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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 479: The Heartless Heavens, Battling With Heaven!

Chapter 479: The Heartless Heavens, Battling With Heaven!

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Ling Yun was on a low mountain, but the black tribulation cloud hung very near his head!

The cloud rolled lower still, approaching Ling Yun like a beast. It seemed ready to swallow him anytime!

The cloud seemed to be infuriated with Ling Yun’s unyielding behavior and accelerated its descent!

The pressure from the power of heaven surged five or six times suddenly. Ling Yun had to bend slightly and slam his feet forward to steady himself!

Ling Yun felt as though he had boulders weighing thousands of kilograms on his shoulders. His face flustered, and blue veins popped out from his forehead!

F*ck, this is impossible! How could the Four Nine Minor Tribulation be so difficult? Do they want to kill me?

Ling Yun cursed in his heart, suddenly realizing the seriousness of the situation!

The heavens treat everything with the same regard!

Xian Er had undergone a true test with her tribulation. What Ling Yun was going through now, however, didn’t seem to be a simple tribulation.

Ling Yun clenched his teeth tightly together, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes squinting with exertion as his shoulders bore the invisible weight. He lifted his head and looked up at the sky with great effort!

“This place could be billions and billions of miles away from my Cultivation World. I basically reincarnated and restarted my cultivation. Are you still unwilling to let me live?”

“You want my life? Not so fast!”

He would battle with the heavens for his life!

Ling Yun pursed his lips together as he stared coldly at the thick black cloud above his head, his clear and sharp eyes redefining stubbornness and unyielding attribute!

Ling Yun activated the Stellar Condensation Technique to its fullest extent. At the same time, he used the sparks from the golden lightning to temper his body repeatedly.

His body would strengthen every time he withstood a strike. He knew it better than anyone that his body would be tempered to an unimaginable state if he survived the last two waves!

Ling Yun’s energy center rotated with increasing speed with the help of the lightning. The lightning had formed the shape of a golden dragon which dyed the energy center a dazzling gold!

The Yin Qi in Ling Yun’s energy center traveled through his thick meridians and poured into the Devil’s Blade in his hand. The Devil’s Blade shivered, seemingly resonating with Ling Yun’s anger and will to fight!

Ling Yun tempered his meridians and his energy center, but his focus was on his divine sense. He realized for the first time that the Immortal Spiritual Energy in the middle of his eyebrows was a pale gold color. There was no doubt that there was some kind of connection with the golden lightning.

“Boom, Kacha!”

The third wave of lightning struck just as Ling Yun was getting used to the pressure from the power of heaven! Six bolts finally fell!

A bolt of lightning the size of a water barrel hit Ling Yun’s body with precision!

“Break!” Ling Yun yelled as he continued to bear the weight. His right hand swung the Devil’s Blade wildly. At the same time, his left hand balled into a fist and smashed the angry lightning with the Tiangang Demon Fist!

It wouldn’t make much of a difference, but Ling Yun was showing his state of mind!

He would rather die than yield!

It wasn’t his Tribulation Stage. His primordial spirit didn’t appear, which meant that if he were to die this time, he would really be dead — he wouldn’t be able to reincarnate.


Ling Yun disappeared in the bolt of golden lightning. Nothing could be seen from the outside other than the lightning itself.

This time, he was fried from head to toe as countless golden lightning snakes surrounded his body. Ling Yun seemed like a God of Lightning emerging from a pillar of light!

The impact of the last hit was so severe that he nearly kneeled. However, Ling Yun straightened his stiff knees and stood up tall once again!

He must not kneel!

Ling Yun had never once kneeled in his battles and tribulations!

Kneeling wasn’t Ling Yun’s style. He would never kneel, even if it meant relieving an immense pressure off his back!

Ling Yun had his back hunched like a cooked shrimp from the pain. He pushed himself again, straightening his body!

The golden lightning disappeared. Bai Xianer was a mere hundred meters away from Ling Yun. Hot tears brimmed her eyes as she clenched her fist, cheering for Ling Yun in her heart.

Humans had feelings, demons were righteous, and the heavens were heartless!


“Kacha, Kacha…” Two even thicker bolts of lightning struck Ling Yun’s body again!

“Pu!” Blood oozed out from all over Ling Yun. He struggled, but he couldn’t handle it. He finally dropped to the ground with a thud.

Ling Yun suffered serious internal injuries with this strike. His fate would most likely be sealed if not for the Devil’s Blade, which absorbed most of the shock in his stead.

Ling Yun would be dead if he didn’t break through to Physique Tempering Stage Seven.

Ling Yun gasped violently as he staggered up again with his blade in hand. His body swayed unsteadily, but he had a sneer on his face!

“Master!” Little White panicked after seeing Ling Yun’s miserable state and dashed towards him!

“Xian Er, go back! I’m alright!” Ling Yun waved his left hand, where flesh and some parts of his white bones were revealed.

He looked up at the cloud and laughed coldly. “Two bolts of lightning together? Can’t you do better? I’m not dead yet. Why don’t you give me three bolts of lightning simultaneously!”

Ling Yun knew it was a matter of life and death. He took out all the remaining Gold Talismans and Defense Talismans, covered his whole body, and shouted, “Come!”

They were level one talisman charms. Ling Yun had given Bai Xianer all the level two talisman charms.


The Dragon Vein Sword appeared in Ling Yun’s left hand. He held the blade in his right and the sword in his left. His body was shaking, but he pointed the sword fearlessly to the sky. “Come on!”

The cloud couldn’t speak, but if it could, it would probably say something along the lines of “as you wish”.

As expected, three fierce bolts of lightning struck simultaneously!

They weren’t thick, each of them only about the thickness of an adult. However, each of them was shining like a golden pillar!

Just as they were about to strike Ling Yun, the three individual lines combined into one!

“Kacha!” A loud roar like never before rang out!

The golden lightning emitted millions of golden lights, traveling hundreds of nautical miles and straight into the depths of the sea!

Bai Xianer couldn’t help but cover her ears with both hands and shut her eyes tightly in fear!


The condensed golden lightning hit squarely onto Ling Yun’s body!

Ling Yun didn’t reveal any fear, having nothing but anger in his eyes. He would withstand the last lightning strike by himself!

“Celestial Destroyer Technique!”

“Ninth Killing Technique!”

Ling Yun counterattacked! He unleashed his strongest attack, Ultimate Kill, with the Dragon Vein Sword, and unleashed the Celestial Destroyer Technique with the Devil’s Blade!

That was the limit of Ling Yun’s current abilities! He unleashed it without a care in the world! It was his last stand!

The Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword hit the golden column, producing the sound of metal on metal!

The golden lightning wasn’t deterred and continued towards Ling Yun!


The disturbing sound of numerous bones and joints breaking came from Ling Yun’s body!

“Crack… Crack…”

The Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword fell to the ground. Ling Yun bled out again, his skin separated from his meat as his body fell powerlessly to the ground!

The cloud dissipated as soon as the last bolt struck.


Bai Xianer didn’t care about anything anymore. She rushed to Ling Yun’s side and held Ling Yun desperately in her embrace!

Bai Xianer burst into tears!

“Xian Er, don’t worry, this f*cking tribulation has yet to claim my life…” he said while coughing.

Ling Yun coughed up blood, and his eyes flashed with inexplicable excitement and pride. He was seriously injured, but he knew he wouldn’t die today!

Ling Yun was excited because the cloud dissipated!

Could there be no fourth wave? There should be another nine bolts!

Ling Yun wondered what tribulation he had just gone through.

Suddenly, Ling Yun coughed up another large amount of blood. He took out two bundles of Healing Talismans and gave them to Bai Xianer. “Xian Er, put all of these Healing Talismans on me…”

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