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Dominating Sword Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 678: Lightning Attribute Transformation

Chapter 678: Lightning Attribute Transformation

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Black Smoke Gem was a translucent gem that emitted black Qi; the Dual Star Gem had two energy cores, and one of the richest energies among the gems; and Fish Scale Gem had an appearance that somewhat resembled a fish scale. If embedded in a defensive armor, it could increase the armor’s defensive power. Unfortunately, the majority of gems on this island were low grade gems. Mid grade gems were rare, and high grade gems were almost non-existent.

However, despite so, Dragon Gold Celestial Palace and the four forces still viewed this island with great importance. After all, with the supply of a large number of gems, better weapons would be forged, and better weapons would increase the rate of survival of sect disciples. The more the survival rate of disciples, the more cultivation breakthroughs.

It was a victorious cycle!


On the island, Ye Chen softly crushed a boulder. Dust and smoke flew out, leaving behind a gem that was emitting black Qi while sparkling. Reaching out, Ye Chen made a pulling motion, and the gem landed on his hand. The gem actually stung his palm a bit. It was not as smooth as it looked.

“Hehe, your luck is not bad to randomly find a mid grade Black Smoke Stone.” Xing Meilian chuckled. Her rich waist and full round buttocks swayed faintly, looking extremely alluring.

Ye indifferently Chen smiled before his brows suddenly creased.

“What’s the matter?”

Discerning his expression, Xing Meilian asked.

“We have guests.”

“It can’t be a crew of enemies, right?” Xing Meilian’s face changed and she hurriedly cast her soul power outside. However, since the target was too far away—exceeding over a hundred li—she couldn’t detect them. She hurriedly pushed her Zhen Yuan to the peak and said to Ye Chen, “They are still more than a hundred li away. We can leave quickly.”

Ye Chen shook his head, “No need to be anxious! Their number is not big.”

“You are not tricking me, right?” With no knowledge of what was happening, Xing Meilian’s had a feeling that Ye Chen’s sense of numbers was different from hers.

“Even if I am, we can’t break off them.” Ye Chen said with an indifferent face.

Hearing these words, she hurriedly operated her Zhen Yuan and pushed her eyesight to the extreme. In her line of sight, ten enemies were hurriedly approaching each from the three directions—east, west, and south. Among the ten, two were Sea of Soul realm experts, with the lowest cultivation base of peak mid Sea of Soul realm and the highest of peak late Sea of Soul realm. The distance between them had already been reduced to a hundred li. They only needed ten breaths to arrive, and their clothes had embroideries of black octopus.

“It’s Black King Sect members.” Xing Meilian’s face turned aggrieved.

Black King Sect was a mix of black octopus and humans. If there were human experts, they would almost always be accompanied by ninth grade or even tenth grade black octopuses. These black octopuses were not ordinary, but the kings of the black octopus race, usually called Black Kings. The name of Black King Sect was also derived from this title. Six Sea of Soul realm and twenty four Astral Reaching experts…who knew how many ninth grade or tenth grade black octopuses this group contained. This was a powerful lineup!

And most exasperatingly, Ye Chen still had a face as if didn’t have a care in the world.

“They surely tracked us with black octopus scouts, and knowingly went around to cut off our path of retreat. We can’t go back. If we go ahead, we’ll enter the core of Blood Battle Ocean, and will likely encounter even more enemies.” Xing Meilian looked at Ye Chen, wishing to hear his opinion. After all, she could only rely on him at this moment.

Ye Chen said, “How much will be the reward for killing six Sea of Soul experts?”

“Uh…” Xing Meilian didn’t know what Ye Chen was thinking and replied, “Killing an Astral Reaching expert is worth fifty contribution points, while Sea of Soul experts are worth a thousand. Battle attendant level experts are worth three thousand, and a head attendant is worth five thousand. If I’m not wrong, one among them is a head attendant, two are battle attendants, and the remaining three are ordinary battle attendants. Adding it together, it will be fourteen thousand contribution points. This is enough to exchange for a pair of offensive and defensive upper grade artifacts, and still save a lot. Of course, you can also exchange it for other things. You’re not thinking of killing them, are you?” Xing Meilian replied and looked at Ye Chen with shock.

“How will it be divided among two people?” Ye Chen again asked.

Xing Meilian could no longer tell if Ye Chen was extremely confident or simply arrogant, so she replied resentfully, “Dragon God Celestial Palace has clear rules for distribution. If the enemy is killed together by everybody, the share of deputy is twice that of head attendant and four times that of battle attendants. In other words, eighty percent yours, twenty percent mine.”

“Twenty percent…Not bad!”

Ye Chen didn’t explain much and reached his right hand toward his waist, grasping the hilt of the Thunder Disaster Sword. The sword was unsheathed, flickering like deep blue lightning while shortening and lengthening indefinitely. The instant he unsheathed the sword, the nearest enemies were already within thirty li.

“Haha…You can’t escape!”

Among them was a huge bald man. He heartily laughed, seemingly in no hurry to attack while his eyes revealed a scornful expression, like a cat waiting for the mouse to flee.

“It’s you who can’t escape.” Ye Chen casually waved the Thunder Calamity Sword in his right hand, with which, the sky ahead darkened instantly. A black-colored crescent-moon sword Qi gobbled the bald man’s group of twelve like a light-engulfing dark crack, carrying a boundless destruction intent.


Without a drop of blood shedding, the twelve individuals directly disintegrated without even able to utter a sound, only leaving behind a few upper grade artifacts and twelve storage rings. As for mid-grade artifacts of Astral Reaching experts, they shared the same fate as their masters, being destroyed completely.

One sword strike, killing two Sea of Soul realm experts and ten Astral Reaching experts…


Xing Meilian’s face paled. Up to this moment, she already knew that Ye Chen’s strength was extremely high, and he could instantly kill the majority of Sea of Soul Masters. However, killing one and killing twelve were two entirely different concepts. Moreover, it was from thirty li away.

Xing Meilian was astonished, but the remaining members of Dark King were even more astonished. That big bald man was a battle attendant. Even reputed Sea of Soul Masters wouldn’t be able to kill him from thirty li away, not to mention killing the eleven members behind him as well.

“Not good! Everybody gather and fight together!” The fiendish leader’s face turned grave.

Swish Swish Swish!

Streaks of lights flickered as the remaining two groups converged. At the same time, two enormous black octopuses shot up from underneath. Their demonic aura spread out, covering the sky and land. Compared to the same grade of Sea of Soul realm expert, they were countless times stronger. In terms of contained energies alone, even ten peak late Sea of Soul realm experts might not be comparable to a tenth grade black octopus.

Four Sea of Soul realm experts, two tenth grade black octopuses, and sixteen Astral Reaching experts…Such a combined force could kill the absolute majority of Sea of Soul Masters. Even the five young tycoons would have to temporarily retreat in the face of such a force. After all, that fiendish man was a head attendant, and the power of the two black octopuses was even more frightening. The strength of their combined assault could be well imagined.

However, Ye Chen didn’t stop them from converging, and instead awaited them.

“They can’t be allowed to converge!”

Xing Meilian was not as calm as Ye Chen. She waved her hand, and the unique weapon in her hand—a cold moon hook—shot numerous and densely packed light arcs. The light packs slashed at the enemies, trying to disrupt their formation.

Peng Peng Peng Peng!

Unfortunately, she was a step too late. As the light arcs reached, an incorporeal energy barrier was erected at the enemy’s side. This was a Zhen Yuan barrier raised combinedly by all of them. The light arcs made ripples in the barrier before dispersing away. They didn’t even have the qualifications to shake the barrier.


The fiendish man waved his hand, and twenty men and two black octopuses launched a crazed assault on Ye Chen and Xing Meilian. Instantly, the sky changed colors and waves surged violently.

Ye Chen didn’t retreat or dodge, instead waving his sword again. This strike brimmed with the Destruction Sword Intent; not only was its offensive power extremely strong and condensed, it also had a devouring property.

Pow Pow!

The first wave of combined assault was blasted apart in the air.

“Too strong!”

Xing Meilian admitted that she had no idea from the very beginning about the extent of Ye Chen’s strength. Every time she thought that this had to be his battle strength at its peak, it would turn out to be another normal strike.

“No wonder he had such confidence. Who the hell is he?” She was extremely curious toward Ye Chen. She had never heard of such a frightening genius in Eastern Shallow Ocean.

“My turn!”

Ye Chen rose the Thunder Disaster Sword high in the air. Black colored lightning gathered on the sword’s tip, slowly forming a black thunder sphere. After his Destruction Sword Intent reached the fifth step, the color of the thunder sphere changed into the color of the Destruction Sword Spirit. Only Ye Chen knew that this was a fundamental change in his thunder attribute; it had been tainted by the destruction attribute. After all, the fifth step Destruction Sword Intent was so powerful that it seemed boundless, and its might was equivalent to that of ordinary sixth step sword intent.

“Defend with everything!”

The fiendish man felt a bad premonition; Ye Chen gave him a feeling of great danger.

Zhen Yuan turned corporeal, as if a curtain of sky was protecting the men and two beasts.


As Ye Chen’s sword came down, the entire world turned black: no starlight, or any light for that matter. Only a dark thunder sphere could be seen streaking across the horizon before it heavily smashed onto the curtain-of-sky like Zhen Yuan barrier. The next instant, black radiation gushed out, as if turning into a huge black hole.


The Zhen Yuan barrier vanished like smoke in the air as the Thunder Sphere exploded and black lightning flooded out. The fiendish man and the rest were simply unable to evade, and could only be devoured by the lightning.

When the lightning disappeared, the entire crew had vanished with it. The upper grade artifacts and spirit rings that couldn’t be destroyed fell down. Of course, the two black octopuses had an absurd defense. Although, they didn’t have any vitality left, their corpses hadn’t disappeared. They had instead turned into two large puddles of coke that were falling down into the ocean bed.

With a wave of his left hand, the somewhat damaged upper grade artifacts and spirit rings flew toward Ye Chen. The storage rings contained the command tokens that represented their identities. The ordinary experts had ordinary command tokens while battle attendants and the head attendant had their own command tokens. Only with these tokens would one be able to claim contribution points for killing them.

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