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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 363 Changes to Meridians

Chapter 363 Changes to Meridians

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“I heard some things. It was said that when senior master Long met Zong Shou he said that his soul was broken, having barriers from heaven and a dual meridian body!”

Everyone present was instantly totally speechless like they had heard a fantasy story. It was unbelievable.

A broken soul and barriers from heaven and dual meridians. How could such a person cultivate and even breakthrough xiantian?

Senior brother Lie couldn’t help but laugh, “Hanyun has to be joking. A dual meridian body? Even if he wants to cultivate the martial path, it is already extremely difficult. Along with the other 2 aspects, no matter who it was could only lead his life ordinarily. How is that possible?”

Ge Hanyun’s brows furrowed, she was a little unhappy, thinking to herself: Who was even joking with you?

On the other side Yan Feibai’s expression was really serious,” Senior brother Long wouldn’t lie. It is most likely that that was true. During the clash just now I felt that his energy splits into 2 waves, it was like a spiral. It should be spiral energy based on ice and fire to deal with the dual meridian body. However to do it in such a way he had to change and modify the tendons and meridians. As for the barriers from heaven, since he could solve his dual meridian body and was able to have such sword path talent before xiantian, why couldn’t he breakthrough?”

“Spiral energy? Doesn’t he have to twist his 2 meridians up badly? How did he do that?”

Senior Brother only felt his hair numb up. At the Xuanwu ancestor level, his understanding of the human body had reached a level where it was like the back of his fingertips.

He knew that no matter how Zong Shou did it, he had to go through extreme pain and it also had to last for several years, a pain like being cut into many pieces!

Thinking back to those other 2 things, he felt a chill in his heart.

He thought that the resilience of this person was unparalleled in the world.

A person with talent isn’t terrifying. What was terrifying was someone with such resilience and determination at the same time.

This time senior master Long’s taste was wrong. If things go wrong he might not be able to keep his position as the leader of the next generation…

However, he only dared to have such thoughts in his head and didn’t dare to say it out. Looking at the expressions of the people around, they were probably thinking the same way too.

He suddenly had more respect towards the person who had just made a casual exit. Even the depressed feelings and anger that was built up in his chest had reduced by a large amount.

It wasn’t that he didn’t hate him, but he knew that such a person was one that he couldn’t afford to hate. He also didn’t have the ability to be enemies with him.

That person was just a f***ing freak…

“…It shouldn’t be wrong! In the past, I have underestimated him. Everyone said that I am the pride of the heavens, however, compared to him I am nothing at all. The only thing that was correct was my pride.”

Yan Feibai took in a deep breath, suppressing the waves in his heart.

“Anyways, today I accept my defeat. With such an opponent, it should be an honor!”

Ge Hanyun had many wild thoughts running through her mind. When she heard that she laughed out loud,”That is what a person should say! How are you now little kid Yan!”

“How can I be? I won’t die!”

Yan Feibai replied annoyingly, his brows rose up, “When we go back this time can you teach me spiritual cultivation?”

Ge Hanyun was instantly shocked, looking stunned at Yan Feibai. She knew that this fellow rather die than touch those talismans in the past.

Yan Feibai knew what she was thinking, and he became more and more depressed, “Consider it a lesson taught by him! Within a few years, I definitely won’t be able to catch up, but I am not willing for him to toss me aside. He has dual cultivated to a high realm, if I don’t I will be unable to beat him.”

When he said that, Yan Feibai took large steps forwards, towards where Zong Shou had left for.

Ge Hanyun couldn’t help but feel curious, “Where are you going? Are you going to find him for another fight? Next time you have intentions to attack, I think he wouldn’t show mercy anymore.”

Yan Feibai didn’t stop and had no intentions to do so. His brows were tightly furrowed, his face filled with worry,” Naturally to find senior brother Long such that he won’t make more mistakes…”

Walking up the staircase, they saw the end of this place was a gate. However, in front of the gate, there was a space that could be considered spacious.

On the gate, it wasn’t the nine dragon pattern but a portrait of an old white man. His body stood tall, giving off a celestial aura. His face was slightly special, there were protrusions at the temples on his head like there were 2 horns growing. His nose was also especially big, his eyes like the wheels of a carriage. Luckily his expression seemed gentle and merciful, smiling as he looked at the few of them.

Zong Shou’s brows rose up and he knew that it would be difficult to open this iron gate with the nine dragon shadow sword.

However, at this time he wasn’t in a rush. Every time that the dragon gate martial saint remnant image was opened up, it would be as long as 9 days. After 9 days no matter how much you comprehended you would be teleported out by the restrictive formation here.

Now was only the night of the second day and time wasn’t their biggest issue.

Looking all around, he felt that although this stone room was less than 300 feet there was water and mountains, buildings and pavillions.

Not far away there was a lake. Zong Shou exclaimed before he took large steps towards it.

He only felt that the water was slightly cold and was extremely refreshing. Zong Shou used his hand to scoop a bit and drank it down, as expected it was extremely clear tasting and rejuvenating.

After the water entered his stomach it caused his mind to be much clearer. Even the impure energies within his body had calmed down a little.

Zong Shou’s eyes slightly lit up as he looked towards the lake once more and as expected he saw a white piece of jade lying quietly at the bottom, giving out a cold glow.

It was obvious that it wasn’t the ability of the water and instead it was because the jade laid in the water which caused such an effect.

Unfortunately, there were talismans drawn around and there were restrictions which meant that he probably wouldn’t be able to get his hands on it.

Zong Shou thought about it seriously, not hesitating to obtain a few bottles of water and drink them down. Following which he sat next to the lake, still activating the heaven swallowing energy conversion method.

This time what he swallowed was the cool spiritual energy from within the white jade. On one hand, he was curing his injuries while on the other he was using this item to purify the impure thoughts in his soul.

Jin Buhui frowned as he stood in front of the iron gate. This time he didn’t dare to slash with his sword, although he wasn’t hurt, he wasted a few talismans.

He wasn’t afraid of injuries. It was those talismans worth thousands of gold which made him feel heart pained.

Looking at that door for a long while, Jin Buhui suddenly smiled, “This wouldn’t be how the dragon shadow old man looks right? In the past, I heard people say that dragons were the most beautiful things in the world. However, I felt that they were extremely ugly. So those dragon blood monster race wouldn’t be any good looking. Looking at him it was as what I expected. I think I will need to rely on brother Zong to slash this door with a sword…”

He was originally really bored and casually ranted, who knew that the moment he said that the eyes on the door seemed to have come alive, looking over coldly, making his heart feel a chill.

However, when he looked over once more, the picture seemed calm like there was nothing wrong with it.

Zong Shou couldn’t help but think of the Ye family sisters, Feishuang and Feihan. The 2 of them had half-dragon blood so they either had a dragon body or inherited the true dragon bloodline.

They did appear good looking. However, in the eyes of the 2 girls, humans who didn’t grow horns were very ugly.

A moment later, Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan followed behind. When they looked at this gate, they frowned.

Along with Jin Buhui, they thought of an idea together. They had used all sorts of methods to break restrictions, but they were unable to open it.

Xuan Yunlan was still okay, analyzing the seals and trying to think of a way to break it.

On the side of Zhao Yanran at the start she used violence like Jin Buhui, even pushing the golden fatty beside her to slash out together.

In the end, the 2 of them ended up in a bad state. This time the recoil wasn’t as gentle as before.

A sword light suddenly slashed out from within the gate, cutting a small bit of Zhao Yanran’s hair. Jin Buhui was caught off guard, there was a blood wound by his neck. He was just a small bit away from his head being slashed off. His entire body was shivering in fear.

In the end, the 3 of them were dejected and sat beside the lake. This was the place where spiritual energy was most bountiful, no less than shrines and spiritual houses. Using it to regain true qi and soul power was for the best.

Zhao Yanran took a look at her reflection in the water, following which her expression was extremely annoyed as she cut off a portion of her hair. She said furiously, “Zong Shou stop sitting there and not doing anything! We are already here, just one step away from the upper layer. We can’t be blocked by such a door!”

Zong Shou didn’t speak, instead, he looked calmly at Zhao Yanran, seeing that she was only left with short hair which just reached her neck. The left portion was disorderly but it added a bit of beauty to it, making her look elegant.

He thought that this girl was unique. No matter what, she did she looked nice.

Unfortunately, she was too vicious.

On the contrary, Jin Buhui touched the wound on his neck and said with fear and trepidation, “I think we shouldn’t forcefully attack. I had a feeling like that old man at the gate was like a live person…”

A live person? Zong Shou’s eyes turned serious as he looked towards the iron gate. Following which happiness appeared in his eyes.

He already knew how he could open up the gate.

However, at this moment the internal energy in his body hadn’t recovered so he didn’t continue looking at the iron gate, focusing on observing his energy ocean.

Apart from that cloud shocking god destroying sword intent, there wasn’t anything else. However, the feeling from just now couldn’t be wrong.

There had to be something which entered his body.

…It wasn’t in the energy ocean so was it elsewhere?

Zong Shou focused on his 9 chakra meridians and looked all about. As expected his acupoints were a little different. There were 9 hard to see shadows which were flowing about his 9 chakra meridians.

6 of them were hard to see, pretty much indiscernible. In the 3 meridians that he had already merged earth veins, they were really clear. However, if one didn’t look carefully, one would be unable to use spiritual sense to sense it

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