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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 481: Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud! Accompany You in Death!

Chapter 481: Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud! Accompany You in Death!

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When Ling Yun was in the Cultivation World, a Holy Virgin once followed him for half a year. At the time of their parting, she pointed up to the starry sky and asked Ling Yun a question.

“Ling Yun, you heart breaker. Tell me, do you think the stars above possess hearts?” The Holy Virgin asked with extremely resentful eyes.

Ling Yun didn’t dare to meet the eyes of the Holy Virgin. At the time, he replied, “The stars should possess hearts. If not, why would they hide in the skies and gaze down at you for thousands of years?”

That caused her even more sorrow. Her bright eyes changed, and she left without another word.

Ling Yun didn’t know if the stars possessed a heart, but he knew that every one of the stars had their own power. They were burning themselves, using their lives to illuminate the dark and cold universe.

Ling Yun was absorbing the power of the universe from billions of stars with the Stellar Condensation Technique!

After enduring the devastating tribulation that almost killed him, every single part of Ling Yun’s body had undergone a huge transformation!

Among other things, his acupoints had become a bottomless whirlpool. These acupoints, which were the storage space for spiritual energy, were of immense importance to Ling Yun.

Especially so for the Fiery Essence of the Sun, Cool Essence of the Moon, and the power of the galaxy that he absorbed every time he activated the Stellar Condensation Technique.

Ling Yun’s internal world and his external world seemed to be synchronized together now that Ling Yun’s energy center and his meridians had numerous snakes circling around them.

Ling Yun’s condition was ideal!

Of course, no mere mortal in the city would be able to see this “thread” when he cultivated with the Stellar Condensation Technique. They may be able to see it when he attained the fifth major realm of the Stellar Condensation Technique, but Ling Yun had yet to break through the third major realm, much less the fifth.

Bai Xianer, however, wasn’t a mere mortal. She was the most powerful beast in the world, a nine-tailed celestial fox that completed her transformation. Moreover, the lonely island hardly suffered pollution of any sort, which was why she could witness this magical scene!

Ling Yun only had to cultivate for a short while before he reached the pinnacle of the fourteenth minor realm. He took a break there.

The coverage of Ling Yun’s divine sense hadn’t expanded much. However, after its baptism by the gold and pale gold Immortal Spiritual Energy, he could clearly feel his divine sense becoming more powerful. He could sense everything within twenty meters with no obstruction!

Ling Yun had a feeling that he would be able to look introspectively into his body before breaking through to Physique Tempering Stage Eight.

Ling Yun also noticed progress in his Yin-Yang Eye!

He tried out the maximum range of his Yin-Yang Eye, coupled with his divine sense, and he could see most of his veins and muscles but not the bones.

Less than one centimeter… Ling Yun deduced

Ling Yun then turned his gaze to Bai Xianer. As expected, his Yin-Yang Eye could see through her white one piece. Bai Xianer was as good as naked in his eyes!

“Pu…” Ling Yun savored Bai Xianer’s perfect figure. Her snow-white breasts and the mysterious privates covered with lustrous black hair. His nose almost bled at the sight!

“Master, what happened?” Bai Xianer didn’t have a clue what Ling Yun was doing. She thought, naively, that something went wrong with his cultivation. She quickly held Ling Yun steady with a face full of concern.

“Ahem, ahem…” Ling Yun quickly deactivated his Yin-Yang Ey and shook his head violently, trying to divert attention away from his lower body. “Nothing… nothing much…”

It was too late, Bai Xianer had already seen it. She blushed and asked, “Master, you… do you want to put on some clothes?”

Xian Er was definitely shy. Ling Yun’s “little brother” was fully erect, which scared Xian Er. A wave of current ran through her body, and the feeling was ten times worse than when she was undergoing the tribulation.

“Yes, I have to!” Ling Yun took out a set of clothes, and with some help from the gentle Xian Er, he put them on.

Ling Yun chanted the Clear Heart Technique ten times before he finally extinguished the fire within. One Bai Xianer was more than eight Lin Menghans!

His body returned to normal, and he smiled. He looked up at the sky and unleashed a Mystical Dragon Howl that echoed more than a dozen nautical miles.

The real Mystical Dragon Howl had to be coupled with the divine sense to reach its full potential. Any normal person would be paralyzed for quite a while if the howl was directed at them.

Ling Yun was even confident in deciphering the telepathy of Xiantian masters!

An unexpected tribulation provided Ling Yun with so many benefits!

An enthusiastic Ling Yun was about to head back to the cave abode with Xian Er when he clearly felt a trace of pressure from the power of heaven!

Ling Yun’s heart sank immediately!

Sh*t, it wasn’t done? Ling Yun looked up to the sky with a bad feeling!


“Oh my, such beautiful clouds!” Bai Xianer pointed to an orange cloud in the distance with happiness.

“Wow! There are green ones there! It’s shining!”

“Purple clouds! So pretty!”




Bai Xianer hugged Ling Yun’s arm excitedly as she pointed in excitement. “There are cyan ones there…”

Bai Xianer was completed blown away. The seven-colored clouds appeared out of nowhere and slowly rolled on top of them!

“Seven-Colored Tribulation Cloud, this is the Seven-Colored Tribulation Cloud…”

Ling Yun wasn’t paying attention to Xian Er. He had never felt so much fear!

Before Ling Yun could finish his sentence, another two colors appeared on top of him — black and white!


Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud!

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, black, and white. Clouds of these colors had gathered!

The pressure from the power of heaven got heavier, but only Ling Yun could feel it!

The clouds shone different shades of the same colors, as though every cloud had countless neon lights. They were gorgeous!

It was even more beautiful than an aurora!

Ling Yun had seen the Five-Colored Tribulation Cloud and the Seven-Colored Tribulation Cloud, but he had never even heard of a Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud!

“Xian Er, go back quickly to our cave abode! This is a tribulation cloud! My tribulation is not over yet!”

This was the real catastrophe!

“Kacha!” Ling Yun was knocked on his butt by the power of the heavens, and the huge boulder beneath him cracked into five parts!

“Master… tribulation cloud? This is a tribulation cloud?” Bai Xianer was shocked. The Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud had yet to condense into its final form, but Ling Yun was already on the ground! How would he be able to resist it?

“Xian Er… Listen to me… Go back to our cave abode immediately. Don’t come out before these clouds disappear, do you hear me?”

Ling Yun almost exhausted all his strength getting these few words out to Xian Er. He was overwhelmed by the power of the heavens and was unable to move!

Xian Er, however, didn’t budge. She peered at the tribulation clouds of many colors and asked Ling Yun, “Master, can you overcome this tribulation?”

Overcome this? Ling Yun was killed by the Seven-Colored Tribulation Cloud in the Cultivation World!

Ling Yun knew his death was imminent. However, he wanted Bai Xianer to live, so he put on a strong face. “I… think… I… can… overcome… it!”

“Xian Er, go, return to the cave abode, stay hidden as much as you can…”

Ling Yun used up all his strength on that last sentence and fell silent. His internal organs were suffering the full weight of the power of heaven. He had problems breathing, let alone speaking.

Bai Xianer wasn’t stupid. She smiled. “Master, Xian Er will accompany you…”

Ling Yun was livid! He wanted to kick Bai Xianer as far as possible, but he couldn’t get a word out.

“Master, Xian Er can see that you won’t be able to overcome this…

“Xian Er won’t be able to do anything for you but…

“Xian Er can accompany you in death!”

Bai Xianer stared at Ling Yun, her eyes glistening with tears and a sorrowful smile on her face.

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