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Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife (Chinese Novel)


A high-ranking officer in the Marines and a master of both Western and Chinese medicine, Feng Yu Heng is transmigrated with a duang sound to the Da Shun Dynasty. Her father is distant, her grandmother is unloving, her mother is sick, her brother is young, and her sisters are hateful, with each more ruthless than the previous. After transmigrating and being reborn, she definitely cannot continue being a good-for-nothing like the previous owner of this body. Want to compete with me? It will be complete domination! Want to cause me harm? A single scalpel will turn you to mincemeat! Want to play dirty? A needle will paralyze half your body! Want to kill me? A single scratch will disembowel you! The formerly easy-to-bully completely transforms and becomes the most desired of Da Shun Dynasty. A hospital to be opened with the Emperor will bring the adoration of the masses and a great deal of wealth. But what’s this about a marriage to this absurd prince? What does the cripple have to say?
954 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 998: Hua’er, Did He Change His Mind?2020-01-14
Chapter 997: Imperial Concubine Shu Attends to the Bedchamber2020-01-12
Chapter 996: Your Majesty, You Are Vigorous in Old Age2020-01-12
Chapter 995 - Restricted Access to the Imperial Palace2020-01-11
Chapter 994 - The Strange Occurrences in the Imperial Palace2020-01-09
Chapter 993: What Exactly Is the Meaning of This?2020-01-08
Chapter 992: Execute?2020-01-08
Chapter 991 - Bewitched2020-01-06
Chapter 990: Selecting a Date for the Execution2020-01-02
Chapter 989 - Touring With a Group Really Is Relaxing!2019-12-28
Chapter 988: Have You Come to Cry at the Funeral?2019-12-26
Chapter 987 - Let’s Go on a Tour2019-12-22
Chapter 986 - Claw You to Death, You Bitch!2019-12-19
Chapter 985 - Riots Break Out in the Capital2019-12-17
Chapter 984 - Falling Back to the Start2019-12-15
Chapter 983 - Coming Up With a Good Idea for You2019-12-14
Chapter 982 - Cousin Became My True Woman2019-12-13
Chapter 981 - Revenge2019-12-12
Chapter 980 - No Longer Benevolent2019-12-11
Chapter 979 - One Can Only Have One Maternal Family2019-12-11
Chapter 978 - Scandal Exposed to the World2019-12-09
Chapter 977 - Nobody Can Touch Me!2019-12-07
Chapter 976 - Wang Chuan Employs a Strategy2019-12-06
Chapter 975 - Zhu Manor Liu Shi2019-12-04
Chapter 974 - With Me Here, Do Not Fear2019-12-03
Chapter 973 - She Can Only Remarry Once He Dies2019-12-02
Chapter 972 - Being Forced to the Brink Helps Bring Out Survival Instincts2019-12-01
Chapter 971 - Two Paths Never to Cross Again2019-12-01
Chapter 970 - Is This Venting for Feng Fendai?2019-11-28
Chapter 969 - The Enemy of an Enemy But Not a Friend2019-11-27
Chapter 968 - Ten Thousand and One Million2019-11-24
Chapter 967 - Just a Crazy Person2019-11-23
Chapter 966 - The Potential of an Unrequited Love2019-11-22
Chapter 965 - Crushed by Status2019-11-21
Chapter 964 - A Different Goal2019-11-19
Chapter 963 - Counter a Plot With a Plot?2019-11-18
Chapter 962 - Measures Must Be Taken to Deal With the Wife2019-11-16
Chapter 961 - My Wife Is Beautiful2019-11-15
Chapter 960 - Hello Xiao Bao2019-11-13
Chapter 959 - Feng Fendai, What Are You Going Crazy Over Now?2019-11-11
Chapter 958 - Gifts Must Hit the Right Spot2019-11-10
Chapter 957 - Must Not Hate, Just Plan2019-11-08
Chapter 956 - Imperial Decree Causes Some Waves2019-11-07
Chapter 955 - An Unexpected Imperial Decree2019-11-06
Chapter 954 - Quickly Abandon Your Ideas2019-11-05
Chapter 953 - Xuan Zhan, Come Here2019-11-04
Chapter 952 - Noble Lady Yuan, Are You Sick?2019-11-03
Chapter 951 - Fat or Skinny, Which One Is It?2019-11-02
Chapter 950 - It’s Time to Go Back2019-11-01
Chapter 949 - The First Round of Enticement2019-10-30
Chapter 948 - Everyone Has Their Own Needs2019-10-29
Chapter 947 - Having Someone at Home Is Nice2019-10-28
Chapter 946: A Mother Relies on Her Son for Honor, and the Mother Must Be Able to Support the Child’s Happiness2019-10-26
Chapter 945 - Someone Came to Deliver a Gift2019-10-26
Chapter 944 - Cousin2019-10-25
Chapter 943 - How Is the Capital This Shabby2019-10-23
Chapter 942 - Penalty Is Death, Execute the Entire Family2019-10-23
Chapter 941 - Exactly Who Is Harming Whom?2019-10-21
Chapter 940 - Demanding a Kidney From Your Liu Family2019-10-20
Chapter 939 -  Our Own People?2019-10-19
Chapter 938 - Who Is Tricking Whom Has Yet to Be Determined2019-10-18
Chapter 937 - Providing You With Ten Bundles of Joss Paper2019-10-17
Chapter 936 - None in the Xuan Family Are Reasonable2019-10-16
Chapter 935 - What It Means to Bear a Grudge2019-10-15
Chapter 934 - The Emperor’s Irresponsible Usage of Eunuchs2019-10-13
Chapter 933 - Do You Want to Come and Live in my World2019-10-12
Chapter 932 - A Man of Honor or Defenseless Against Beautiful Women?2019-10-12
Chapter 931 - This Is a Medical Clinic But Not a Free Medical Clinic2019-10-09
Chapter 930 - This Bit of Silver Is Far Off!2019-10-07
Chapter 929 - Cough Up What Is Owed to Me2019-10-07
Chapter 928 - Whose Word Counts in the Capital?2019-10-06
Chapter 927 - Have You Taken an Interest in Feng Yu Heng?2019-10-04
Chapter 926 - Dear Wife, Look, It Is the Dead of Night2019-10-04
Chapter 925 - Become Even Closer and Become Even Happier2019-10-03
Chapter 924 - Feng Yu Heng’s Dream2019-10-02
Chapter 923 - Feng Fen Dai Enters the Palace2019-10-01
Chapter 922 - Wife Still Needs to Adjust!2019-09-30
Chapter 921 - One Went Crazy2019-09-29
Chapter 920 - New Daughter-in-Law Offers Tea2019-09-28
Chapter 919 - The Delayed Consummation of Marriage2019-09-26
Chapter 918 - This Prince’s House Only Has One Woman!2019-09-25
Chapter 917 - The Legitimate Princess Yu2019-09-24
Chapter 916 - To Consummate the Marriage or Not?2019-09-23
Chapter 915 - It Won’t Bring Retribution, Right?2019-09-22
Chapter 914 - Gu Shu’s Best City2019-09-21
Chapter 913 - Fu Ya, Die!2019-09-20
Chapter 912 - A Truly Unforgettable Wedding Night2019-09-19
Chapter 911 - Using a City as Our Wedding Gift2019-09-18
Chapter 910 - Ceremony Completed, Send to Bridal Chamber2019-09-17
Chapter 909 - What Did You Say? Say It Again!2019-09-16
Chapter 908 - Grand Wedding for Ming and Heng2019-09-15
Chapter 907 - She Is Feng Yu Heng and Cannot Be Replaced!2019-09-14
Chapter 906 - Feng shi Yu Heng, Age 15, Permitted to Marry and a Hairpin Ceremony2019-09-13
Chapter 905 - The Great Surprise Given by His Highness the Ninth Prince2019-09-12
Chapter 904 - Heng Heng, This Prince Came to Marry You!2019-09-11
Chapter 903 - Heng Heng Becomes of Age2019-09-10
Chapter 902 - Better to Throw Sand That Can’t Be Held Together2019-09-09
Chapter 901 - Put on a Smile, Our Little Master Looks the Best…2019-09-08
Chapter 900 - I Have Come!2019-09-06
Chapter 899 - Each Return to Their Own Families and Find Their Own Mothers2019-09-05