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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 482: Recovering From a Seemingly Impossible Situation! Utilizing All Trump Cards!

Chapter 482: Recovering From a Seemingly Impossible Situation! Utilizing All Trump Cards!

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Cracks began to show in the huge boulder beneath Ling Yun, and it quickly became a pile of gravel!

Ling Yun’s body was being crushed bit by bit into the pile of gravel, causing the gravel under his butt to turn into powder!

Things weren’t so simple!

The pressure from the power of heaven wasn’t just on his head and shoulders, it penetrated his whole being!

Ling Yun’s exoskeleton, his internal organs, and every cell and nerve were all under this tremendous pressure!

Ling Yun could barely move, and his veins and blood vessels were in serious danger of popping. His teeth were clenched, and his eyeballs were almost squeezed out of their sockets!

Gradually, it became difficult to breathe as the blood in his body nearly stopped circulating. He could enter into a state of unconsciousness at any time!

However, Ling Yun didn’t yield. He was doing his best to resist while utilizing his energy center to generate Yin-Yang Qi!

However, it was futile. He was no match for it!

This isn’t the Four Nine Minor Tribulation. I’m not going through a tribulation! They just want me dead…

Ling Yun finally understood the meaning behind it all!

Ling Yun rolled his eyeballs with great difficulty, first to look at the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud, which had yet to fully condense, and then to look towards the graceful and delicate Bai Xianer!

The message was clear, he was urging Bai Xianer away from here!

Bai Xianer stood beside Ling Yun, her beautiful figure extremely glamorous under the radiance of the clouds!

Two rows of crystal tears formed on Bai Xianer’s beautiful face as she bent down next to Ling Yun and placed her face near his.

Her tears reflected the beautiful colors of the cloud and also the face of the man who was still struggling against his fate. She gave a sudden grin.

“Celestial Fox Extreme Blood Flame Shield!”


A red flame appeared on Bai Xianer’s body and rapidly enlarged until both of them were shrouded in it!

Bai Xianer activated her most powerful defense by burning her nine-tailed celestial fox spiritual blood!

The red flame became an irregular spherical fire which helped Ling Yun resist the terrible pressure!

No, Xian Er! Ling Yun shouted in his heart, Don’t set fire to yourself!

That was right, Bai Xianer set fire to herself. She was willing to sacrifice herself for Ling Yun!

Live together or die together, that determination was written all over her face!

The pressure on Ling Yun’s body did reduce ever so slightly, but there was only so much Xian Er could do at her current level.


The heavens were angry at Bai Xianer for fighting with Ling Yun, so Bai Xianer received the same level of pressure as punishment! Bai Xianer couldn’t take it. Her shoulder bones shattered and she fell onto Ling Yun’s body with a whimper.

Bai Xianer vomited fresh blood onto Ling Yun, yet she looked up at him with a satisfied smile, as though to say, “Master, I can finally die together with you…”

The heavens should have been moved by such a scene and eased the pressure!

But no, it didn’t get any easier on them; instead, it became heavier!

Ling Yun no longer looked at the sky but at Bai Xianer, who was lying limp in his arms. He returned the smile.

Everything was too late now. Since they couldn’t be born together, they could at least die together.

Divinely appointed person, what divinely appointed person? I just got a death sentence!

Ling Yun laughed, suddenly recalling what Master Xingchi said, though he didn’t grumble about the injustice.

Heaven was unjust and relentlessness, something Ling Yun understood better than anyone else.

The Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud had finally completed its condensation. It didn’t gather into a big cloud but into nine clouds of distinct color, each more magnificent than the last.

Nonetheless, such a dreamy scene was also the ruthless executioner who wanted the lives of the two on this deserted island!

The pressure from the power of heaven continued to increase, and sounds of breaking rocks came from everywhere!

“Booom…” Finally, the first thunder burst forth above them, piercing their eardrums!

Are we going to die just like this? Ling Yun knew he wouldn’t be able to survive the lightning this time!

One tribulation cloud, one lightning with nine distinct colors!

Ling Yun and Bai Xianer turned out to be very compatible with each other. They continued to look to the sky with their unyielding eyes shining with pride!

Just then, something strange happened!

The pressure was relieved all of a sudden!

Ling Yun’s energy center ignited suddenly and unleashed its maximum power!

Yin-Yang Qi was once again generated, and golden snake-like curves appeared, radiating a dazzling brilliance!

Then, dense, unusual energy spread from Ling Yun’s energy center and instantly filled his entire body. Ling Yun felt warm and comfortable immediately!

“Eh!” Ling Yun was happy yet shocked at the same time. He could move freely again!

A thick, golden ray from Ling Yun’s energy center enveloped Bai Xianer and him before sweeping outwards!

“Earth Emperor’s Book!” Ling Yun exclaimed. He wasted no time in taking out some Healing Talismans and healing Bai Xianer’s burns. He then pulled Bai Xianer into his embrace and waited.

He could do nothing but wait.

“My god!” Ling Yun uttered when he felt the anomaly in his energy center!

The energy center spun again, but this time, it didn’t generate the Yin-Yang Qi but the black and white Immortal Spiritual Energy!

The black and white Immortal Spiritual Energy traveled along Ling Yun’s strong meridians and spread instantly throughout his body. It came quickly to the middle of his eyebrows and broke through the barrier!

The pale gold Immortal Spiritual Energy was already surging when the black and white Immortal Spiritual Energy rushed out. The three spiritual energies could now flow freely!

The golden energy swept through the entire sea at a horrifying speed. The waves gathered to the size of the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud and became a formidable force!


The Emperor Brush had also finally started moving!

It rushed out from the middle of Ling Yun’s eyebrows, and from the size of a needle, it became as big as a mop!

Its tip pointed upwards to the sky!

Although it was quaint and dull-looking, its tip was sharp! It had a domineering air to it!

Ling Yun was overjoyed when he saw what happened. He embraced Bai Xianer happily and gave her a charming smile. “Xian Er, it looks like we don’t have to die after all!”


The Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud seemed to be displeased at the turn of events, and it raised the pressure a thousandfold!

That didn’t have any impact on Ling Yun, who had the protection of the Earth Emperor’s Book. He laid on top of the pile of rubble with one hand behind his head and smoked a cigarette with a devil-may-care attitude.


Suddenly, a loud buzz sounded, giving Ling Yun a huge fright. He sat up quickly and looked around frantically, wondering what happened!

To his delight, he saw the bronze cauldron, which was about eight hundred meters away, rise up from the ground by itself! It turned into blue lightning and appeared on top of Ling Yun’s head instantly!

The bronze cauldron had its mouth facing downward at Ling Yun and its bottom facing upwards to the sky. It exuded a quaint energy and slowly started turning!

Hahaha! I’m super popular! The bronze cauldron really is the Shennong Cauldron! What a treasure!

Ling Yun had absolute confidence now, as this Shennong Cauldron must have been the refining vessel that Earth Emperor Shennong used to make medication!

“F*cking tribulation cloud! Let’s see which is more powerful, the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud or my supreme magical treasures!”

Ling Yun had Bai Xianer in his embrace as he shouted using the Mystical Dragon Howl with his finger pointed at the furious Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud!

He was unruly, domineering, and belittling the tribulation!

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