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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 360 If You Won’t Give it, Then We Will Take it

Chapter 360 If You Won’t Give it, Then We Will Take it

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Dragon shadow? Is that the nine dragon shadow sword?”

That dragon roared out, reverberating for a long time. Within the cave, it was dead silent.

Zong Shou’s long hair had instantly turned white in that instance.

It wasn’t a deathly white, but the silver-white of the sky fox race!

Behind his back, there were 5 foxtails which danced in the sky.

The dragon shadow, which was originally really illusionary and indiscernible, the moment the sword light dissipated, those sword shadows also faded.

Zong Shou’s eyes changed. They were more narrow and more attractive to the soul. At this moment his pupils turned wine red. His gaze turned as it revealed a fierce intent. Then, there was an indescribable evil intent.

When his gaze swept past the remaining 3 people, these 3 Juelong City Xuanwu ancestors, their faces turned purple. However, their legs couldn’t shift a single step. Their faces showed loss, struggle, worry, and fear.

“Sky fox monster body!”

Jin Buhui couldn’t help but suck in a breath a moment later he said in disbelief, “Zong Shou you comprehended the nine types of sword intents? You also comprehended the nine dragon shadow sword?”

He didn’t care much about the sky fox monster body. With the natural illusionary technique of the sky fox along with the aura from the sword that he used to kill the old man with the drill, he stunned the 3 of them. It wasn’t that difficult nor was it really surprising. He could even see that within it there were traces of the cloud shocking heaven destroying the sword.

Only the nine dragon shadow sword left by the dragon shadow old man was something that shocked him.

This grade 10, saint spirit level martial path top technique was something that the hundreds of people in Haoxuan sect were unable to obtain in ten thousand years.

Who knows how many experts there were within. There were 30 of just those that broke through the gates of the celestial path and left the cloud continent.

He had comprehended those pictures and only felt that they were profound, hard to see anything through it.

However, such a sword technique was displayed right in front of his eyes.

He remembered that this fellow had just entered this inner gate for just 2 days…

The nine true dragon sword intents were comprehended by him.

The teacher said that to comprehend the nine dragon shadow sword, one had to understand the nine types of true dragon sword techniques. So it was true?

The red in Zong Shou’s eyes got deeper. When he slashed out once more and sword energy shot out. It caused these remaining 3 Xuanwu ancestors to be beheaded, heads flew from their body.

This intent was violent! It was like it wanted to find another hundred or a thousand people to kill to his fill!

A portion came from the sky fox monster body whilst the other came from another source.

Zong Shou suppressed the breath in his chest, suppressing the raging killing intent in his heart, slowly observing. It wasn’t until he realized something was off within his soul did he stop.

This energy swallowing technique not only swallowed vital energy and soul power, but it also swallowed the soul and mind.

Today, along with his battles against Xue, Yue, and Xiong, the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique used exceeded the limit that his body could endure.

At this moment, the random thoughts that were absorbed over were striking his mind, causing the killing intent and violent thoughts in him to increase to the maximum.

It caused the purify word talisman in his soul ocean to activate all of a sudden.

His consciousness was changing between clear and muddle. His eyes were suddenly vicious and suddenly clear.

Jin Buhui, seeing that Zong Shou didn’t reply, also didn’t notice anything was off. He only thought that this dragon shadow sword matter was something Zong Shou thought wasn’t convenient to speak about. He didn’t ask anymore, just looking at the corpses in front of him and clicking his mouth, “Brother Zong, this is a little too vicious! Ten over Xuanwu ancestors actually all buried under your sword without knowing the reason why. If I was them, I wouldn’t be able to rest in peace…”

Zong Shou took in a deep breath. The wine red color in his eyes slowly faded. He used the conversation with Jin Buhui to distract his thoughts.

“Are these Xuanwu ancestors from Juelong City?”

“Do you still need to ask? Looking at their clothing and the techniques they used, if they aren’t from Juelong City, I would bite off my own tongue! Even from a hundred miles away, I can smell the scent of these people…”

“Since that’s the case, in your eyes, will these people let us off? I have grievances with them long ago and took the initiative. Was I going to wait for them to attack and let them have the initiative?”

“He! That makes sense…”

Jin Buhui laughed involuntarily. Although he was from the Haoxuan Sect, he wasn’t a stubborn person. He naturally wouldn’t care much about such matters.

Zong Shou killing them right away wasn’t the actions of a good person, but Juelong City wasn’t any righteous either.

To spread out the map to lure others over to help find the entrance. In the end, they had the idea of killing people to steal the treasure. Strictly speaking, what Zong Shou did couldn’t be considered wrong.

His gaze finally focused on the old man with a drill, thinking carefully for a moment. Then he laughed lightly, “Do you know who he is? Juelong City ‘dead man drill’ Hanzhong. Such a person actually died here, how pitiful. He might look 50-60 but that was because he was poisoned, causing his body to look old. Actually, he is just 30 years old. He was the person in Juelong City with the most chance of breaking through to the ascended realm. To think he could actually die in your hands in such a clumsy manner…”

Zong Shou’s brows raised up, that name was a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember it. At this time, his thoughts were muddy and he had no extra space to think about this person’s past. In the next instant, he heard Jin Buhui exclaim,” Eh? There seem to be more people. The problem this time isn’t small!”

Zong Shou did hear that but he didn’t take the initiative this time. The violent killing intent in his mind still hadn’t faded. The energy within his body also still hadn’t calmed down.

Even the energy he obtained from the body of Hanzhong wasn’t totally absorbed.

More importantly, he felt that there were familiar auras from within this group of people.

A moment later, as expected, a group of people followed closely behind the people of Juelong City and entered the alleyway. They were a thousand feet away before they stopped in their tracks.

Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan were within. However, the rest were disciples of Lingyun Sect.

The one at the lead was that Yan Feibai.

Zong Shou raised his head and looked over following which he laughed evilly, “Eh! Yanran, Yunlan you two came too?”

Yan Feibai and the rest were startled as they stood rooted to the spot, looking calmly ahead of them.

It was like he didn’t recognize that it was Zong Shou. They all sat in the pool of blood. The lightning winged sword in his hand was still dripping. The 5 silver tails danced, occupying a small half of the cave space. Each time it danced it would move about a large portion of the heaven and earth spiritual energy.

The wine-red eyes of Zong Shou sent a chill down one’s spine.

Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan were startled, unable to speak for a long while. Both of them knew that Zong Shou’s martial path attainment was high, pretty much invincible beneath the ascended realm.

However, they had never seen him like this before. That fierce and sharp energy caused the 2 of them to think that the ancient beast nine tail fox had appeared in the world once more.

Yan Feibai frowned as he sized up Zong Shou. Then he looked towards the many corpses on the ground.

When the body of that dead man drill Hanzhong jumped into his eyes, his pupils constricted, shocked.

“You were the one who killed the Juelong City people?”

Just as Zong Shou was about to reply, his originally clear consciousness suddenly darkened and became cloudy. He could only instinctively say, “Yes!”

Yan Fibai’s expression changed, his eyes still filled with doubt, “Then the blood of the true dragon is in your hands?”

Zong Shou smiled when he heard that, “If it isn’t in my hands then why would I kill them?”

Just as he said that he felt the atmosphere within the cave become weird.

The expressions of the tens of disciples all turned serious as they looked over coldly. Zong Shou’s mind came to his senses from that sharp killing intent, the violent thoughts that he had just suppressed rose up once more. His eyes shone coldly as he smiled involuntarily, “Don’t tell me the few of you also want that item?”

Yan Feibai stopped breathing. A moment later, he didn’t bother about Ge Hanyun who was pulling at his sleeves as he firmly nodded his head, “These nine drops of true dragon blood are very important to my Lingyun Sect. My Senior master Long needs this item to let his black flood dragon evolve. This item is useless for you, so why not your highness give it up. Our Lingyun Sect will remember this favor…”

“And what if I am unwilling?”

Lightning started to flash on his right arm. The control of the killing intent in his heart was already at its extreme. At this moment his heart was unusually calm.

“Are you prepared to attack to take it from me?”

When Yan Feibai heard that, his chin lowered, his gaze not changing, answering without hesitation, “If you reject, then I indeed have such a thought! Your highness is the lord of a city so why do you need this item? If I have no choice, I am forced to take it. The item is a masterless item and the virtuous person should get it. Your highness, please care about your life and give the true dragon blood to me!”

Jin Buhui frowned when he heard that, thinking that things might go out of hand. With Zong Shou’s decisiveness in the killing, something might happen.

In the next instance, Zong Shou scoffed coldly, following which that white-colored person exploded, turning into a ball of white light as he charged towards the Lingyun Sect people.

The 7 Xuanwu ancestors were all on guard, all of them scoffing coldly as they pulled out their weapons. Instantly the cave was covered in blade shadows.

The head was a tall and strong looking brute who was 50 years old who asked coldly, “Junior brother Yan do we kill this person?”

He didn’t attack, not fast but not slow as he walked towards the front of Yan Feibai and Ge Hanyun, protecting the two of them.

Yan Feibai’s sword brows moved coldly, following which his eyes dimmed, “This person is asking to die. We will be able to answer to the sects of the cloud world. Senior brother Lie can kill him freely!”

The tall and strong brute grinned and smiled, “What a kid who can’t tell from good fro bad, I want to see how he killed that dead man drill…”

When his voice landed, he saw Zong Shou cross a hundred steps and arrive in front of him. Then, a purple sword light waved out and swept over.

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