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Dominating Sword Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 833: Piss off

Chapter 833: Piss off

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mo Xiaotang, you b*tch! You dare to lie to me! Do you know the price of lying to me?”

Yun Xiaoshui was furious. He was always the star of crowd. Even when he went to Extreme Heaven Martial School with Ling Huyi being there, he was still well taken care of by the management. In his opinion, Mo Xiaotang was with him because of how great he was. But today, her speed had embarrassed him in a way that he had never experienced before. He swore to himself that he would destroy this woman with his own hands.

“Yun Xiaoshui, if you have problems, put them out in front of me.” Gao Zhiyuan could sense Yun Xiaoshui’s anger and killing intent, so he stood out deliberately.

“You don’t need to hurry. I will beat you into a vegetable. I will beat you until you cannot practice martial arts for the rest of your life.” As he spoke, Yun Xiaoshui’s Zhen yuan was activated and pushed to the limits. The black demon art Zhen yuan shot into the sky, into the clouds. His aura was too powerful to be described in words.

“This is the Zhang Tian Martial School. Do not dare to be reckless here!” Right at this moment, Li Zhangfeng and the masters walked out. If Yun Xiaoshui wanted to take out Gao Zhiyuan, they could not just sit by and let that happen. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the school to exist.

“So what?” Ling Huyi finally spoke out as his sharp eyes landed on Li Zhangfeng.

“Ling Huyi, did you forget that warrior’s warning? No one can kill people from Zhang Tian Martial School. Do you want to break the rule?”

He replied, “I know you would bring this out! Unfortunately, my brother disciple had only come to compete, so it is not a breach of that rule. Of course, the blade does not have its own eyes. If injuries occur, it would not be our problem really. I hope you all will not interfere…Otherwise, I would not mind teaching you guys a lesson.”

Ling Huyi’s speech had brought bad looks on Li Zhangfeng and the masters’ faces.

“Master Tie, go ask for master Lu. Master Xiao, go ask for master Ye.” Li Zhangfeng knew that he was not the rightful opponent of Ling Huyi, since he was very powerful and talented, at top rank half step king warrior level. In his opinion, Ye Chen might be able to fight against him. But, if he wanted to beat him, he might need Master Lu’s help.

“No need. I have caught up with the situation here.” Ye Chen’s voice was heard inside Li Zhangfeng’s ears, and he continued, “Gao Zhiyuan is approaching a breakthrough. If he manages to break through to Late Sea of Souls Realm, he might not be facing a complete loss. Do not interfere with the battle yet.”

“Zhiyun is facing a breakthrough?”

Li Zhangfeng looked at Gao Zhiyuan with surprise and then said to the two masters next to him, “Wait! Let’s wait for a bit more.”

Right then, Gao Zhiyuan had his Zhen yuan boiling inside his body as peak level Mid Sea of Souls Realm aura spread out from his body. Moreover, it seemed to be growing continuously without stopping. Amidst this qi, Gao Zhiyuan’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter as if they were two bright lamps shooting out beams of light.

Gao Zhiyuan’s training talent was no weaker than Yun Xiaoshui’s at all. The reason his cultivation was not improving at a faster speed was because he did not have enough resources. Not only were they lacking spirit stones, the other aiding supplements were completely non-existent. Naturally, he would not have the same resources as Yun Xiaoshui, who managed to reach peak level late Seas of Souls Realm.

However, things had been different since Ye Chen’s arrival. Not only had the school’s problems been solved, Gao Zhiyuan had gotten ten Zhen yuan crystals. He had only spent three of them before reaching from peak level Early Seas of Souls Realm to peak level Mid Seas of Souls Realm. Unfortunately, he was still given too little time. It would not be easy to break through to the next level continuously after all.

However, life was always full of drama. Mo Xiaotang had always been a problem for him, an unfinished business, a blockage, a haunted past. It would be impossible for him to forget it immediately. Even if he said he was okay verbally, memories would still come flashing back when he was alone at his room late at night. The kind of heartbreak was not something other people could understand.

But, after Mo Xiaotang told the truth, Gao Zhiyuan’s mind started to become clearer and clearer, and the blockage seemed to have disappeared on its own. No matter if one was training demon arts or normal arts, as long as they did not have a mental blockage, they would be able to reach the next level.

With his head clear, he felt that he was full of energy like never before. All of the invisible obstacles laying in front of him seemed to soften on their own like the last snow of winter starting to melt with the arrival of spring.

Right then, Gao Zhiyuan show a kind of potential that was even greater than before.

“You want to make a breakthrough? Dream on!” Yun Xiaoshui threw out a punch at him out of the blue.


Zhang Tian Martial School’s disciples yelled, but they could not stop him.

“Yun Xiaoshui, don’t you think you are embarrassing yourself?”

Mo Xiaotang pushed forward with both of her hands, causing countless flowers to appear from her sleeves while an air slicing sound was heard continuously.

“You are looking for death!”

Yun Xiaoshui could not handle Mo Xiaotang protecting Gao Zhiyuan like that, so he threw out a powerful attack at her, bringing up a horrifying aura.

“Flower Shield!”

However, she did not back out at all, drawing out half circle with both of her hands. In the end when both of her hands touched each other, a massive Zhen yuan flower appeared out of nowhere, wrapping around her body. This Zhen yuan flower contained a huge amount of wood and a hint of water profound.


The Zhen yuan shield shattered while she puked out a mouthful of blood. Her cultivation was only at the Late Sea of Souls Realm, which was a bit weaker than Yun Xiaoshui’s. Moreover, her profound sense was not as powerful as his either. Naturally, he could not block out his furious attack. It was already impressive for her to hold herself together.

“You really think I will not kill you?” Yun Xiaoshui was actually mad. She had been testing his boundary which made him generate a killing intent.

“Xiaotang, let me handle this!”

It was right then that Gao Zhiyuan’s qi calmed down and stopped rising. His Zhen yuan vibration now was indeed at Late Sea of Souls Realm.

“Even if you have made a progress, the result will not change at all.”

Although Yun Xiaoshui did not want to see Gao Zhiyuan reaching the Late Seas of Souls Realm, but he would not worry even if he had actually made a breakthrough. In his opinion, Gao Zhiyuan had just made the breakthrough, and his Zhen yuan was still not that stable. Moreover, the unity state of his was still in effect, so it would not have increased his power level by that much.

Just like Yun Xiaoshui had thought, Gao Zhiyuan’s Zhen yuan indeed had not been stabilized. However, just then, his fire profound had broken through another obstacle, because it was already at the edge of breakthrough as well. The timing seemed to be perfect, and he did not have to spend much time to think about it.

“Be careful!” Mo Xiaotang reminded him.

“I will.” Gao Zhiyuan gave her a smile before looking back at Yun Xiaoshui.

Going back into the crowd, she looked at the two with her eyebrows tightened.

Yun Xiaoshui made the first move as he performed his Heaven Thunder Eighteen Punch, which had blown Gao Zhiyuan into the air with blood coming out of his mouth earlier. As a result, countless thunder punch shadows appeared while lightning flashed in the air.

Lifting up his sword to welcome the attack, Gao Zhiyuan shattered sixteen punches in a row.

“Seventeenth punch!”

Yun Xiaoshui made a loud noise as his punch shadow transformed into a thunder dragon, waving its claws at Gao Zhiyuan.

“Burning Flame Sword!”

Gao Zhiyuan jumped up in the air while throwing out a sword attack. Swoosh! The thunder dragon’s head was cut down, yet the rest of the sword qi did not disappear at all as it sliced at Yun Xiaoshui’s chest.

“What kind of sword qi is this?”

Yun Xiaoshui’s eighteenth punch had not been thrown out yet before he was pushed into a corner. The kind of flame sword qi Gao Zhiyuan let out was even tougher than he had expected, seeming hard to destroy. Not only had it broken his seventeenth punch, the remaining sword qi still contained a tremendous attacking power.

“Indeed the Immortal Sword Intent!”

Unbeknownst to everyone, Ye Chen stood on top of the palace, observing the whole scene. No one had spotted him since he had perfectly fused with the shadow of the roof. If one did not look very closely, even half step king warriors might not be able to notice him. It was indeed the special ability of the shadow profound.

Just like Ye Chen, Gao Zhiyuan had also learned the Immortal Sword Intent. Of course, he could not compete with the former yet, who had also cultivated the destruction sword intent on top of it. Moreover, he had also infused the killing sword intent within those two sword intents as well. However, regardless of how powerful the immortal sword intent was, it was still not something that a normal sword intent could compete with. It was greatly powerful and dynamic in its functionality.

“Dark Light Thunder Dragon Punch!”

Heaven Thunder Eighteen Punches would need momentum. Without it, the power of the eighteenth punch on its own would not be as powerful as any of its previous attacks. That was why Yun Xiaoshui immediately changed his martial arts, throwing out a punch art that contained the profound of water and thunder.


The flame sword qi disappeared and a rich steam poured out toward Gao Zhiyuan. Strings of thunders spread out and landed on his body, raising the hair on his body and turning it numb so that he could not use any strength. Meanwhile, a massive dark thunder dragon roared and attacked him as well.

“Ah! Shatter!”

Gao Zhiyuan was burnt all over, and a huge amount of blood poured out from the corner of his mouth. But, in front of Yun Xiaoshui’s shocked eyes, he somehow tore apart the dark thunder dragon and flew over toward him at a high speed.

‘Impossible! How could he still have any remaining battling power?’ Yun Xiaoshui was shocked, which caused his movement to be half a step slower.

Only Ye Chen and Ling Huyi had noticed that Gao Zhiyuan had increased his Zhen yuan forcibly in that critical moment, without considering the potential side effects, to break through the killing attack. Of course, he had also paid a heavy cost nonetheless. All of his meridians had been broken completely, and his Zhen yuan was in a mess at the moment; he was hanging on that last breath of his right now. He attacked Yun Xiaoshui while knowing that he had just got this one last breath. He also knew that once he let this breath go, it would be the end of this battle.

“Brother Yun, what are you doing?”

Ling Huyi obviously would not let Gao Zhiyuan beat Yun Xiaoshui, so he reminded the latter verbally while using that sound wave of his toward Gao Zhiyuan secretly. The sound wave from a half step king warrior would not be able to kill a Late Sea of Souls realm warrior, but it would drastically affect the warrior for sure. And in this intense situation, even the slightest mistake was not allowed.


A mouthful of blood was puked out as a tough enduring look flashed through Gao Zhiyuan’s eyes, using up his last energy to throw out a sword attack. Ling Huyi was secretly furious on seeing that, so he flicked out a finger attack at the former.


Unfortunately, before his attack took effect, a hair thin sword qi shattered his power. Without any obstacles, Gao Zhiyuan’s last sword attack obviously landed onto Yun Xiaoshui’s body and blew him away violently. The latter puked out a huge amount of blood while his whole body was covered in flames.

“Who is there! Get the heck down!” Ling Huyi yelled toward the top of the palace after sensing the qi from a half step king warrior.

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