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Dominating Sword Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 831: Ling Huyi

Chapter 831: Ling Huyi

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was daytime right now, so the people from Zhang Tian Martial School would not dare to go down the mountain. Therefore, a lot of people had noticed it; the leader, masters, and disciples were all watching the scene right now.

“Leader, I think master Ye seems to have made a breakthrough!” The inner master said to Li Zhangfeng with a smile.

The latter said with joy, “This is good! Indeed, a great warrior! His cultivation speed is so fast!”

“Leader, since Master Ye has made a breakthrough, we should go congratulate him.” An Inner Master at Late Sea of Souls Realm suggested.

Li Zhangfeng nodded. “You are right. We cannot skip through the manners!”

Just like that, Li Zhangfeng led a group of inner masters and a couple of core disciples to congratulate Ye Chen, looking very formal. Although Ye Chen did not like it that much, he could not let the others down. So, he accepted their good gesture.

“Gao Zhiyuan, you stay for a bit.” As everyone was about to leave, Ye Chen called out Gao Zhiyuan.

“Me?” Gao Zhiyuan was a bit surprised.

Li Zhangfeng was feeling the same. However, he did not think Ye Chen would do anything to the other, and most likely would give him something good. So, he said, “Zhiyuan, Master Ye has asked for you to stay, so stay.”

“Yes, leader.” So, Gao Zhiyuan stayed behind.

Waiting until everyone had left, Ye Chen said to the latter, “I have watched you for a bit before. Your mind has already reached Late Sea of Souls Realm, and as long as the resources are enough, you will be able to reach the next level of your cultivation in a very short time. It will not be hard for you to get to the peak level Late Seas of Souls Realm either.”

Gao Zhiyuan greeted with his fists brought together as he said, “Thank you master Ye for your compliment! But, Zhang Tian Martial School is lacking resources, and I am happy with the top rank spirit stones already.”

He had already learned that the reasons the school was able to give out enough top rank spirit stones was because of Ye Chen’s help.

“Zhang Tian Martial School is still rather weak right now, and there are not many powerful warriors yet. I alone cannot single-handedly make the school powerful, and would need you guys too.”

It would be impossible for the school to develop without top warriors as well as powerful warriors in general. The top warriors were there to scare people and the middle level force were the ones that could actually get things done. Otherwise, Ye Chen would have to worry about everything, and would have not the time to train.

“I have the confidence to upgrade to Late Sea of Souls Realm within two years.” Gao Zhiyuan said confidently.

“Two years is too long.” Ye Chen shook his head while taking out ten Zhen yuan crystals from his storage ring and handing them over to him. “This is a Zhen yuan crystal, and it should be enough for you to reach peak level Late Sea of Souls Realm. As for how long exactly you take, that would still depend on how stable your base is.”

No matter how strong one’s mind was, one’s physical power would have to support it as well. It would be like how there could not be a short wood in between a bucket full of water.

“Zhen yuan crystals!” Gao Zhiyuan was shocked. This was something way better than even the extreme rank spirit stones. Perhaps Ye Chen had created them himself?

Normally, only Life and Death level King warriors would be able to create Zhen yuan crystals, but there were never enough of those in this world. Of course, there were a small number of half step king warriors who could do it as well. Gao Zhiyuan thought Ye Chen had created them, since it was the easiest assumption.

“Go now!” Ye Chen waved his hand.

“Thank you, Master Ye!”

Gao Zhiyuan left the palace with grateful attitude. With these Zhen yuan crystals, he had the confidence to break through to Mid Sea of Souls Realm within half a month, and perhaps even Late Sea of Souls Realm.

“Sword Realm!”

A small peak in the deep part of the mountain behind Ye Chen was covered in a blue qi flow, which covered hundreds of miles within a second.

Ting! Ting!

Tinging sounds were heard as countless green swords appeared out of nowhere in midair. They were all long and narrow, shining with a cold light.

“Go!” Ye Chen said in a low voice.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

Countless green swords shot out across the mountaintop in front, just as fast as his Defensive sword spell. Without a sound, the mountain peak in front seemed like it had melted in the wind. Dust particles appeared out of nowhere before disappearing into nothingness.

“Having reached the highest level of half step king realm, the sword realm has improved again, and so has my battling power. Each green sword contains the power of a full blow from a peak level Late Sea of Souls Realm warrior. So, it is like thousands of peak level Late Sea of Souls Realm warriors attacking at the same time. It might be able to easily take out a top half step king warrior at first level of Life and Death Challenge. Even a warrior at the second level of that might not be able to fight it.”

The effect of the sword realm was very important, no matter if it was while fighting against one warrior or a group of them, as it always brought forth a great attacking power.

Days went by, and Ye Chen’s mid rank sword making spell also reached completion. As a result, he was now able to create top rank great swords. However, it was where he decided to stop and spent all of his attention on comprehending his profounds.

The higher ones profound, the harder it was to improve. No matter how talented one was or how powerful one’s comprehensive ability was, it could not speed up the cultivation of profound at all. This was a fact Ye Chen was already fully aware of.

However, after spending a long time of making swords, his understanding of gold seemed about to make a breakthrough.

“All the metals come from gold yuan qi, but some of the metals are so hard to break down while some are just useless pieces of junks. It is all caused by the different arrangement of the gold yuan qi.”

“As long as I can understanding the patterns, I don’t think the breakthrough of my gold profound would be that hard.”

Ye Chen focused and started to figure out more about the gold profound. After half a month, he started to shine with a sharp golden light, his whole body seeming like a sharp great sword. Even the shine from him seemed to have the power to hurt people.

“Finally, my gold profound has reached ninety percent.” Standing on the peak of the mountain, Ye Chen could sense it that the natural gold yuan qi had started to be more friendly to him, and he could easily control it now way more smoothly.


Lifting up his right hand, Ye Chen threw out a palm attack into the distance.


The black sword power flashed once before disappearing, leaving dozens of mountains cut in half. Nothing seemed like it could have any power to fight back under this kind of power.

“With ninety percent gold profound and sixty percent water profound, the Broken Moon’s power has increased drastically. It would be great if the water profound could also increase to ninety percent. If the two were at the same level, then their fusion would increase my power even more.”

Without stressing about it for much longer, Ye Chen did not expect all of his profounds to reach completion immediately. Right now, all he needed to do was accumulate. The higher his profounds, the more effort he would save after reaching Life and Death Realm.

Another half a month went by, during which, Ye Chen had only casually made two top rank swords, and the remaining time was used to increase his power. Although he had done it casually, the swords he created were able to break through space, which was horrifyingly powerful.

“Eh? What is going on?”

Putting away his sword, Ye Chen spread out his soul power and covered the headquarters of the school.

On the massive plaza of the school, a group of people were fighting against three young people: two males and one female. The guy right next to the girl was about twenty-five years old. He was rather handsome looking, and that arrogance and sneer on his face was not hidden at all.

The woman with them was really pretty, although nothing compared to Murong Qingcheng. Anyhow, she was quite attractive, especially her eyes that were like pieces of jewelry.

The young man in green robes behind them was even more shockingly powerful, as his cultivation could not be seen through easily. He stood there with his hands behind his back, looking relaxed.

Over at Zhang Tian Martial School, Gao Zhiyuan stood ahead. Looking at the girl next to the good looking young man, a sad expression flashed across his face. After a long while, he then said, “What are you doing here? Laugh at me?”

The pretty girl studied Gao Zhiyuan and said, “I did not expect that you would have already reached peak level Mid Sea of Souls Realm. How surprising! Unfortunately, you will never become anything by staying here. Even if you could become a half step king warrior, your youth will not be there.”

“So what? Also, I believe that the school will rise up again.”

Within this past month, Gao Zhiyuan had already reached peak level Mid Sea of Souls Realm, which was quite an impressive training speed thanks to Ye Chen’s Zhen yuan crystals.

“Do not continue lying to yourself. Of course, what you are now has nothing to do with me anymore. I just don’t want to see you continue falling in that deep hole you dug for yourself.” The pretty girl shook her head.

“Sister Li, who are these people?”

The disciples of the school had not left the mountain for a long time, so they could not recognize the young men at all. So, they had to ask Li Cui, who had been around for a lot longer.

She answered, “The man in black is Yun Xiaoshui, a martial genius from Extreme Heaven Martial School, while the one in green robes is Li Huyi, the top martial genius from the same school. That girl is the e-fiancé of brother Gao, Mo Xiaotang.” After answering their questions, she bit on her lips while looking at Gao Zhiyuan with a concerned look.

“What? Ling Huyi? And Yun Xiaoshui!”

All of the disciples were shocked. He was the No.1 martial genius of Extreme Heaven Martial School, who had just reached half step king warrior realm a couple of years ago. Moreover, he was one of the most powerful top half step king warriors. Although Yun Xiaoshui was not one of them, he was also a scarily powerful master level warrior.

It was not exaggerated to say that there was no one else besides the Great Master in the Zhang Feng Martial School from before who could fight against them.

“I heard from Xiaotang that your talent is really good. and that you had comprehended sword intent when you were only sixteen. Moreover, it is even said to be of a special kind. But, I think you are just an ordinary man!” Yun Xiaoshui in black robes purposely wrapped Mo Xiaotang in his arms while looking at Gao Zhiyuan with a sneer.

The other was not happy for sure. But, he soon calmed down, since the past was the past, and Mo Xiaotang had already canceled their wedding. There was nothing between them anymore, and he had decided to give up on her. He took a deep breath and said lightly, “Real power cannot be seen.”

“It seems like you are quite confident in yourself, huh?” Yun Xiaoshui smiled with a bit of evilness. Although he was with Mo Xiaotang now, he could tell that she had not forgotten about the other completely, which pissed him off a lot. This time, it was his idea to come here. He wanted to beat Gao Zhiyuan to the extent of him begging to stop in front of her, just to show her who the real martial genius was.

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