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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 362 Restriction Gate Open

Chapter 362 Restriction Gate Open

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Jin Buhui, who was at the back, was feeling weird. Out of these 2 girls, forget about Zhao Yanran, he knew about the personality of Seven spirit sect disciples. But why was this Xuan Yunlan like this too?

Although they were persuading him, in their tone, it was like they were sure that Zong Shou didn’t need to fear Lingyun Sect.

Like one of the 10 shrines of the world was nothing to Zong Shou.

Ge Hanyun also felt that something weird was going on, however, she wasn’t able to think deeper into it. She could only kneel and say politely, “Your highness please show mercy and let off my senior brother!”

When Zong Shou heard those words his brows rose up coldly.

The essence energy that he had absorbed from that dead man drill Hanzhong was mostly vented out from the few swords from before. The remaining bit wasn’t much of a problem.

Along with his thoughts becoming much clearer, he was able to suppress the violence and killing intent in his body.

Thinking about it carefully, he remembered that the foundations of Gantian Mountain weren’t stable yet. The life and death of the tens of millions of monster race people weren’t settled yet.

The heaven swallowing energy conversion technique had too many flaws. If he continued to kill, he would lose himself and becoming a killing demon.

He recalled the complete cloud shocking god destroying sword energy in his dantian. Zong Shou scoffed coldly before letting go and saying expressionlessly, “I don’t need 10 years. If you aren’t happy and are confident you can win me, you can find me anything. In the next battle, we will decide who lives and dies!”

Seeing Zong Shou retract his hand, it was obvious that he had no killing intent. She felt slightly regretful. She shook her head and said, “So indecisive, it is unlike you!”

Zong Shou stared coldly at her. Then he felt a fierce thought rise in his soul. He had thoughts about tying up this girl and whipping her. Then he chanted a heart calming incantation to stop such evil thoughts,

Zhao Yanran’s magical demon seed was still planted in his body. At this moment, she could feel a portion of his thoughts, instantly her mouth was agape and she folded her arms in front of her chest and took a step back, “Zong Shou you are perverted!”

Even if she was from the Seven Spirit Sect she couldn’t take it. However, at the bottom of her heart for some reason, she felt stimulated.

Zong Shou didn’t make a sound, he knew that it was due to the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique. He didn’t speak anymore, not bothering about Jin Buhui as he walked with large strides towards that stone room that he had already found.

At this moment, he wished those Lingyun Sect people were so dumb to attack once more such that he could kill them. Unfortunately, after he walked out tens of steps these Lingyun Sect people still didn’t react and looked stunned by the side.

Roughly 500 feet away, he heard Yan Feibai pant as he asked, “Where did you learn your cloud shocking god destroying intent from?”

Zong Shou’s footsteps paused, his eyes glowing, following which his footsteps was back to normal, “Naturally it is from the Sky Sword Platform, from those 18 sword puppets!”

If it wasn’t for him, this cloud shocking god destroying sword should have belonged to Yan Feibai.

If it wasn’t for such a reason, even if he revealed his identity as a second-generation disciple of common people path, he would have to kill!

This place was extremely close to the last stone room. After they arrived, Xuan Yunlan who followed behind Zong Shou exclaimed.

“This is the place that recorded the important part of the 9 types of true dragon sword intent? Unfortunately, my Seven Spirit Sect was unable to find the true form of the nine types of dragon sword arts and could only obtain a portion of its essence to merge into the martial techniques of the sect. Teacher had also entered the outer gate in the past and always seen it as a regret.”

Zhao Yanran looked closely with some interest whilst Jin Buhui had a bright smile. He took out hundreds of blank special paper and pasted it on the walls, imprinting all the wall drawings, even the 49 talismans above. He giggled, “Although I couldn’t get the essence blood of the dragon, it is a huge win with these pictures! After printing them and selling them outside, I will most probably be able to earn back.”

Even Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan were slightly tempted. They were hesitating whether or not to borrow some paper or even purchase.

These pictures had the mental intent of the dragon shadow old man hidden within.

Directly imprinting it from the original picture compared to copying from Jin Buhui later on, the effect was one layer different!

Although the 9 types of true dragon sword techniques were far from the nine shadow dragon sword, they were all grade 7 legendary techniques and there were in total 9 types which were much different from one another.

If they could bring it back to the sect, they would be of huge help to the martial studies of their sect.

When Zong Shou heard that he couldn’t help but laugh, his heart was extremely calm. He didn’t stop at all as he moved into the tunnel.

A moment later that huge iron gate appeared in front of his eyes.

Standing in front of it, Zong Shou frowned once more. There were 9 true dragon carvings which were circling on the door.

There were no locks or no gaps, he didn’t know how he was supposed to open it.

He could only stand fixed to the spot, thinking about it whilst he tried to calm down the energy in his body and dispel the random thoughts in his head.

A full 15 minutes passed and Jin Buhui had imprinted all the drawings and had also flown beside him.

Looking at the gate he was stunned. However, what he was shocked about wasn’t the gate but by Zong Shou.

“What a fellow. We finally found the entrance to the upper layer, why are you standing here and unwilling to enter?”

Zong Shou’s brows were one line, as he asked curiously, “Do you have a way?”

Jin Buhui smiled confidently, following which he took out a sword from his heaven and earth bag. It gave out a clear cold luster, its grade was as high as 9th grade! He then took out several talismans which he tossed out and all turned into balls of spiritual light. They fell onto him and the sword body.

Jin Buhui waved the sword whilst saying gleefully, “I predicted that I would face such a situation so I borrowed this sword from my teacher. These few talismans aren’t ordinary either, used to break the various restrictions and wall obstacles here, spending me a huge sum of beast crystals.”

Zong Shou’s lips curled up. He didn’t recognize the other talismans only the grade 8 chaotic spirit restriction breaking talisman and one which was unique to Juelong City a grade 9 little dragon restriction talisman. Who knows how many beast crystals did this Jin Buhui use to find it.

Only to see that after a short while of preparation, Jin Buhui slashed out towards the gate. Following which there was a low blow which reverberated throughout the cave.

Where the sword light landed at, the 9 giant dragons circling all seemed to have come alive. Spiritual light charging out, gathering together and clashing together coincidentally with the sword light.

The 2 of them went head to head, Jin Buhui persisted for just a moment before he screamed out and he flew backward.

His hands flying as he flew out a thousand feet and fell into the small lake.

Zong Shou couldn’t contain his laughter.

Then his eyes flashed brightly. He raised his sword and slashed out. When the nine dragon shadows appeared, he instantly slashed apart this iron gate.

The nine giant dragon statues on the gates had no reaction at all this time. Zong Shou didn’t bother about them as he slashed out once more and smashed this gate totally into pieces!

Pretty much at the same time, Zong Shou felt a weird energy spread out from the giant iron door, following along his sword body until it entered his body.

He couldn’t help but be startled. This situation was similar to a year ago when he broke those 18 sword puppets.

In front of him, a staircase that he didn’t know led to where had appeared in front of his eyes.

A few minutes after Zong Shou left, Yan Feibai who was laying flat on the ground, paralyzed, could feel his injuries slowly healing.

Zong Shou had attacked heavily causing his internal organs to suffer from intense tremors and their foundations were nearly shaken.

However, the bodily injuries were far from the damage that the few swords from Zong Shou caused to his confidence.

Attacking from his strongest point, using the cloud shocking god destroying sword to defeat him, like he was being played. It caused Yan Feibai to feel his cheeks burn up, and he was totally ashamed.

Be it the changes of sword pattern or the comprehension of the sword art, Zong Shou was much better than him!

He was stunned, sitting still for a long while before his face slightly recovered. His gaze slowly became alive.

Then, he said to another Lingyun Sect disciple, “Help me up!”

The person he ordered was also a Xuanwu ancestor. His age was also much older than that senior brother Lie. However, when he heard that he respectfully helped Yan Feibai up, his face was filled with relief.

The rest of the people were slightly at ease. Before this, what they were worried about was that Yan Feibai couldn’t take the blow and he would become a piece of trash.

Senior brother Lie looked towards the tunnel which Zong Shou left towards, his expression was fluctuating.

A moment later he sighed, “This person is a freak! I think his cultivation is just at the martial ancestor realm. But his sword is something that would slay any Xuanwu ancestor!”

Just thinking about it, he thought back to how his words were so wrong, that he wanted to kill that person. In the end, his sword was broken and he was hurt, He went all out and was unable to block 1 sword. Senior brother Lie’s face was filled with helplessness.

He asked curiously, “I don’t understand why senior master Long rejected such a person from our sect!”

He had heard some things about what happened a year ago and knew that this person had broken both the Sky Sword platform and the Heaven Talisman Platform in a day.

Destroying 18 sword puppets in just 160 breaths of time!

He was able to comprehend the nine dragon shadow sword in just 2 days. Such terrifying talent. In the end, when Long Ruo appeared personally, he let him go! It was unbelievable.

If this person entered the sect, the future their Lingyun Sect might be able to compete with those top few shrines.

“It is either senior master Long had something to hide or because there are other reasons!”

Yan Feibai also couldn’t understand and was in deep thought. In the next moment, he heard Ge Hanyun who was beside him open her mouth, “I heard some things. It was said that when senior master Long met Zong Shou, he said that his soul was broken, having barriers from heaven and a dual meridian body!”.

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