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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder (Web Novel)


She’s somehow ended up transmigrating into the book as the supporting female lead, who was beaten to death! Deeply in love with the male lead, she’s fated to be beaten to a bloody pulp before even holding hands with him?!

First things first, she needs to survive and latch onto the big thigh of a patron. But the supporting male lead is a true gentleman and feels nothing for her stunning, alluring body. That’s alright! She’ll latch onto the old madame or the male lead then!

But why does the supporting male lead look at her with increasingly odd eyes? And what of that Wulin Alliance Head with the personality disorder? You’re just a random bystander, what are you getting involved for??

Finally, the male lead could bear it no longer and dragged her back to the Prince Li Manor…

428 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 295 — Yu Kuang’s Cute Little Wife2019-03-25
Chapter 294 — Yu Kuang’s Surprise Encounter2019-03-25
Chapter 293 — Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband (II)2019-03-25
Chapter 292 — Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband2019-03-25
Chapter 291 — The Emperor And Empress’ Legacy2019-03-25
Chapter 290 — Entering the Heavenly Hall2019-03-25
Chapter 289 — Abdication Of The Throne2019-03-25
Chapter 288 — Prince Rong Collapses From Exhaustion2019-03-25
Chapter 287 — A Household Must Always Have a Master2019-03-25
Chapter 286 — A Nation Must Not Have A Day Without A Ruler2019-03-25
Chapter 285 — Huge Turnaround In The Battlefield2019-03-25
Chapter 284 — The Emperor Leading Troops Into Battle2019-03-25
Chapter 283 — Illicit Relations2019-03-25
Chapter 282 — The Corpse that Disappeared2019-03-25
Chapter 281 — Who Are You, Really?2019-03-25
Chapter 280 — The Funeral2019-03-25
Chapter 279 — The Hunt And A Visit2019-03-25
Chapter 278 — Having a Soccer Team Won’t be a Distant Dream2019-03-25
Chapter 277 — Hiring a Murderer2019-03-25
Chapter 276 — Noble Consort Su Goes Insane2019-03-25
Chapter 275 — Noble Consort Su Falls Out Of Favor2019-03-25
Chapter 274 — Havoc in the Streets of the Capital2019-03-25
Chapter 273 — A Secret Gleaned Through Eavesdropping2019-03-25
Chapter 272 — You All Don’t Understand the Poison That Women Can Be2019-03-25
Chapter 271 — Bringer Of Chaos, Noble Consort Su2019-03-25
Chapter 270 — The Disappearing Miracle Doctors2019-03-25
Chapter 269 — Long Heng’s Rebellion2019-03-25
Chapter 268 — The Unlucky Eunuch2019-03-25
Chapter 267 — Confirmation, Noble Consort Su2019-03-25
Chapter 266 — A Familiar Stranger2019-03-25
Chapter 265 — Noble Consort Su2019-03-25
Chapter 264 — The Mastermind Behind All This2019-03-25
Chapter 263 — Your Majesty, Are You Out of Your Mind?2019-03-25
Chapter 262 — Black Devil’s Snare Protecting Its Mistress2019-03-25
Chapter 261 — The Cousin’s Retaliation2019-03-25
Chapter 260 — Appointing Another Concubine2019-03-25
Chapter 259 — The Mysterious Sister2019-03-25
Chapter 258 — Target? Sir Song Jiaoyue2019-03-25
Chapter 257 — Compensated, Ji Zhangshu Leaves The Capital2019-03-25
Chapter 256 — Bidding War Of The Brothels2019-03-25
Chapter 255 — The Lin Family Redeeming A Slave2019-03-25
Chapter 254 — You Won’t Die If You Don’t Go Looking For It2019-03-25
Chapter 253 — Nobody Is A Better Schemer Than The Old Madame2019-03-25
Chapter 252 — The Problem of Dealing With The Female Lead2019-03-25
Chapter 251 — Oh Dear Ol’ Female Lead2019-03-25
Chapter 250 — Let Us Reminisce About the Past2019-03-25
Chapter 249 — Too Many Plot Holes In The Story2019-03-25
Chapter 248 — Beaten Up Good, Putting On A Front2019-03-25
Chapter 247 — A Trap, Any Which Way is Fine2019-03-25
Chapter 246 — The Lady Fights the Evil Concubine2019-03-25
Chapter 245 — The Playful Newly Appointed Princess Consort2019-03-25
Chapter 244 — Being Carried Through the Day2019-03-25
Chapter 243 — Level Up — Princess Consort Li2019-03-25
Chapter 242 — Marriage Matters, A Hundred Beatings with Military Rods2019-03-25
Chapter 241 — Guilty, Returning To The Capital Without Approval2019-03-25
Chapter 240 — Return Home With Head Held High2019-03-25
Chapter 239 — Saving Someone and a Misstep2019-03-25
Chapter 238 — The Black Devil’s Snare Appears Again2019-03-25
Chapter 237 — Famous Doctors From All Places Enter the Palace2019-03-25
Chapter 236 — The Complicated Imperial Harem2019-03-25
Chapter 235 — Changes in the Female Lead2019-03-25
Chapter 234 — Entering The Capital In Disguise2019-03-25
Chapter 233 — Fifteen Gold Tokens In Exchange For A Life2019-03-25
Chapter 232 — Disfigurement, Gone Missing2019-03-25
Chapter 231 — An Unexpected Enormous Bungle2019-03-25
Chapter 230 — Yu Kuang Slowly Warming Up2019-03-25
Chapter 229 — White Lotus VS Princess Syndrome2019-03-25
Chapter 228 — Surprise! An Arrogant Female Transmigrator2019-03-25
Chapter 227 — Lieutenant, The Enemy’s Female General2019-03-25
Chapter 226 — Princess Syndrome Is Also An Illness2019-03-25
Chapter 225 — Chen Tao’s Death2019-03-25
Chapter 224 — Sinister, Schemes Within Schemes2019-03-25
Chapter 223 — Duel Between Two Transmigrators2019-03-25
Chapter 222 — Defected To The Enemy, Chen Tao’s Family2019-03-25
Chapter 221 — Black Devil’s Snare2019-03-25
Chapter 220 — Gunpowder Bombs2019-03-25
Chapter 219 — Manufacturing Gun Powder2019-03-25
Chapter 218 — Divorce Papers2019-03-25
Chapter 217 — Miss Lin’s Husband2019-03-25
Chapter 216 — Setting The Bed On Fire2019-03-25
Chapter 215 — Sharing The Punishment2019-03-25
Chapter 214 — Punishment from Staves, Husband and Wife Suffering Together2019-03-25
Chapter 213 — Terrible Luck, Locked In the Dungeons2019-03-25
Chapter 212 — The Female Lead Bites the Hand that Feeds Her2019-03-25
Chapter 211 — The Great Battle, Defeating The Chained Horses Formation2019-03-25
Chapter 210 — The Strategist Who Smashes Wine Cups2019-03-25
Chapter 209 — Older Sister! Let’s Sleep Together!2019-03-25
Chapter 208 — Training Soldiers, Husband And Wife Are One2019-03-25
Chapter 207 — Husband And Wife Finally Meet2019-03-25
Chapter 206 — My Present To You Before I Die2019-03-25
Chapter 205 — A Dandy, Extremely Good—For—Nothing2019-03-25
Chapter 204 — A Pitiful Child2019-03-25
Chapter 203 — The Omnipresent Female Lead2019-03-25
Chapter 202 — A Battle of Wits and Courage2019-03-25
Chapter 201 — Assassinating the Strategist2019-03-25
Chapter 200 — Guerilla Warfare, Deep Behind Enemy Lines2019-03-25
Chapter 199 — Former Acquaintance, A Favor to Ask2019-03-25
Chapter 198 — Beating Up the Bandits2019-03-25
Chapter 197 — Bandits, Leave The Women2019-03-25
Chapter 196 — Linked Horses Formation2019-03-25