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Dominating Sword Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 783: Bronze Armored Warriors

Chapter 783: Bronze Armored Warriors

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chaotic Demon Ocean was quite far away from True Spirit Continent, and Richlight Oceanspan was even farther away. It was deep in the south of the ocean. Here, the traces of humans were almost non-existent. Due to the sinister environmental conditions, the aquatic beasts were extremely savage and lacked intelligence.

The group of eleven was flying above the ocean. They suffered attacks from aquatic beasts and aerial beasts once in a while. Moreover, they always attacked in packs of thousands, and even ten thousand. Thus, the group was feeling quite annoyed, and their speed had been reduced by a lot, wasting a lot of time.

Three days later, the group finally arrived at their target.

The tanned man was called Jin Wanshuang, known as the so-called ‘old fellow’ of Richlight Oceanspan. By relying on his luck and ability to discern the crux of the situation, he had obtained many treasures and fought numerous battles that stretched his limits with these treasures. His own strength had long since reached the deepest parts of half-step King realm. Although people rarely saw him in action and didn’t know the specifics of his strength, nobody dared to look down on him. This was because the numerous other ‘old fellows’ of Richlight Oceanspan in these past few decades had died or left. Only Jin Wanshuang was still living well off.

At the forefront of the group, Jin Wanshuang turned his head and said, “The ruin is three hundred thousand meters deep into the ocean. Remember, stay close to me. Outside the ruin is a huge water formation. Although its damaged, a slight carelessness can still trigger it. I presume everybody is clear what it means to create a huge commotion three hundred thousand meters deep in the water.”

“We know. We’ll closely follow you behind.” The only old man inside the group spoke for the first time. His wrinkle-covered face seemed to have gone through all the vicissitudes that life had to offer.

“Alright, let’s go.” Jin Moshuang’s figure flickered and turned into a golden rainbow.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Ye Chen and the rest closely followed behind him.

The depth of three hundred thousand meters was an extremely dangerous place for ordinary demonic beasts. The pressure here was so powerful that as long as a slight tear occurred in the Protective Zhen Yuan, one’s whole body would instantly turn into a meat paste. Even if a half-step King retracted their Protective Zhen Yuan, even they would face a life-threatening crisis of some degree.

However, in this group of eleven, everybody except Ye Chen had a cultivation base of half-step King realm. As long as they were a bit careful, the chances of any mishap were quite low.

Soon, everybody reached the depth of three hundred thousand meters. The enormous water pressure made their speed increasingly slower, lowering it to one percent compared to dry land.

The ocean bed in the depths of the ocean was not pitch black. There were numerous glittering objects, crystalline corals, shining small scale treasures, a kind of flickering light tail, and a perfectly round thumb-sized creature that seemed extremely hard like a solid metal ball.

A few-dozens meters above the ocean floor, the five surrounded in multi-colored Protective Zhen Yuan moved across slowly. After a little while, Jin Wanshuang’s Zhen Yuan transmission arrived, “We’ve arrived! This is the exterior of the ruin encompassed in the water formation. Be very careful from now on…Follow me!”

Everybody nodded while gazing ahead. Numerous white jade pillars stood tall on the dusky ocean bed, with complicated water veins carved out on their surface. Every once in a while, the water veins flickered with the water’s blue color, attracting a lot of creatures.

Jin Wanshuang waved his hands and swam toward the pillars.

The area covered by the pillars was too vast. If not for Jin Wangshuang leading at the front, they would have probably lost their way inside, and wouldn’t have been able to make it out. It should be known that a formation was considered a formation because it didn’t have too big of a hole. For example, the seemingly safest option—to fly above the pillars—might actually be the most dangerous one. Therefore, nobody dared to fly above the pillars and preserved an altitude of a few dozen meters.

“Many of these pillars are broken or collapsed. As long as we follow the damaged pillars, we won’t incite the array’s assault.” Ye Chen could eventually see a small doorway.

The area covered by the pillars was vast, but finite. Following Jin Wang Shuang while taking several turns and even going around in huge circles, they crossed the entire span of pillars and arrived before a dilapidated yet still grand building complex. The highest building had a shocking height of a thousand meters while the smallest was the arched-door directly before them, around eighty meters tall.

This was clearly not the first visit of Jin Wanshuang, as he explained, “This right here is the ruin I discovered. But, I’ve only explored less than one-tenth of it. This arched-door is the only entrance. We have to cut the restriction on the door open to enter.”

“This is simple…Let us take care of it.” The two brothers stepped forth. The elder one took out a man-sized axe while the younger one took out a pair of machetes.

Jin Wanshuang gave no response, as the restriction on the door was not too difficult. The two brothers’ strength should be more than enough. If they couldn’t, then the ruin would be simply too dangerous for them to explore.


The two brothers simultaneously roared as axe and machetes shot toward the arched-door, closely following each other. Even at the bottom of the ocean, their speed was enough to raise eyes.


A glow on the door flickered, creating a huge opening.

“Head inside!” Leading the group, Jin Wanshuang flew inside.

The moment everybody entered, the opening had already mended. The door continued to glow, looking no different than before.

The ruins were quite dilapidated. Buildings were leaning in every direction and the surface was caved in, with black Qi curling inside. It was like a dark abyss; just a glance would make one dizzy. Moreover, something happened here that made Ye Chen’s soul power feel a faintly sinister aura. This sinister aura slightly corroded his soul power, evoking illusions and bad premonitions like a curse.

“This place is rather ominous.” Ye Chen sent a Zhen Yuan transmission to Murong Qingcheng to warn her.

“I felt it too. Just now, I used the demonic eyes and saw an indistinct silhouette flashing by the building complex.” Murong Qingcheng replied.

“Since we’re here, we’ll deal with whatever comes.” Ye Chen was not an excessively cautious person.

Following the passages, the group entered deep into the building complex, arriving before a cloister.

On the pillars on both sides were strange cameos, each of them being a bronze-armored warrior. To make the cameos feel alive or for some other reasons, the weapons in their hands were pierced inside the pillars, all postured differently.

“I haven’t been here before.” Jin Wansuang said and immediately stepped forth.

“It’s just a decoration.”

The two brothers were the most unbridled. They touched everywhere and even considered to pull the weapons from the armored warriors. Who knew what could make them cautious!

The cloister was quite long. Unwittingly, the group arrived at the cloister’s center.


At that moment, a minute sound startled the group.

“What was that sound?” The middle-aged woman halted her footsteps.


The people in the back raised their heads and saw that the armored warrior on the pillar to her left had opened its eyes, emitting a red glow.


The armored warrior hopped down and chopped the blade in its hands at the middle-aged woman’s neck.

The change was too quick. The armored warrior seemed to have broken through the control of space, suddenly appearing above the woman’s head. Ye Chen noticed that the armored warrior was not embedded in the pillar, but was linked through an array. Therefore, even after the armored warrior hopped down, the pillar still had a cameo on it, although not as realistic as before.

Of course, the middle-aged woman was not a minor character, and was extremely powerful. Apart from Thunder Spirit King and Blackwater Alliance’s Wang Taiyi, he hadn’t seen a stronger half-step King. Of course, this was before he had arrived at Foursquare Island. After arriving at this island, Ye Chen had already discarded his previous notions. The number of half-step Kings on this island was simply too high, and thus, there were also numerous half-step Kings with deep strength. Among the eleven people in the present group, which one was a simple character? If a fallout were to occur, Ye Chen didn’t dare be careless in the slightest. He was still quite a distance from being invincible under Life and Death realm.

Everything happened in an instant. The middle-aged woman’s figure slightly flickered, leaving behind a vivid afterimage. The armored warrior chopped down, cleaving the afterimage into two.

“You dare to have plans on your grandpa!”

The middle-aged woman’s aura was quite sinister. She curled her finger and a black-colored thread wound around the armored warrior’s neck. She made a pulling gesture with her finger, severing the head of the armored warrior.


Jin Wanshuang was quite experienced. He could tell at a glance that the armored warrior’s strength was that of ordinary half-step King. The middle-aged woman didn’t die because her strength was high. However, the number of armored warriors were not in dozens, but hundreds! If their group of eleven were to confront hundreds of armored warriors, it would not be easy.

Sha! Sha! Sha!

As soon as Jin Wanshuang spoke, the armored warriors came to life one by one, crowding the cloister and completely blocking the path ahead.


Ye Chen slashed at an armored warrior, but it only left a sword scar behind. It seemed that the armor was quite tough, and only the warrior’s parts revealed outside of the armor were weak, like its neck, eyes, and face.


“Damn, so many!”

The group couldn’t contend with the armored warriors head on. The group madly dashed forward, tossing the armored warriors across to the side and opening a one-man passage.

At this moment, everybody’s basic style was on display.

Jin Wanshuang’s attacks were simple and crude, seemingly without any beauty. However, they were extremely effective. He didn’t waste a trace of his strength. The old man’s experience was not below Jin Wanshuang’s. He waved his palm seemingly slowly but fast in reality, cramming the armored warriors on both sides together.

The yellow-faced man, who suffered a loss from Ye Chen before, was actually quite powerful. Holding a shield in one hand and a spear in other, he steadily pushed forth. The cold-faced young man was a sword artist like Ye Chen. The armored warriors pouncing on him were blasted off by his sword Qi, and didn’t stand back for a long time.

On the other hand, Lin Yuxuan was somewhat inexperienced, as his moves were majestic and grand. The armored warriors struck by him fell down one by one, making him seem peerless. However, in such dangerous situations, it was actually a waste of Zhen Yuan.

The yellow-robed woman was worthy of being someone who Ye Chen failed to see through. She never made a move, yet the armored warriors never even touched her clothes.

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