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Dominating Sword Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 814: Life And Death Substitute List

Chapter 814: Life And Death Substitute List

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What is this? Third eye?” The Darklight King had a bad feeling. Inside the crack on Ye Chen’s forehead was a silver-colored erect eye. This eye didn’t have a pupil, but he could feel that the eye power had already pierced his forehead, peering into his Sea of Soul. Meanwhile, a grand soul suppressing pressure was firmly locking him down.


A silver light ray shot out of Ye Chen’s erect eye, digging into Darklight King’s Sea of Soul. The latter’s Sea of Soul was already on the verge of collapse. As the silver light pierced through it, his remaining consciousness was destroyed as well.

The crisis of body and soul explosion was averted as the Darklight King’s consciousness completely disappeared. The Zhen Yuan inside his body exploded before arriving at the crucial moment, only creating a ‘peng’ sound. Darklight King’s body dissipated into ashes while emitting a resonant black light that instantly turned into a several li huge black fire sphere, devouring Ye Chen’s figure within.

“Ye Chen!” Murong Qingcheng was anxious, and also the only person who had not escaped far away.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine!” Suddenly, Ye Chen’s voice entered Murong Qingcheng’s ears.

At the center of black fire sphere, a bronze Zhen Yuan layer surrounded Ye Chen’s body. Black light waves could only create ripples on the layer, not even capable of shaking it at all. Amidst the scattering energy, his figure gradually cleared.

“Fortunately, I didn’t let him succeed. Otherwise, I would be toast now even with Bronze Armor on the body.” Ye Chen’s expression was a bit dejected, and face somewhat exhausted.

Dual Self Explosion was an art of pure destruction. If the Darklight King had succeeded in matching his Zhen Yuan with erupting martial will, not to mention Ye Chen, nobody under Life and Death realm would be sure to survive.

Fortunately, Ye Chen used his innate ability—Soul Eye— at the crucial moment. In its initial phase, the Soul Eye could only be used for surveying vast areas. But along with the improvement in Ye Chen’s cultivation base, the Soul Eye advanced into Soul Light.

Soul Light was nothing but the appearance of a highly concentrated soul power—an extremely powerful soul attack, more or less a soul attacking secret art. Under Soul Light’s assault, Darklight King’s Sea of Soul was pierced, wiping out his consciousness. Therefore, his combusting Zhen Yuan automatically exploded, unable to reach its full potential. It was only equivalent to an ordinary half-step King’s Zhen Yuan eruption, which was nowhere enough to hurt Ye Chen with his Bronze armor.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would have been crippled by now, if not dead. It was an extremely precarious situation indeed.

However, after using the Soul Light for the first time, Ye Chen was not feeling too good either. His soul power had been instantly reduced to half. He would have to wait several months at the least in order to recover it all back. During this time, although his battle strength would not decrease, he couldn’t use it once more. Otherwise, his soul power would be expended entirely, which would be an extremely dangerous matter.

This was the reason why his expression was somewhat dispirited.

“The self explosion was so weak!”

The people escaping all stopped one by one. The Darklight King’s self detonation was too weak, so there was simply no need for them to escape. A few dozen li of distance was safe enough.

“Strange, it doesn’t have any martial will!” Somebody quickly reacted.

“Indeed! Could this kid have used some method to interrupt Darklight King’s self detonation?” Since everybody had escaped in a hurry, nobody paid attention to what happened in that instant. Thus, nobody saw Ye Chen using Soul Light, and could only guess.

“Even the self detonation was stopped. Bingxin, you need not worry for your benefactor. With his strength, there is hardly anybody under Life and Death King realm who could threaten him.” Although Yue Lingshuang didn’t escape, she had retreated for a dozen li. She had no means of preventing Darklight King’s self explosion, and had no time to save Ye Chen. Thus, she could only retreat.

Yue Bingxin asked, “Sister-in-law, you think young master Ye could enter Life and Death Realm Substitute List.”

Yue Lingshuang was momentarily stunned before she replied, “Very hard! Life and Death Realm Substitute List only includes peerless geniuses under fifty years of age, and there are only thirty six spots. You can imagine the difficulty. True Spirit World has too many talents. Moreover, this list is not limited to humans. Demonic Beasts, Marine Beasts, Half Beasts, Demonic Humans, and many other races also fall under it. Think how hard it is to get on the thirty-six Life and Death Substitutes among all these races.”

“However, I feel young master Ye is very strong. Who knows if he even used his full strength!” Yue Bingxin had a new understanding of Ye Chen. She was sure that the latter was deep and immeasurable

“Darklight King was no peerless genius. Therefore, even though his cultivation base was at the second layer of Life and Death chamber, he was defeated by your benefactor. However, in Life and Death Realm Substitute List, every single person is capable of fighting above their level. I recently saw a Life and Death realm substitute who defeated a second layer ‘strongest’ half-step King with mid half-step King cultivation base. Even so, he doesn’t even make the top twenty. As for the top ten, all of them have cultivation base of at least the first layer of ‘strongest’ half-step King.”

Yue Lingshuang didn’t believe in Ye Chen’s chances. If she had witnessed this scene a year ago, she would have felt that he could easily enter Life and Death Realm Substitute List. However, she was not so sure as of now. The world was, after all, full of peerless geniuses. If one could skip ranks, someone else could do so too. At this point, the difference in cultivation bases mattered more than ever.

“Really!” Yue Bingxin didn’t expect that entering Life and Death Realm Substitute List would be so hard.

“We’re leaving!”

Seeing Ye Chen kill the Darklight King, Head Steward’s eyes flickered several times; but in the end, he decided to leave. With the strength of the five of them, they had no chance of overpowering Ye Chen.

After they left, the rest of the crowd also began to quickly disperse, leaving behind only Yue Lingshuang, Yue Bingxin, and Huang Mei.

“Hehe…Defeating Darklight King, you’re now a ‘strongest’ half-step King.” Huang Mei walked over with a face full of smiles.

Wiping off the blood from the sword, Ye Chen indifferently smiled, “Just an empty title!” Upon killing the Darklight King, Ye Chen had indeed gained the qualifications to enter the ranks of ‘strongest’ half-step Kings. However, he would only be one on the Gemstone Islands. After all, nobody would be able to grasp his battle power in other regions.

Therefore, one must have a cultivation of at least first layer of Life and Death chamber to be called a ‘strongest’ half-step King in the general sense.

“Young master Ye!” Yue Bingxin and Yue Lingshuang walked over as well.

Ye Chen said apologetically. “My apologies for leaving in a hurry before.”

“It’s alright.” Yue Bingxin smiled,” Young master really won’t come to Moonlight Island with us?”

“If there is an opportunity in the future!”

Moonlight Island was under the watch of a Life and Death King. Ye Chen was not used to visiting other headquarters.

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