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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 364 Respecting the Teacher

Chapter 364 Respecting the Teacher

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“What was this thing?”

Zong Shou subconsciously frowned his head. He was worrying whilst feeling lost.

With his close to ten thousand years of knowledge, he was unable to deduce what these shadows were exactly?

He also didn’t know whether or not they were helpful or harmful to his body,

What he hated the most in his life was for people to randomly shove things into his body.

Sighing for a while, Zong Shou suddenly slashed out with a sword. The giant dragon shadows appeared behind him once more, a purple sword light slashed across. A Pavillion not far away was sliced by the sword energy.

In that instance, Zong Shou’s eyes shone brightly. He could feel that when the sword art was used, the 9 shadows in his body were unusually active.

Like there were 9 more core areas in his body which were moving about energy in his body.

Before this, his world shocking spiritual art had many unharmonious areas with this nine dragon shadow sword. At this moment, there weren’t any of these problems anymore.

Jin Buhui was right beside the small pavilion. When he saw the situation, he was frightened, like birds to the sound of a gunshot, “Zong Shou, are you trying to kill me?” A moment later, he came back to his senses, “Did your nine dragon shadow sword improve?”

The 2 girls at the side were astonished, looking at the breaking point. The Pavillion which seemed to be made of wood was a thousand times smelted dense pattern star iron.

To slice these pillars which were the thickness of 6 eggs, as firm as grade 6 peak spiritual artifacts, how sharp was that sword?

Zong Shou solemnly shook his head, it wasn’t that there was an improvement but that the weaknesses from before seemed to be wiped out by these snake-shaped shadows which were flowing in his meridians.

Although previously his cultivation method and this sword art weren’t like north and south, fire and water, unable to deal with one another.

However, to use this sword, he needed to consume a huge amount of true qi to make up for it. However, now there weren’t any of such problems and he didn’t need to waste any unneeded energy. The strength of this sword also seemed to have increased.

It seems like the effects of those shadows were mostly beneficial. Speaking of which, he also had no way to remove it from his body.

Following which, he took out that small bottle which he didn’t have time to look at before. Just not when he slashed out with the sword he could feel some restlessness within. Like there was something that wanted to charge out from within.

Hence Zong Shou at this moment was unable to suppress the curiosity in his heart.

After the stopper of the bottle was opened, Zong Shou sucked in a cold breath, instantly closing the bottle once more.

The 3 of them at that instance felt a vast dragon aura spreading out from within.

Jin Buhui felt that the thing within was amazing, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and ask, “What is it within? However, if it is too precious then you don’t have to say…”

Zong Shou blinked his eyes and gave an evil laugh,”A grade 8 dragon soul, a grade 9 dragon pellet, and there is one more thing which I won’t say!”

Hearing his words, Jin Buhui’s expression changed and then changed again. In this instance, he felt so much regret that his heart was about to break.

When he heard the last sentence his heart itched. However, he had said those words so it wasn’t convenient for him to ask anymore.

This kind of itching feeling was much better than the regret that he felt.

Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan sucked in a cold breath. A grade 8 true dragon soul. Then when it was still alive it was at least grade 9.

Different from normal beasts, this true dragon was listed as a god beast. If one was recruited as a protector beast it was similar to 2-3 grade 8 experts.

To any sect, it would be a great help. As for the value of a grade 9 dragon pellet, that didn’t need to be mentioned.

If he could logically use it, using it to refine pills, he would be able to create several ascended realm experts.

As for the thing that Zong Shou said that he couldn’t say, its value would be hard to measure.

Zong Shou himself was out of sorts. He was feeling odd about weird why that Juelong City would only send so little people?

The thing in the bottle could be compared to that celestial talisman of unknown grade.

Even if the city lord of Juelong City came over to search for that item, it would make sense.

Were the items within the pill something that the people of Juelong City didn’t know about?

The thing in his hand looked ordinary, but it could restrict a true dragon. He threw it back into his heaven and earth bag. Zong Shou had many unanswered questions in his mind and didn’t have the mood to look at those golden needles.

And when he came back to his senses, he saw Zhao Yanran looking excitedly at his foxtail. A tender fingertip stretched out and was about to touch it.

Zong Shou couldn’t help but laugh coldly, “Short haired girl, you dare to touch it?” He said towards Jin Buhui, “If you dare to touch that jade and you die, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Zhao Yanran was caught off guard. A moment later, she realized that the short-haired girl was referring to herself.

She was furious and just as she was about to scold out, she remembered that the person in front of her was considered several generations higher than her. In front of a senior master, she had to add 5 “greats”. Hence she could only scoff and retract her fingertips.

Jin Buhui involuntarily laughed awkwardly. He also felt that it was weird for the jade to be placed there, so he had been looking at it but didn’t dare to take it.

Zong Shou didn’t bother about the 2 of them anymore. He borrowed the strength of the white jade, the injuries within his body were already mostly recovered. At this moment, his body was filled with a refreshing feeling. The explosive true energy that was sucked over was mostly dispelled out. The random thoughts in his soul were also being purified.

He had a slight thought and the monster body was back under his control. The foxtail and fox ears were all retracted back.

He knelt in front of the iron door, his expression solemn and respectful and he bowed 3 times towards the old man carving on the door.

As expected, in just a moment, the door creaked and crackled as it rose upwards. A very wide space appeared in front of the 4 of them.

Zhao Yanran and Jin Buhui’s mouths were agape. So the way to open this gate was so easy?

When Xuan Yunlan looked at the situation, her face flushed red, she was really ashamed, “I am ashamed. We thought about quickly entering the upper layer to look at the true martial saint remnant image but forgot that since we learned his sword, we are considered his disciples. We comprehended the sword art and thought it was to be expected and didn’t think about respecting our teacher…”

Zong Shou stood up and walked in, only to see the 4 walls were all empty.

One of them was especially smooth, a grey-white color, on it there were some images which were flickering.

There were already 2 people here, they are all 30-40 years old and were the grade 7 experts that they saw before outside.

Looking as Zong Shou arrived, the 2 of them were filled with shock. However, they were only slightly distracted before fully focusing on the stone pillar. They didn’t dare waste a single second like there was a beauty on the empty stone walls which was deeply attracting them.

Zhao Yanran and the other 2 made their ways over. Then they heard the crackling sounds once more as the iron door descended once again and shut itself.

However, no one bothered about it as they looked on at the image which was continuously changing on the wall.

Even Jin Buhui who spoke the most didn’t make a single sound.

At this moment, even if one breathed heavily, one would find it inappropriate, that they would taint this martial path saint land in the hearts of many people.

Zong Shou also stopped his breathing as he looked at the image, which was like a person holding a sword and then changing into a dragon and then changing into a beast. Sometimes it would change into a circle, one ring over another, sometimes it was starry dots densely packed together, there was no pattern at all.

Zong Shou had no idea what the other people saw but in just a moment he comprehended something and directly sat down crosslegged.

At the start, it was just some images, but a moment later he slowly focussed like he was seeing the Flood desolate era, a celestial path level world shocking battle.

An old man, who looked the same as the one on the gate before used a sword and was fighting with another whose skin was dark as a ghost, surrounded by black fog, in a life and death battle.

Each strike caused thousands of miles of land to tear apart, the rivers and mountains to shake.

And the more he focused, the more he felt that the pictures were becoming more and more real. Some of the details were extremely clear as they appeared in front of his eyes.

“This is a battle when the dragon shadow old man was in the god realm…”

With the experience of the last life, Zong Shou just needed one look and he could realize what their strength was and roughly what realm they were at.

In the next instant, his gaze constricted slightly.

He felt that every time the scene ahead of him got more real, the 2 intents which were clashing intensely got stronger!

Furiously rushing in over into his mind and his heart, causing his mind to nearly collapse.

He barely held on and finished the image, only then did the martial intents of the 2 god realm experts start to fade. Instantly a streak of blood seeped out from his mouth.

Even before, when he fought that Xue Shuifan, dead man drill Hanzhong, and the Lingyun Sect people, the tens of Xuanwu ancestors, it didn’t cause him so many injuries that he was unable to suppress it.

However, the picture in front of him nearly crushed his soul into dust!

Luckily when those pictures ended, some sword art words like dragon dancing and phoenixes flying appeared. They were still like they were before in the lower layers, looking incomplete and hard to understand.

Following which there were some net-shaped lines and also starry spots, as compared to the image from before they were even clearer.

At the start, Zong Shou didn’t understand anything but when he looked closely he slowly felt these lines and starry spots were like a person standing in front of the stone pillar, holding a sword and dancing, slicing out continuously. Many beautiful sword arcs, many eye-catching star marks reflected into one’s heart.

At that moment, Zong Shou seemed to have heard a roar of a giant dragon in his ear, bringing with it raging fighting spirit.

Hurriedly, he remembered all these sword arcs and star marks. Until the next moment, the scene in front of him changed once more.

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