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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 232: Deepa’s Moment Of Death!

Chapter 232: Deepa’s Moment Of Death!

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The moment Ling Yun realised Deepa was on his trail, he immediately made a judgement that Deepa’s strength was way above his. Therefore, he promptly decided the battlefield to be around the Shichiyou herb.

While he was running to the river, he deliberately did not lower his realm and reveal how formidable he was. Instead, he switched between traveling quickly and slowly to pretend that he didn’t realize that he was being followed. This was his first step in tricking Deepa.

When Deepa appeared, Ling Yun acted weak by continuously dodging Deepa’s blows in a pathetic manner. The purpose was to exhaust Deepa’s strength and to scout Deepa’s true capabilities.

Only when Ling Yun was certain he could defeat Deepa did he start attacking Deepa and take out his weapon, the Magic Brush!

Ling Yun took on Deepa’s powerful Eagle Claws by using Tiangang Demon Fist as he wanted Deepa to fully exhaust his physical and internal strength. Therefore, Deepa’s blows would not be as powerful as when Deepa first started attacking him. Ling Yun then used the Magic Brush to chop off Deepa’s Long Snake Whip with three strokes, leaving Deepa with no other weapons except his pistol.

Ling Yun only counterattacked with his true abilities after Deepa had reached his limit. With his hand gripping the Magic Brush and his feet performing the Phantom Ichthyosaur Step, an abundance of flying needles flew towards Deepa!

This is truly pulverising an enemy! If this was not the knockout match, then what else could it be?

Deepa really should not have let Ling Yun set the site of Shichiyou herb to be the battlefield. If Deepa was unable to kill Ling Yun within a short period of time, the one dying would undoubtedly be him!

The sad part was that Deepa did not know which part of the battle he lost. He could only dodge Ling Yun’s continuous blows while panting heavily. He was rather battered and exhausted.

Ling Yun’s cow leathered needle pouch had hundreds of big needles in it. He eventually pocketed his Magic Brush and unfolded the needle bag in his hand. His right hand scattered dozens of needles with just one throw. They flew towards Deepa’s surroundings with lightning speed!

Even though Deepa’s pistol still had a few bullets left, he could not even use it now; he had no idea where he had thrown it to earlier. Deepa’s free hands were rather busy trying to deflect the needles flying towards his acupuncture points.

However, Ling Yun had more than a hundred needles. Deepa’s body was already covered by dozens of them. Three of his vital acupuncture points had already been impaled by large needles, hindering the flow of his internal strength.

Ling Yun’s eyes shone with glory. His warpath was getting stronger, and his desire to kill pervaded the air. His fingers flickered and dozens of needles flew out, not giving Deepa a chance to breathe.

He had seen through Deepa’s intention of escaping. When Deepa threw away his pistol, Ling Yun switched from using the Phantom Ichthyosaur Step to the Thousand Miles Godly Steps minimize his usage of spiritual energy.

As he gained full control of the battle, Ling Yun’s blows became stronger and faster. On the other hand, Deepa was already completely spent. He did not even have the strength to escape.

Ling Yun had completely turned the situation around. Deepa knew that his powers had been exhausted. He had tried to flee but failed.

Ling Yun had an abundance of spiritual energy and was pleased with his martial arts. His Thousand Miles Godly Steps’ pace was faster than Deepa’s leap and he still had his flying needles.

No matter which direction Deepa tried to flee, Ling Yun always managed to use the Phantom Ichthyosaur Step to arrive at Deepa’s direction of escape in a flash. With just a wave of his hand, a few needles flew out and forced him back just as he was about to leap away!

If Ling Yun were to allow Deepa to escape, then it would not be a knockout match!

He knew that if Deepa were to escape tonight, then he would be caught up in endless danger. Deepa was in the dark while he was in the light. If it was not for the Shichiyou herb’s help, even a hundred of himself would be killed by Deepa!

“I must quickly reach the next realm!” Ling Yun knew that the reason why he was able to control his enemy’s fate in his hands was because of all his trump cards. He was more wily and relied on the Shichiyou herb’s aura. In fact, he was rather upset.

Deepa’s biggest regret was his Long Snake Whip being destroyed by Ling Yun’s Magic Brush. If he still had it, he could use the whip to easily block Ling Yun’s needles. There would not even be a need for him to dodge them.

“I’ve made a mistake by being overconfident! Am I really going to fall to the hands of this eighteen-year-old youngster?!”

Deepa refused to resign to fate. He continued to deflect the flying needles with his hands while waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape.

However, he was out of breath and his footsteps were as heavy as lead. Some of his meridians were blocked. He was only left with physical strength to fend off the needles. With his current state, how could he possibly escape?

Suddenly, Deepa glanced at the river not too far away in the distance.

Just as Ling Yun threw out two big needles and went back to his needle bag, Deepa welcomed the flying needles with open palms and leapt towards the brook, completely using up his strength!

It was his first time turning his back to Ling Yun. Even if another of Ling Yun’s needles hit him, he could not bother anymore. His fate depended on this moment!

If Deepa had encountered someone else tonight, even Dugu Mo, he would be able to escape. It was really a pity that his opponent was Ling Yun, especially because the battlefield was chosen by Ling Yun. He practically came here every night and was more familiar with this place than anyone else!

Ling Yun’s lips lifted into a disdainful smile and he had a knowing look in his eyes. He hummed and activated the Phantom Ichthyosaur Step. He pulled the Magic Brush into his hands once again. His tall and vigorous body arrived behind Deepa in the blink of an eye!

Phaseless Swordplay Technique!

“Pfft…” Ling Yun followed like a shadow and his attack came within a split second. He drew four strokes in succession at Deepa’s vital points on his back!

“…” Deepa spat out a mouthful of fresh blood midway in the air. The twenty-some big needles were stained with blood from the four gaping holes!

Three of them were on Deepa’s vital points and were fatal wounds. However, Ling Yun’s last strike was in the middle of his back!

A cold paralysis!

Deepa’s body hovered in the air as though swords mercilessly pierced through his fragile body! His body was like a water gun, except it was blood from his internal organs instead!

Before Deepa was able to say his last words, his body had basically been turned into a corpse within a few minutes. It flew through the air for some distance before plopping into the river with a sound!

Ling Yun was not affected by the bloody scene. Instead, he finished up his business and moved to where the Shichiyou Herb was located.

“Phew….” Ling Yun looked at Deepa’s pale body. He let out a sigh of dismay.

Ling Yun knew that Deepa was worth way more than even Xuan Qi and the rest combined!

Deepa’s realm exceeded Ling Yun’s by miles. His chance of death should have been much lower than Ling Yun’s. However, he had clearly succumbed to death this time!

Money could be earned back, but everyone had only one life. Giving up life for money was not something Ling Yun would do!

Inhaling the energy from the Shichiyou Herb, Ling Yun stared at Deepa’s body. “You’re an assassin, and that is what you do for a living. If you kill me, I won’t blame you! But since you’ve been killed by my own hands, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Ling Yun only required five minutes to get into the state of being on Heaven’s Peak. He was unable to continue practising as he had to get rid of Deepa’s body quickly.

Ling Yun sped to Deepa in a flash of lighting. He raised his hand and removed the mask from his face. To his surprise, Deepa was a forty-year-old middle-aged adult who looked like any ordinary person.

Ling Yun started to map out the route to dispose of Deepa’s body through the city. He needed to make sure his surroundings were secluded and that nobody would be around to witness the entire situation.

After some time, he arrived at the meeting point between Dragon Cliff and the Southern Jade Peak.

He stopped within a hundred meters of the forest and started to search Deepa’s body for any valuables before throwing away the useless body!

Deepa’s dead body fell through the endless Sky Pit. Ling Yun carried his belongings and returned to the Shichiyou Herb.

He first covered Deepa’s bloodstains on the ground and then began to clean up the nearly two hundred large needles. It wasn’t to protect the environment; rather, he was afraid that people would trample the Shichiyou Herb if they went to pick up all the needles.

Ling Yun tossed the needles into the river instead of putting them back in his cow leather pouch.

It was around two thirty in the morning when everything was finally cleaned up. Ling Yun then sat beside Shichiyou Herb and meditated.

By the time he stood back up, full of spiritual energy, it was close to four. It was a time when everyone else was deep asleep.

Ling Yun lowered his head to see his tattered clothing. He shook his head. “I’ve lost too much today. Not just the two hundred large needles, but also my branded clothing!”

Ling Yun dug his feet into the ground and began to leave. In no time, he had already crossed the river and arrived beside the road. He followed the road and made his way towards his rented apartment.

It took only two minutes to get home. Ling Yun headed for his room directly and intentionally made some noise.

“Who’s there?” a mellow voice asked.

“It’s me.” Ling Yun knew it was Xiao Meimei.

But before he entered the room, a fox-like shadow flitted across the room, and the white figure buried itself into Ling Yun’s arms.

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