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Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 367 Flaws in the Sword Technique

Chapter 367 Flaws in the Sword Technique

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

As Jin Buhui’s words were said, as expected, a sigh spread out from another cave.

“You fellow. As expected, no one can gain anything from you Jin Buhui.”

Just as he said that a person suddenly walked out into the large hall, saying expressionlessly, “I heard that Lingyun Sect brother Long is a humble and self-restrained person, a kind and caring person. But meeting you today, I am greatly disappointed. I originally didn’t want to butt in, but since my junior brother has taken sides then I, Chen Huai, cannot sit on the fence. Will brother Long be willing to give me face and not bully the juniors?”

Long Ruo’s face flickered between green and white. He wanted to explain but he didn’t know how he should.

In the end, it was Han Nishui who said coldly, “Brother Chen, brother Su, the 2 of you help speak for this Zong Shou. But do you know what kind of person this Gantian Mountain monster king truly is?”

Su Chen scoffed coldly when he heard that, unwilling to speak to these people. Chen Huai smiled coldly, “I don’t care what person he is, but since my junior brother treats him highly and even wants to borrow my strength, it seems like his personality isn’t too bad. Also in the future don’t call me brother. You, Han Nishui, aren’t worth it…”

Han Nishui’s mouthful of teeth instantly gave out a clattering sound. As for Long Ruo, his gaze was dark and depressed.

Taking in a deep breath, he left without saying a word as he walked into another cave. Li Yuandan and Han Nishui also knew they couldn’t get any benefits in front of the 3 of them, they could only helplessly stare at Zong Shou and followed closely behind Long Ruo.

Zu Renkuang’s brows furrowed. He didn’t expect such a thing would happen today.

His senior brother Long’s reaction was too unusual, and it was a little overboard.

However, at this moment, it wasn’t convenient for him to speak to Zong Shou. The face of Lingyun Sect needed protecting and as such, he could only smile awkwardly and take his leave.

The remaining 3 people didn’t say anything, all smiling towards Zong Shou before they took their leave. At most, it was just He Xueying who said: “be careful”. Su Chen also told him “Let’s talk next time.”

Zong Shou was filled with gratitude in his heart. However, he didn’t show it on his face, just expressionlessly nodding his head as acknowledgment.

When the 3 of them left, he patted Jin Buhui’s shoulder and the latter smiled, “This is what I owe you. Remember I still have a life that I haven’t returned to you.”

Zong Shou couldn’t help but laugh, with that token which could allow him to travel through space, to return that life he owed him was really difficult.

He didn’t say anything else as he looked carefully at the reflective wall. Just as Jin Buhui and the other 2 were unable to find anything unusually and slowly got annoyed, Zong Shou withdrew his gaze. He was mostly familiar with the 9 dragon shadow sword general constitution.

What he needed to see were the remaining 8 sword arts.

What he saw in the 2nd sword stone room was the platinum dragon sword that he had already grasped a portion of. Due to the fact that he comprehended the overall structure of the nine dragon shadow sword, he used only 5 hours to repeat the image on the wall 3 times and completely comprehend it.

What was surprising was that Zong Shou’s soul, after a day of suppression by the martial saint intent which was left behind on the walls, actually had some growth.

And the speed at which he comprehended the stone wall remnant images became faster and faster. The 3rd stone room which was the mysterious Yin dragon sword was one he only took 4 hours to mostly remember.

At this moment Zong Shou could at most display the 1st and 2nd sword stances of the nine sword arts.

He was looking around like he was admiring scenery which caused the few ascended experts to be surprised.

Then no one cared, only thinking that Zong Shou had no internal energy at all and being able to stay here was no bad. Who was so preposterous to talk about viewing the remnant images left by the martial saint?

When normal people took a few looks, their mind and soul would collapse. For Zong Shou to hold on for so long, his determination was not bad.

As for Long Ruo and the others, they didn’t care much. They had bumped faces several times in the stone rooms, but they didn’t even speak a single word to one another.

Zong Shou didn’t bother about them. On the side of Long Ruo and the others, no one came over to seek trouble with them.

Zhao Yanran and the others who knew insider information were astonished. Thinking to themselves that did Zong Shou comprehend all these 9 stone rooms, the images on all 9 stone walls?

If that was the case then Zong Shou was sick. He was too monstrous.

Zong Shou didn’t notice anything at all, during noon of the 4th day he completed the last remnant image of the martial saint. After, he still felt that this nine dragon shadow sword was lacking something.

The changes in the nine dragon shadow sword shouldn’t be only that. Based on the sword arts that he cultivated in the past at most they would merge the nine true dragon sword arts to buff one another.

The strength of these sword arts with what Zong Shou deduced should be the peak of the 9th grade, a heaven shocking grade art. It was half a step towards the 10th grade but in the end, it was unable to take that step.

However this nine dragon shadow sword was the real thing. During the ancient Flood Desolate era, it was recognized by all the experts, a true 10th-grade pinnacle technique!

“It must be lacking something, lacking the most crucial part…”

Zong Shou didn’t suspect that it was the dragon shadow old man who hid it, just afraid that he had missed out something.

He didn’t hesitate to enter that stone room once more. This time he was extremely focused, even the changes in the sword incantation he didn’t dare miss a single bit.

He used 2 full days. When he walked out of the last stone room he still didn’t obtain anything. Apart from having a deeper grasp on the 9 sets of sword arts, he didn’t notice anything else.

“Was this sword art originally incomplete? However, even if that dragon shadow wants to find someone to pass down his technique to that, he shouldn’t have left out the last bit…”

Following which he gave out a bitter smile, what kind of person was that dragon shadow old man? Martial path saint expert, his strength was absolute and he was so famous. Was his personality something that he could deduce?

He could only try his best and leave it up to the heavens. What he could do was to try his best to find it. If he couldn’t learn the complete sword art then there was nothing he could do about it.

In the end, Zong Shou sat down in front of that reflective wall, in a daze as he looked at the true dragon carvings.

The only place he could think of now was here.

He remembered that when he first took a look he felt that something was wrong with the giant dragon stone carving like it was lacking something.

Towards that nine shadow dragon sword which was also missing a portion, there had to be a connection.

Who knows, maybe the mystery was within that.

On the night of the 6th day, within the stone cave, a “kacha” sound spread up in the upper layer of the cave.

Within the stone cave of the lightning dragon sword, a gate suddenly opened up. The one who walked in was Zong Yuan and Gong Yue.

Not only did it cause Zhao Yanran and the others to be surprised, but the other ascended experts all also glanced over, not understand what was happening.

However, with the precedence of Zong Shou and the others, the 2 of them entering the upper level on the 6th day wasn’t much.

When he found out that Zong Shou was here, Zong Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. He also didn’t comprehend the stone pillars, directly walking towards where the main hall was at.

When he saw Zong Shou’s body sitting in front of the reflective wall, a thread of happiness appeared on his face. When he walked to the side he realized that something wasn’t right.

At this moment Zong Shou was fully focused, it was like he was totally into it, staring at the pillar and not moving.

He didn’t even notice that Zong Yuan was beside him like there was nothing else in his mind. His gaze was fluctuating, alternating between intense heat and then disappointment.

His hands would occasionally point out and draw in front of him like he was deducing something.

Zong Yuan stood close for a moment before he smiled slightly. He didn’t try to interrupt, turning around and once again returning to the stone room with the giant lightning dragon.

On the 8th day pretty much everyone in the stone room knew that a fool had appeared in this stone cave.

Entering this cave was a rare chance. He had just 9 days. After the 9 days pass they would be teleported out.

Inside here, even if they don’t drink and don’t eat and continuously view these stone wall images, it wouldn’t be enough. Who would have time to see those although mysterious but were traps, the reflected wall that everyone had abandoned?

Looking at the images within the stone walls, they were actual tangible benefits. Even if they couldn’t comprehend the sword art, it could strengthen their connection and grasp of martial intent.

What could there be within the reflective wall? Apart from it initially looking mysterious, it was just lined with no logic or pattern forming a dragon pattern.

Moreover, Zong Shou didn’t spend 1 or 2 hours but 2 full days staring dazed here…

There weren’t people who mocked as people here were all elites from the various sects. Not only were their talents better than others, but they all also had better upbringings too.

At most, it was limited to an exchange of gazes but they didn’t say anything out.

“Is this person a fool? Why did he spend so much time on this reflected wall? Does he think that he’s the only smart one in the world?”

“…maybe he was helpless, I see that he has no internal energy. If he looked at those martial saint images, he might not be able to get out alive. Choosing this pillar is better than his soul getting destroyed…”

After the 9th day, even such eye interactions weren’t present anymore. Everyone was grasping the last moments and no one bothered about him.

At noon on the last day, Zong Shou’s eyes suddenly lit up and he stood up.

The lightning winged sword in his hand suddenly struck out and pointed at the reflective wall in front of him.

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