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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 483: The Most Impressive Tribulation in History!

Chapter 483: The Most Impressive Tribulation in History!

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“Clank clank!”

The Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword rushed out of the Spatial ring at the same time!

The Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword are definitely something special! Ling Yun got so excited that he almost forgot to breathe!

The Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword absorbed more golden lightning then Ling Yun. They seemed to have developed a consciousness of their own as they appeared by their own will, screeching and flipping in the air.

The two weapons flew into the air and stopped right below the Emperor Brush.

They even know how to attack and defend! A jubilant Ling Yun thought to himself in awe.

Earth is such a good place!

That was how Ling Yun truly felt. Even though Earth was very lacking in spiritual energy, it had plenty of magical weapons to make up for it!

He would have overcome his tribulation easily If he had even one of these babies in the Cultivation World.

Confidence started creeping back into Ling Yun, and he began to dream of a future once more.

“Master… you’re awesome!”

Bai Xianer uttered as she wrapped her body tightly around Ling Yun’s. Her pair of beautiful eyes were upon Ling Yun’s treasures — the Shennong Cauldron, the Emperor Brush, the Devil’s Blade, the Dragon Vein Sword, and the quaint energy surrounding Ling Yun.

Ling Yun used his actions to answer. His hands roamed to places they shouldn’t, making Bai Xianer blush and shudder.

“Master, don’t do this now, we are still going through the tribulation…” Bai Xianer said with some regret.

The Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud was even more enraged by their frivolous behavior. So much so that they started to tangle!

The colors of the tribulation clouds changed with the tangling. The pressure from the power of heaven weighed down even more. The Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud eventually became one cloud shining a divine light, one more beautiful than a mirage, all over the island!


The Emperor Brush chose to take the initiative and attack! It shot directly towards the multi-colored cloud!

Surprisingly, the Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword didn’t follow the Emperor Brush in its attack and instead hovered where they were.

Ling Yun stared at the four magical weapons around him, thinking hard.

The Emperor Brush penetrated the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud. It rose above the clouds and used the sky as its canvas. When lightning struck, it drew nine strokes instantly!

The nine clouds that had just merged were divided forcefully by the Emperor Brush just like that! The pressure from the power of heaven lightened immediately!

Ling Yun was dumbfounded. He had never dreamt that the Emperor Brush had such terrifying power!

And the actions were the Emperor Brush’s own will! What would happen if Ling Yun were to infuse his power and wield it?

Dragon’s Breath? Why is there Dragon’s Breath? Ling Yun clearly felt this new power as the Emperor Brush divided the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud.

Bai Xianer, the nine-tailed celestial fox, was suddenly suppressed by the Dragon’s Breath seeping out. Her face changed, and she gave a howl, undoing the hold it had on her.

*What… *Ling Yun couldn’t believe his eyes!

Two blurry medium-sized illusions, a black and a white dragon, gradually appeared from the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword. It was fuzzy, but it still succeeded in making Ling Yun’s jaw drop!

They exuded an immense amount of Dragon’s Breath!

Could a dragon’s soul really be sealed in the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword? How else could this happen?

Dragons were sacred beasts that traveled in the clouds. It was no wonder that they would rush out of the blade and sword towards the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud.

The illusions of the black and white dragon were carefree as they danced in the air.

They found the clouds that matched their colors. The black dragon galloped for the black cloud, while the white dragon moved towards the white cloud!

“This is interesting…” Ling Yun said after some thought.


Another four items sprung out of Ling Yun’s spatial ring!

F*ck me!

Ling Yun took a good look, they were the Bodhi Bead he took from the Diamond Glazed Body, blue light, Buddhist beads, and the mysterious gourd!

Ling Yun was really unhinged this time. What the hell was happening?

He knew that these were good omens, but there was nothing he could do — it was way beyond him.

A mad rush of seemingly endless Buddhist purification seeped out. It pushed away the energy from the Earth Emperor’s Book and enveloped Ling Yun and Bai Xianer!

“Om… Ma… Ni… Pad… Me… Hum…”

The Six True Words of Buddhism pierced through their eardrums. Ling Yun exercised caution immediately as he felt the Buddhist force invading again!

Bai Xianer stopped moving suddenly. There was a slight resistance and struggle in his eyes, but it was soon replaced by a radiating light of faith! She emanated light like that of a Buddha!

Not good! Ling Yun knew something was wrong. He activated the highest level of the Mystical Dragon Howl and shook Bai Xianer!

“Master… What happened to Xian Er?” Bai Xianer asked, a little bewildered.

Ling Yun frowned at the four Buddhist items. He grabbed both Bai Xianer’s hand and infused Immortal Spiritual Energy into her!

Ling Yun felt some trace of Buddhism enter into Bai Xianer the last time they were in the crater. It seemed like he wasn’t wrong.

This was a huge problem to Ling Yun. He opposed Buddhism, as he found it too overbearing.

Was Ling Yun stupid? What if Xian Er were to become a priestess in the future? That wouldn’t do!

The Earth Emperor’s Book seemed to sense Ling Yun’s dissatisfaction as well. It’s energy burst forth, forcing the Buddhism power to retreat!

Ling Yun was speechless. His magical weapons were at loggerheads with each other while he was undergoing such a perilous tribulation. He could do nothing about the situation at hand.

“Wooo…” The Bodhi Bead finally took the lead and shot towards the clouds in the air!

It was followed closely by the blue light, the Buddhist beads, and the mysterious gourd, which held the dragon saliva.

“That’s my dragon saliva… please don’t spill it…” Ling Yun said, worried about his dragon saliva.

The target of the four treasures of Buddhism was the Seven-Colored Tribulation Cloud.


The first strike came at last. It was green and as thick as a water barrel!


The Shennong Cauldron made a loud sound, and the blue light also released a brilliance that covered most of the sky. They blocked the first strike!


Ling Yun blinked in fear when he saw the first lightning even though he was sure that the magical weapons would help him.

Who knew that they could resist the green lightning completely!

The blue light didn’t extinguish, and the Shennong Cauldron was still floating in the air. The lightning obviously did nothing to them.

Ling Yun opened his eyes wide and found, to his surprise, that not only did the two magical weapons help in the resistance, but they were actually fighting over the green lightning!

Then what about… the Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword.

Ling Yun looked towards the black and white tribulation clouds and found that they had almost been swallowed up by the two illusions of the dragon.

F*ck me… These magical weapons weren’t here to help Ling Yun, they were here to fight for the energy in the clouds!

Only the Emperor Brush and Earth Emperor’s Book were truly helping Ling Yun. The Earth Emperor’s Book protected him from the pressure of the power of heaven, while the Emperor Brush was stopping the tribulation cloud from gathering!

Therefore, there were only six tribulation clouds left. The black, white, and green ones were almost gone.

The rest of the tribulation clouds also suffered. The Bodhi Bead, Buddhist beads, and the mysterious gourd shone light onto the tribulation clouds, and they started disappearing one by one! Numerous golden Swastikas 1 appeared in the sky!

Ling Yun was overjoyed! The tribulation clouds dissolved by themselves without him needing to lift a finger! How much better could it get? It was the most impressive tribulation throughout history!

Sigh… too bad. I could have used those pretty clouds to advance my level…

Ling Yun rubbed his nose cockily!

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