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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 361 To Kill or Not to Kill

Chapter 361 To Kill or Not to Kill

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The bright purple light instantly caused the entire space of the cave to turn purple. It was still a lone person with a sword who slashed over, head on!

When the tall and muscular man saw that, the mocking look on his face got heavier. He thought to himself, did this Gantian Mountain City lord become crazy? Did he think that with his abilities, he could go up against 7 Xuanwu ancestors?

Just as such thoughts rose up he heard a majestic dragon roar out ahead of him! Where that sword sliced, all the heaven and earth spiritual energy parted away. Behind Zong Shou, there were 9 illusionary dragon shadows which appeared. They bared their fangs and showed their claws, looking extremely fierce.

2 Xuanwu ancestors combined to attack. However, the moment they engaged, the weapon in their hand was broken by the sheer sharpness of the sword light. When the sword energy struck, it forced them into an explosive retreat. However, they couldn’t avoid in time as blood spurted out from their chest.

Luckily, the other 4 people with weapons also struck towards Zong Shou, causing the sword attack to halt, preventing their body from being split into 2 pieces.

However, in the next moment, there were a few rings which reverberated through the cave, causing one’s eardrums to hurt from all the shaking.

The purple-colored long sword in his hand retracted and he waved casually like it was slashing out. Then the 4 broken weapons were tossed aside like he was holding a god weapon in his hand, breaking all the 4 grade 5 spiritual weapons at once!

His body didn’t stop at all as he charged forwards. The 9 giant dragons behind him roared like they were influenced by Zong Shou’s mind, killing intent boiling. The dragon eyes were filled with a fierce fighting spirit.

“F*** isn’t that the nine dragon shadow sword?”

Seeing that the tall and muscular man finally recognized where Zong Shou’s sword technique came from, he was instantly stunned.

Looking on as the 4 people were all about to fall under Zong Shou’s sword, he couldn’t help but scold out, waving a long sword and cutting down forwards!

On one side, it was to save people and on the other, it was to block Zong Shou’s wind-like body.

As expected, the purple sword in Zong Shou’s hand retracted backward. In just a 10th of a second, another sword slashed out!


The 3rd sound of weapons colliding sounded out once more. However, after this, it continued with a screech.

That lightning winged sword had directly sliced into the heavy sword. Then it sliced the 5 feet wide sword body inch by inch until it forcefully broke it.

The tall and muscular brute only felt his hands become light and he couldn’t help but be startled. This was a sub-grade 7 spiritual weapon. It was a full half grade higher than the lightning winged sword in Zong Shou’s hand!

His true qi was vast and even stronger than the enemy! How was his weapon so easily broken by Zong Shou?

Looking at the 9 giant dragon shadows which disappeared and appeared, was it the legendary 9 dragon shadow sword?

His thoughts were a little lost and his mind was a little distracted. His body subconsciously took 3 steps back, and he swept forward with the broken sword in his hand.

Zong Shou hollered, “Scram!”

Then the 5 silver white fox tails swept at the same time, bringing with it vast amounts of spiritual energy as they charged across.

The tall and muscular brute just came to his senses, this loud holler from Zong Shou had shaken him such that his mind was a blur.

In the next instant, he was whipped by the foxtail and fresh blood instantly spat out from his mouth. His chest collapsed and he was tossed away, he really ‘scrammed’.

At this moment, in front of Zong Shou, there was only Yan Feibai and Ge Hanyun. The latter was mouth agape and had no intentions of helping. Her eyes were filled with a surprising glow.

Yan Feibai was astonished by this series of events, but he was still able to keep calm. His expression was ice cold. When his senior brother Lie was hit by Zong Shou, he had already pulled out his sword. He suppressed the many thoughts in his head. When the sword light stabbed out it was like a cloud, like a fog, like stars in the sky as it scattered forwards. A bit of cloud light sword intent aimed for the skull of the white-colored person ahead.

Seeing the situation, Zong Shou smiled without bothering, his face filled with a cruel and gory intent. He also stabbed out with a sword, It wasn’t the sharpness of the nine dragon shadow sword. It was the same as Yan Feibai, indiscernible and complicated, hard to grasp. One sword turned into 10, 10 turned into 100 illusions. Within the cloud light sword image, there was killing intent hidden within which was incomparably sharp!

The people around initially didn’t react but when Jin Buhui exclaimed, “Cloud shocking god destroying intent”, they all reacted.

Wasn’t the technique that Zong Shou was using the sect stabilizing pinnacle art of the Lingyun Sect. In the ancient cloud desolate era it could be listed into the 7th grade the legendary grade cloud shocking god destroying sword?

However, now both Yan Feibai and Zong Shou were using the same sword art and the difference in strength was apparent!

A series of light clangs, pretty much each sword from Yan Feibai he would retreat a few steps. His gaze was lost, not knowing how he should block, and he was unable to deduce where the true sword body of Zong Shou’s was at!

The cloud mist in the air covered the 2 of them within. One could hear the sound of ice and sand flowing about, and following the sword in his hand clashing, numerous holes would appear. The spiritual light dimmed, the strength largely reducing.

After the last sword, his hand couldn’t hold on anymore. He could only allow that grade 6 spiritual weapon to be flicked aside by Zong Shou.

Then a thin and elegant hand reached out suddenly from the clouds and grabbed his neck. The huge momentum brought his body to fly backward. With a boom, they knocked into the stone pillar on the turning corner in front.

Yan Feibai could only feel his organs like a raging wave. His 4 limbs were sore without any strength. As for his mouth, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The huge strength that smashed over pretty much caused him to be pressed within the stone pillar. His neck which took the brunt of the hit was about to be broken.

In the next moment, his chest felt ice-cold, his heart also sunk to the bottom!

Zong Shou’s fingers were pressing right on his blood vessel, if he slightly used more strength he could end his life and even twist his neck!

His heart was at a loss. This was Zong Shou? The person who he thought that even if he could break away from the restraints of the dual meridians could only follow behind him and chase him?

He had lost so badly. He prided himself for being talented in the martial path, being invincible in Donglin Cloud Continent for people of the same generation. In front of this person, he was so powerless! So useless!

Then he seemed to realize something, his face flushing red, “You dare to insult me!”

Zong Shou gave up that strong, nine dragon shadow sword which could crush him in one blow. Instead, he displayed this cloud shocking god destroying sword. What he meant was obvious and didn’t even need to be carefully thought about.

It was to tell him that even the secret sword technique of Lingyun Sect, he was still not as good as him.

At this moment, the few spirit masters of Lingyun Sect had prepared their spells and protector beasts but they could only look on with dark expressions.

Zong Shou had successively destroyed weapons. The speed he used to capture Yan Feibai was simply too quick. So quick that they couldn’t react. The 5 silver-colored fox tails forcefully snatched half of the spiritual energy here and could also interfere with their thoughts. When they were able to cast their spells it was already too late.

They even didn’t dare to stand too close, they all silently retreated.

Those 6 Xuanwu ancestors and senior brother Lie who was tall and muscular had stood up once more and took out their reserve weapons.

However, their gaze towards Zong Shou was filled with shock and fear. No one dared to attack this fox race teen.

On one side they were afraid they will incur his wrath and on the other, they were worried about the sword in his hand!

That nine dragon shadow sword from before was just too astonishing. No one here was confident to be able to receive it and not be injured!

Senior brother Lie was terrified. Touching his neck, if Zong Shou’s target wasn’t Yan Feibai from start to finish, his body would be in 2 pieces and his soul in the underworld!

“So what if I am insulting and humiliating you? Didn’t you want to fight me? I used the cloud shocking god destroying sword intent and not the grade 10 saint spirit sword art to bully you…”

Saying coldly, Zong Shou said each word with pauses in between, like it was extremely difficult. The glow of his wine-red eyes was flickering. Killing intent surged, his left hand continued to add strength, causing that Yan Feibai to find it hard to breathe.

“To want to obtain my things, you are bold…”

Today, these people can forget about leaving alive! The lightning winged sword in his hand was craving, it wanted to drink human blood!

However, at this moment Jin Buhui’s voice anxiously rang out from behind him, “Oi oi! Zong Shou, are you planning on killing him? Although he is annoying, killing him will be quite problematic. Since you wanted to kill, why didn’t you resist and let them attack first? At that time even if they are Lingyun Sect I can bear witness and they won’t have anything to say.”

When senior brother Lie and the others heard that cold sweat flowed. Thinking to themselves, were those words to persuade him?

They felt fortunate. Zong Shou wasn’t able to calm down. If they were the ones to snatch it, all of them would all die under his sword for nothing.

At this moment they still had some hope of surviving.

Zhao Yanran was originally planning to use some hiding skills to cause trouble for the Lingyun Sect people.

Who knew that in a few blinks of the eye Zong Shou used one sword to defeat 7 Xuanwu ancestors alone and controlled the situation.

At this time, she even still hadn’t think clearly of how she was going to help out in the dark!

She could only quietly hide the talisman that she was holding in her sleeves. She caressed her long hair, giggling as she sowed discord, “In my eyes, you should just kill him. With your identity apart from those hundred-odd people, you can kill whoever you want. At most, you can just give up on that Gantian Mountain. What could the small Lingyun Sect do, take revenge?”

Xuan Yunlan was helpless as she stared angrily at Zhao Yanran, “How can senior sister Zhao speak like that?”

She said gently, “Your highness needs to think carefully if you think that Gantian Mountain isn’t important then you can just attack. However the heavens favor the virtuous, in my eyes, this person might not need to die to pay for his sins…”

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