. Although he swallowed some energy, facing the giant drill it was still not enough.

He would suffer heavy injuries from that strike!

Sighing helplessly, Zong Shou’s black hair broke away from the hair tie and was slowly turning white.

Just as deathly energy was slowly gathering, Zong Shou’s heart moved and thought about these patterns, about the protrusions. He also remembered those 49 pictures.

In the next moment, numerous thoughts rose up in his head. Only 9 giant dragons were circling in his head.

His heart was really clear with no other thoughts. The sword in his hand slashed down diagonally like he had no thoughts at all.

In the next instant, there was suddenly a dragon roar which broke out in the cave. That purple colored sword image flashed and disappeared.

Where the sword light passed, the drill which was also the same grade 6 was sliced into half!

Even the old man was caught off guard, his brain being sliced into half by that shocking sword light.

Jin Buhui behind him stopped breathing. His gaze looking right at Zong Shou, at the 9 giant dragon images which were circling him!

“Dragon shadow? Is it the nine dragon shadow sword?”

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