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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 366 Mysterious Reflective Mirror

Chapter 366 Mysterious Reflective Mirror

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

All the images on the stone wall disappeared. All the light transformed into a sword light and suddenly slashed out.

Then it was like this place had turned into a fiery burning hell, crazily burning up.

Everywhere the sword light pointed to would be burnt and destroyed.

Although Zong Shou was outside of the stone wall and knew that it was welcoming him, he still felt his body feeling unbearably hot, like he was about to combust into flames.

His brows couldn’t help but raise upwards, his heart filled with shock.

Before this, the battle scenes of the god realm experts was displaying the actual battle effects of this sword technique.

The sword art arcs and the star marks were to describe how this sword art was displayed and used.

As for now, it was the dragon shadow old man displaying the martial intent used along with the sword!

This was not only at the sense level, but when this sword slashed out it was at the soul level and could even peak at the spirit level.

The so called martial path intent was to a certain extent similar to spells. It was to comprehend the original form of all things, the rules of their origin. Then using the mental intent and true qi of the cultivator to make it appear.

At the sense level, one had just grasped the meaning of certain laws or phenomenons.

And when one reached the sword soul and sword spirit level, the sword in their hand was connected to the spirits, having its soul and its spirit!

This was the 1st time Zong Sou saw someone display a sword soul level martial intent.

As compared to the half effective sword soul sword spirit he had come up within the god-emperor game, it was much much stronger.

However, that was just a virtue environment. No matter how real it was, some somethings couldn’t be displayed out in real life.

This was the remnant image of the martial saint! This trip was worth it!

After that sword, the pictures reverted to the battle between him and the old man.

Zong Shou hurriedly retracted his intent, he didn’t have confidence whether or not he would be able to last for another round of demonstrations.

With his current body’s situation, in just a short while, he would collapse.

When Zong Shou came back to his senses, he saw Jin Buhui and the other 2 faces were golden purple. They sat down with ashen white faces, closing their eyes as they tended to their injuries.

Zong Shou couldn’t help but smile. His cultivation was the weakest but he lasted the longest time. He didn’t dare take it lightly, taking out a grade 6 medical pill. He also took out the lake water from before and took a few mouthfuls.

His extremely painful soul instantly felt much cooler and was healing swiftly.

Zong Shou’s brows rose up. The lake water was exceptionally effective in recovering the injuries in his soul.

Did the dragon shadow old man purposely leave it there for people who entered from the lower levels?

For the next 4 hours, Zong Shou didn’t dare waste anytime. He didn’t even wait for his injuries to recover a little before focusing once more on the images on the stone wall.

3 consecutive times as he felt the sword becoming more and more exquisite, the scenes in front of him also became more and more real.

In his heart, he had a deep urge to try to display out this sword.

The nine dragon shadow sword had nine parts just like the nine true dragon sword arts.

The dragon shadow old man had merged these 9 all into one and didn’t forcefully mesh them together.

Instead, he used strengths to cover weaknesses, to buff one another. Causing the strength of each true dragon art to greatly increase!

Each sword technique also had 9 stances. The 1st 8 didn’t break away from the structure of the true dragon sword art, only the last one was truly merging them into 1.

Especially that 81st sword, where the 9 swords returned to one. Its strength was the strongest!

Before this, Zong Shou had only comprehended one or two strokes from the platinum dragon sword of the nine dragon shadow sword.

At this moment, the stone walls in front of him were displaying the way to use the fire dragon vast sword.

When this sword is stabbed out, it was like there was a vast fire dragon. Within a thousand feet, it transformed into a fiery hell where no one would want to remain.

Just as Zong Shou was fully focused, he heard some random noises spread into his year.

“In the past, I heard people say that this martial saint remnant image is magical. Being able to see it today, those words were true!”

He frowned as he looked towards where the sound came from. He saw that it was the 2 ascended experts who were here before. One of them was exclaiming, “Comprehending this wall for a day is comparable to 10 years of silent cultivation. Unfortunately, this true dragon sword art is incomplete, it is slightly weaker than the grade 7 legendary art. One is unable to use it as the foundations. If not, this sword art could help me enter the grandmaster realm!”

The other person laughed as he heard that, “Brother Wei why aren’t you satisfied? Although we can’t cultivate in this sword art, comprehending this martial saint’s martial path experience and description of the sword saint level can help us greatly in our progress…”

Zong Shou’s heart sank slightly when he heard that. As expected, the same remnant image in everyone’s eyes was slightly different.

In the eyes of the ascended experts, what they saw was a grade 7 true dragon sword art.

In his eyes, it was a portion of the nine dragon shadow sword that couldn’t be lacked.

Not only the sword sense level, but even the spirit and soul levels of the martial path was also displayed in front of him.

The two of them spoke whilst curing their injuries. They didn’t need to meditate and keep silent, seemingly really delighted.

It was obvious that the pressure the image on the stone wall had on them were really small.

At the start, Jin Buhui didn’t bother but as he continued to listen, he felt annoyed. These two people were causing him to be distracted. He decided to turn around, staring angrily at these 2 ascended ancestors, “Since you have already finished looking at it then why not leave! Stop staying here and becoming an eyesore, annoying other people!”

When the 2 of them heard it, they weren’t annoyed. Amongst them, the 30 odd-year-old man who was the slightly older one looked over at Jin Buhui before he broke out into a laugh, “So it is you Jin Buhui! Last time you sold me a flawed grade 8 spiritual artifact. I still haven’t dealt with you. To think you dare to scold me. Forget it, I won’t argue with you…”

After he said that the 2 of them left together, in just a short while there weren’t any signs of them anymore.

Zong Shou looked on for another hour before he stood up and walked towards the exit of the stone room.

Zhao Yanran just nice woke up from her comprehension, she was startled and asked, “Where are you going?”

When she asked that, she felt that she was dumb. Even if she was using her legs instead of her brain to think about it, she knew why Zong Shou was leaving

As expected Zong Shou replied expressionlessly, “I have seen almost all of it. I will find other areas to take a look.”

There was much intent and some details which he still didn’t understand. However, there were a total of 9 parts to the nine dragon shadow sword so there should be a total of 9 rooms.

However, he only had 7 days left and the time wasn’t enough.

The wall image here could be barely memorized. If he wasted too much time, he might miss out on the other few places.

After Zhao Yanran heard that her eyes rolled before she stood up, “I will follow you there. Although the vast fire dragon sword is good, it doesn’t fit my personality…”

She mainly cultivated ice element true qi so not only was this vast fire dragon sword not a match, but the righteous intent was opposite from her crafty and deceitful nature.

Xuan Yunlan’s brows constricted before she stood up. As for Jin Buhui, he too sighed.

“This sword art is not bad, fitting what my Haoxuan Sect teaches. Unfortunately, fire and metal are incompatible. If I learn this, I will be unable to enter the celestial path in my life!” He had no intentions to stay either.

Walking out of the stone room, in front of them was a wide circular hall. There were ten doors around which should lead towards the 9 stone rooms as well as the inner gate which the 20 grade 7 experts came through from.

However, what Zong Shou focused on was opposite him, a reflecting pillar in the center of this main hall.

Only to see that above was a dragon image. It had 5 claws, clouds all around it. It held it’s head high, giving off a majestic aura.

However, for some reason, when it entered, his eyes he had a weird feeling that the dragon above was incomplete.

But it didn’t lack a head or a tail. Its patterns and carving were repetitive, they looked life-like like it could come to live at any moment.

“Brother Jin, what is this?”

Zong Shou frowned as he asked. In terms of familiarity with the Dragon Gate, Jin Buhui who had the close to ten thousand years of knowledge from his sect was much stronger than him.

As expected Jin Buhui smiled and replied, “Do you think this wall is a little illusionary? A few seniors doubted that this was the overall structure of the nine dragon shadow sword. Hence he wasted half a day here in front of this reflecting wall. In the end, he obtained nothing. A few generations of people confirmed that this thing was just a normal reflecting wall. At the end, when the sect sent people in to comprehend they would specially instruct them not to act smart and waste too much time here. However, every year there would be people who don’t believe and insist on looking. Without an exception, they all didn’t comprehend anything.”

Zhao Yanran and Xuan Yunlan curled their lips and smiled when they heard that. It was obvious they heard of such things before.

However, although such words were said, the 4 of them still stood in front of the wall and looked carefully.

Human nature was just so weird. When others couldn’t do it, they might be able to.

A moment later Xuan Yunlan exclaimed, “It is weird, I felt like I was about to be sucked away by this image. But when I looked carefully I didn’t notice anything…”

Zhao Yanran and Jin Buhui exchanged glances and realized a weird expression in each other’s eyes. No wonder those seniors would fall for it. This dragon shadow old man was just too scheming.

Zong Shou’s expression changed, following which he broke out into a laugh.

The true picture on the reflective wall was the overall structure of the nine dragon shadow sword. It was similar to the rules of the lower level, one needed to comprehend the nine types of true dragon sword arts before they could find out the true meaning within.

…However, the picture was indeed incomplete.

Many thoughts filled his head, following which he heard an exclamation, “Zong Shou, Zhao Yanran, how are you all here?”

Turning around his head, it was Long Ruo.

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