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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 480: Endless Benefits, Magical Transformation!

Chapter 480: Endless Benefits, Magical Transformation!

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The cloud dissipated quickly.

The night sky was clear, the moon as still as water. Stars were everywhere, blinking in the night sky.

The sea was gentle and calm, reflecting the diamonds from the skies above. It was a breathtaking view.

Everything that happened would have seemed like a dream if not for Bai Xianer’s transformation and Ling Yun’s injuries.

Ling Yun’s injuries, as well as his charred body, didn’t bother Bai Xianer. She gently placed the Healing Talismans onto Ling Yun’s body, not letting an inch go uncovered.

Ling Yun found Bai Xianer’s sorrowful face and careful actions funny. He wanted to laugh but coughed out blood instead.

Ling Yun noticed in delight that his fresh blood had been faintly dyed with a touch of gold.

He knew that he had obtained tremendous benefits through this tribulation. It was the best gift that the heavens had sent to him!

“Master, don’t laugh… you are injured…” Bai Xianer shrieked slightly in fear as Ling Yun spurted blood. Ling Yun looked at Xian Er, dazzled by her beauty.

“Xian Er, these are Level Two Healing Talismans. There is no need to use so many.” He coughed abruptly before continuing, “See, you have almost mummified me!”

Ling Yun coughed blood after every sentence. His blood was everywhere, some even landing on Bai Xianer. He was happy nonetheless, his eyes smug.

“Master, I forbid you to continue speaking. This is the last one… There, it’s done!” Bai Xianer covered Ling Yun with two hundred Healing Talismans and shouted the incantation!

Ling Yun felt a cool sensation envelop his body. His body, broken bones, tendons, and skin recovered quickly. His wounds healed completely with no trace of scars.

Even the garbage Healing Talismans he made when he was at Physique Tempering Stage Three could heal knife wounds immediately. How could the Healing Talismans he created at Physique Tempering Stage Six be inferior?

The Level Two Healing Talismans were of superior quality. While they couldn’t regrow bones or muscles, they could instantly cure a fracture.

“Uff… We made it through… It was too f*cking scary!” Ling Yun took a deep breath, secretly rejoicing at being alive.

He turned to Xian Er and saw that her white dress and delicate skin were covered with his blood. He couldn’t help but frown at the sight as he fished out two Level Two Clear Water Talismans.

The corners of Ling Yun’s mouth turned up towards Xian Er. He pasted the Clear Water Talisman on Xian Er and shouted the incantation.

“Splash!” A few balls of water burst on top of Bai Xianer, drenching her and washing away all traces of blood.

Bloodstains were usually difficult to get rid of, but the Level Two Water Talismans were capable of that. The water was extremely pure. It was ingestible and also had a powerful cleaning effect.

The Healing Talismans were mainly to heal.

Bai Xianer was cleansed, but her dress was thoroughly soaked and stuck tightly onto her exquisite body, showcasing her beautiful figure.

“Master is so nice… Erm, no, Master is so naughty…” Bai Xianer said bashfully as she bit her red lip. Her head was lowered slightly, but her eyes were fixed on Ling Yun.

The scene filled Ling Yun with a crazy madness and temptation! However, it wasn’t the time to tease Bai Xianer. He removed his gaze from Bai Xianer with great difficulty and used a few Clear Water Talismans on himself.

Ling Yun’s perfect masculine figure was revealed. After living on the island for so long, his weight had dropped below eighty kilograms. There wasn’t a single ounce of fat left on his body!

Bai Xianer looked towards his lower body and reddened. She quickly turned around in embarrassment!

Ling Yun laughed. “Xian Er, I got some great benefits from the tribulation, so I need to cultivate now. Let’s talk later,” Ling Yun said.

Bai Xianer dared not turn back. She nodded with her back still facing him and said, “Xian Er will protect Master.”

Ling Yun grunted. He picked up the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword and found, to his amazement, that both weapons were unscathed!

He was thrilled at the results. Not only did they assist in the fight against his tribulation, but they had also absorbed most of the lightning. These two weapons were definitely extraordinary.

They must harbor great secrets… Ling Yun concluded and stored them into the spatial ring.

Ling Yun then started to meditate to consolidate the benefits he had gained from the tribulation.

First, he activated the Yin-Yang harmony balance. While his meridians and energy center didn’t expand in size, they had strengthened more than three times from him breaking through to Physique Tempering Stage Seven. That meant he could generate Yin-Yang harmony balance three times faster!

His meridians were sturdier, and the flexibility, elasticity, and tension improved several times, enabling the Yin-Yang Qi to be channeled more quickly.

These benefits greatly amplified Ling Yun’s combat power!

For example, if Ling Yun could kill a Xiantian Realm Level One cultivator with one punch previously, he could kill two at that level with one punch now!

At the same time, he could absorb spiritual energy faster and in greater amounts with the enhancements!

Ling Yun’s True Qi would be generated at a faster speed as well. That meant Ling Yun’s movements would be faster than before!

Previously, Ling Yun could make three afterimages appear when he fought with Sun Tianbiao using the Shape-Shifting Technique. Now he could make at least six!

This was what Ling Yun could discern. There were other things he had yet to explore!

Ling Yun’s energy center was now a spherical ball with a diameter of more than ten centimeters. After the tribulation, there were numerous snakes of electricity circling around his energy center!

They were undoubtedly absorbed from the tribulation cloud. They were divided into two colors, gold and silver, and they would emit sounds similar to that of electric currents when they collided!

These “snakes” were also in his meridians!

It was one hell of a result!

The energy center, True Qi, and meridians were abstract concepts. He wouldn’t be able to find them even if he dissected a human.

It was different now! The gold and silver lightning was there! Ling Yun would be able to see it all with his divine sense when he attained the ability to see into his body.

Therefore, Ling Yun had gained yet another force in his body, though he couldn’t use it now. He didn’t know how to use it or how it would affect his cultivation going forward.

Of course, Ling Yun didn’t know about that at this point in time. He only felt comfortable after he activated the Yin-Yang harmony balance. The Yin-Yang Qi was flowing rapidly, unobstructed. That greatly satisfied him.

Ling Yun thus deactivated Yin-Yang harmony balance and activated the Stellar Condensation Technique!

That gave Ling Yun a huge shock!

Even Bai Xianer felt the abnormality and turned back gracefully!

Bai Xianer’s mouth opened wide, and her eyes widened in shock!

Darkness engulfed the surroundings as the moonlight and starlight focused upon a single person!

Ling Yun!

The moon acted as a source with Ling Yun as the target. The essence of the moon started pouring madly into Ling Yun!

That was simply phenomenal!

Bai Xianer could faintly detect a very fine silk thread connecting the countless stars in the sky to Ling Yun’s body!

The speed of absorption of the power of the universe was stunning!

Ling Yun had entered into a wonderful state both in vivo and in vitro — the Realm of the Unity of the Universe and Mankind!

They were in harmony!

Ling Yun connected all his meridians with his energy center, using that as the source and the electric snakes as the connector in vivo!

Ling Yun had also used himself as the center and connected himself with the moon and the stars in vitro. It was as though he was the center of the entire universe!

“Master he… he is so powerful…” Little White muttered under her breath in awe.

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