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Divine Throne of Primordial Blood (Web Novel) - Book 5, Chapter 135: Awakening

Book 5, Chapter 135: Awakening

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Translated by: gandalfs_socks

Fate was chosen by your own hands.

Even if that fate was a suicidal one.

If it weren’t for Kelesda’s going back on his word, Su Chen actually would have preferred not to do this.

Awakening a hibernating Desolate Beast that he was standing on was really a suicidal act!

Even so, Su Chen had no choice.

If Kelesda had bided his time, Su Chen could have sent the clone far away, then used Light Shaking Phantom to transport himself over to the clone.

But since Kelesda had made a move, Su Chen was forced to respond in kind.

It was time to put it all on the line!

He would awaken the hibernating Desolate Beast. Everything else would depend on the will of the Heavens.

Kelesda was incredibly powerful, but was he powerful enough to take on a Desolate Beast?

Su Chen’s thought process and actions were crude and simple, so even he considered his own actions suicidal.

But even if he was going to die, he still needed to do it.

No one could live forever. There were times where a person would need to put their lives on the line.

Su Chen didn’t hesitate to put himself in this situation. The first Windfire Lightning Dragon he ever created was used in a suicidal manner.

An incredibly suicidal manner!

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The Windfire Lightning Dragon flew through the tunnel that Su Chen had dug out for it long in advance.

Yes, Su Chen had dug this tunnel out three months ago. This had also allowed him to confirm the existence of a hibernating Desolate Beast.

The reason he hadn't tried to leave through the tunnel was because Kelesda still would have had the ability to keep him in place, and Su Chen had delayed in hoping that Kelesda would be willing to give him an opportunity to leave.

However, Kelesda had given up on that opportunity, so Su Chen could only accept and play along.

The Desolate Beast was sleeping nearly ten thousand feet underneath the Thousand Poisons Mountain. Any small commotion that might take place on the surface wouldn't be able to bother it.

However, Su Chen's Windfire Lightning Dragon was contained energy that Su Chen had taken a year to build up. It was about as powerful as a Tenth-Ring Arcana Technique. It was impossible for the dragon not to awaken the Desolate Beast.

"Impossible!" When Kelesda realized what was happening, he began to howl in shock and surprise.

His howls were an attack in and of themselves. The three characters slammed into the Windfire Lightning Dragon. Kelesda wanted to dissipate the Windfire Lightning Dragon before it was able to hit the Desolate Beast.

The Windfire Lightning Dragon was very fast, but Kelesda's words were even faster. They traveled through the air at the speed of sound, chasing after the Windfire Lightning Dragon.

However, these three characters were unable to catch up.

Su Chen had also sprung into motion.

He said, "Possible!"

These two characters formed an area where sound was forbidden from going.

In this area of space, everything was quiet. Air no longer flowed, so sound had no way of being transmitted. As such, the power behind those characters was nullified.

This was also a method power.

Spatial method power.

Su Chen had been researching spatial techniques during the past year.

Because this comprehension had come from his own understanding, he was very close to being able to control it even though he wasn’t quite able to do so yet. Most importantly, it was this method power that would be the most likely to help him escape.

Unfortunately, he was not yet at the peak of what was already known, so it was still difficult for him to explore the unknown just yet.

Even though Su Chen had been constantly performing calculations and expanding his knowledge base, his understanding of spatial power was still far too limited.

He wasn’t able to use his spatial mastery to escape, but he could combine it with his comprehension of thunder method power to prevent sound from traveling through a certain area of space.

This completely nullified a technique that Kelesda greatly relied on, and his thunder method power was rendered useless.

At the very least, useless within a certain radius.

The three characters reappeared in the air. This time, however, they did not come from Kelesda; Su Chen had forcibly dragged them back into existence.

The characters twisted and writhed in the air, as if they were unwilling. They sent waves of backlash careening against Su Chen’s mind.

Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!

The noise from these three characters echoed violently in his head, causing even Su Chen to feel a sudden wave of dizziness wash over him.

However, he was able to endure in the end.

After resisting the waves of sound crashing through his brain, he was able to stop these three characters from being effective.

The Windfire Lightning Dragon had already reached one-third of the way through the tunnel.

Kelesda grew extremely agitated.

“Break!” he yelled loudly.

This time, it was only a single character. However, that single character rumbled with incredible might. At the same time, Su Chen's sound barrier began to make strange cracking noises. The metal method power had appeared yet again, this time completely encasing Su Chen's sound barrier.

Simultaneously using both thunder and metal method power put quite a burden on Kelesda. However, to prevent the Windfire Lightning Dragon from reaching its target, Kelesda had no choice.

With the sound barrier broken, the character for "break" resumed its powerful onslaught.

This character was a true incantation. It was infused with an immense amount of power. If it wanted you to break, the spatial barrier would break, and so would the Windfire Lightning Dragon!

A massive scar appeared in the ground as the character wreaked havoc on its surroundings.

"Close!" Su Chen barked in response.

His thunder method power was far weaker than Kelesda's, as he couldn't control it at all. Even so, he didn't need to rely on his own comprehension.

He had the Wind and Thunder Spirit Totems, which contained method power in and of themselves. Even though they didn't belong to him, he could still use it.

Su Chen didn't hesitate to bring out this power in order to deal with Kelesda.

As he unfurled his wings, the light of thunder and wind appeared before slamming into the "break" character.

The method powers clashed, sending a violent clash of sparks in all directions.

The invisible currents of method power took on a physical appearance. They contained not only knowledge but even energy.

Anyone watching might even experience a flash of understanding.

Unfortunately, this glimpse would be hard to come by, so not many people were qualified to see it.

Regardless, Kelesda's second attack was also stopped.

At this point, the Windfire Lightning Dragon was already two-thirds of the way there. However, the deeper it went, the more difficult progress would be.

Kelesda was infuriated and stunned. At this point, he was already going all out.

He unleashed a verbal barrage, filling the sky with Origin Energy that surged towards the center.

Kelesda was utilizing the full power of being a legendary Arcana Master at this point.

Even though method power was very impressive, it wasn’t necessarily the best option. Actually, Kelesda was like a young child in his use of method power. On the other hand, his mastery of the use of Origin Energy was nigh unparalleled.

With this technique, he had merged the thunder method power with his Origin Energy, unleashing a forbidden-tier Arcana Technique.

God-Executing Thunder Spear!

Its name made it seem apparent that this spear was supposedly powerful enough to execute a god!

Even though that was obviously an exaggeration, it still illustrated the sheer might of that spear.

When the God-Executing Spear appeared, the sky actually dimmed as a colossal image of a deity appeared above Thousand Poisons Mountain. The image reached its hand up to the sky, causing the thunder and lightning flying through the sky to gather into a massive spear. Then, he threw it violently at the ground.

The spear of lightning chased furiously after the Windfire Lightning Dragon.

When he saw this, Su Chen’s eyes began to glitter. “What an awesome skill!”

There was nothing Su Chen could do to resist a skill like that.

However, he had no intentions of stopping that skill.

Not only did he not try and obstruct it; he even amplified its effect to the best of his ability.

“If you want to destroy my skill, let me help you!”


As the mighty spear of lightning surged forth, Su Chen’s thunder method power began to infuse it as well. He was actually helping this God-Executing Thunder Spear along to try and increase its might.

“Not good!” Kelesda realized what Su Chen was trying to do when he saw this.

Unfortunately, there was really nothing he could do this time.

He was the one who had unleashed this spear, and had supplied it with all of his energy. Now that Su Chen was pushing it along, the spear had already exceeded the limits of what he was capable of producing, so how could he possibly stop it?

The spear of lightning hurtled towards the ground, quickly catching up to the Windfire Lightning Dragon and skewering it.

“ROAR!” The Windfire Lightning Dragon cried out, in incredible pain.

This dragon had been formed from Su Chen’s vitality. Not only was it composed of the three wind, fire, and lightning elements, but it also contained his lifeforce. As such, Su Chen felt as if he himself had been struck by that spear. As the dragon howled in pain, Su Chen couldn’t help but grunt in pain as well before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

That shouldn’t have happened, but it still ended up happening anyways.

Su Chen wasn’t anxious. Actually, he was delighted. “Vitality connection?”

This injury had allowed him to observe a deeper, more profound secret of vitality.

This was the habit of a knowledge seeker. No matter what situation they were in, they would be extremely delighted as long as they were able to discover something new.

Of course, whether that discovery would be useful or not in the future remained to be seen.

The Windfire Lightning Dragon was destroyed, and Su Chen was affected. However, the God-Executing Spear’s momentum wasn’t decreased in the slightest. Instead, it continued to pierce right into the ground.

Yes, this attack was simply too powerful. Even after destroying the powerful Windfire Lightning Dragon, it still continued to descend.

That was not what Kelesda wanted.

“NO!” he yelled again.

This time, however, he was not utilizing the thunder method power. This cry was one of actual despair. On the other hand, Su Chen actually smiled faintly.

Yes, he had predicted that this would happen a long time ago.

He had been in the forbidden area for so long that he had been able to make as many predictions as he could. Anything that Kelesda could have tried to pull would have been anticipated by him. The situation that was taking place now was simply one of the possibilities that he had predicted. This was why Su Chen was able to use it so quickly to his advantage.

So what if you use an attack I cannot defend against? Since it’s that powerful, I’ll make it even more powerful to awaken that Desolate Beast with your assistance.


The God-Executing Spear finally bore all the way through the ground and slammed into its target, churning up a shocking wave of thunder and lightning. The power from the spear had nowhere else to go, so it shot back out the hole, filling the sky with dazzling bolts of lightning.

Even so, Kelesda and Su Chen both paid this scene no mind.

They didn’t care about that in the slightest. All they cared about was the response.

But…… nothing happened?

The attack dissipated just like that?

There was no reaction?

Kelesda and Su Chen were both stunned.

How could this have happened?

The attack had clearly struck the target, so why was there no reaction?

Kelesda and Su Chen glanced at each other, stunned.

Then, Kelesda began to smile.

“Haha, haha, hahahaha, hahahahahahaha!” Kelesda began to howl with laughter.

So he had failed in the end, had he? Su Chen sighed.

He had made calculation upon calculation, but none of them had led to this outcome.

At that moment, however, the Thousand Poisons Mountain suddenly trembled.

The ground shook violently once.

Kelesda and Su Chen froze at the same time.

Kelesda’s expression fell as he said, for the third time, “No.”


An earth-shattering, infuriated howl rumbled through the air.

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