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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 484: Xian Er’s Hatred!

Chapter 484: Xian Er’s Hatred!

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The Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud finally disappeared entirely!


The Emperor Brush shrank to a size so small that it was undetectable by the naked eye and plunged directly into Ling Yun’s wisdom brow.

Ling Yun could no longer feel the existence of the Emperor Brush. He shrugged, wishing for it to stay longer.

The majestic and quaint yellow energy returned to the Earth Emperor’s Book, which hid inside Ling Yun’s energy center once again.


The Bodhi Bead, blue light, Buddhist beads, and the mysterious gourd also returned into Ling Yun’s spatial ring.

The black and white dragons turned back into the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword.

Ling Yun turned both the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword over in his hands, carefully examining them.

Ling Yun was certain that there were two dragon’s souls either chained up or sealed away in the weapons!

Don’t worry, I’ll release you once I’m strong enough… Ling Yun vowed inwardly.

The sword and blade trembled slightly and gave a gentle roar, as though they were replying to Ling Yun.

Ling Yun stored them back into his spatial ring before lifting his head to look at the Shennong Cauldron still hovering above his head.

After such a spectacular performance, there was no doubt that this was the Shennong Cauldron!

It landed on the ground silently. Ling Yun and Little White walked over to it and touched its body gently.

“Master, I didn’t think such an old cauldron would be so powerful…” Bai Xianer said incredulously.

“Xian Er, you can’t be rude. This is the Shennong Cauldron, a piece of ancient Daoist equipment. It has two ears and three legs, which is symbolic of the essence of Daoism. One begets two, two begets three, and three begets endless possibilities…”

Bai Xianer blushed slightly and stuck out her tongue. Absolutely adorable.

The Shennong Cauldron turned its mouth to the sky to absorb the Seven-Colored Tribulation Cloud just now. It definitely didn’t absorb any less than the four Buddhist items.

Sigh, I’m just missing a lid… Ling Yun lifted his head and looked towards the northeast where Japan was.

I’ll get it back within the year! Ling Yun decided. He would need to use the Shennong Cauldron to concoct medicine soon, and it couldn’t function well without a lid!

Ling Yun put the Shennong Cauldron away as well. Then, he got up and stared into the distant night sky, a mysterious look in his eyes.

Ling Yun’s Four Nine Minor Tribulation had yet to arrive. He knew it the instant he saw the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud.

Heaven just wanted him dead!

Ling Yun’s heart was filled with inexplicable bitterness. What did he do? Why wouldn’t the heavens just let him go?

Hmph! Are the heavens challenging me? Ling Yun snorted, his pair of handsome eyes turning icy cold!

If he hadn’t obtained the Emperor Brush by accident, or if he hadn’t ventured into the crater and obtained the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword by accident, he wouldn’t have mastered the Yin-Yang harmony balance in the eye of the Yin Formation, nor would he have obtained the Buddhist treasures in the eye of the Yang Formation.

If he hadn’t opened the Eight Trigrams Tai Chi Diagram, he wouldn’t have obtained the Earth Emperor’s Book and the Shennong Cauldron!

If he missed out on any one of them, there would only be one answer to his fate today — death!

He wouldn’t have survived if the Devil’s Blade and the Dragon Vein Sword didn’t resist some of the third wave of tribulation for him!

After some time, he turned back towards Bai Xianer.

“Xian Er, do you feel anything out of place with your body?” Ling Yun asked seriously.

“No, why?” Bai Xianer was still unaware of what happened to her.

Ling Yun frowned and thought hard for a solution, but none came. He could only leave it aside for the time being.

“Nothing…” Ling Yun smiled plainly to indicate to Xian Er that nothing was wrong with her. He then became stern all of a sudden and said, “Xian Er, why didn’t you obey me just now even though you address me as your master?”

Bai Xianer knew what Ling Yun was getting at. Her eyes looked away as she hugged Ling Yun. “Wow, the moon is so beautiful…”

Ling Yun didn’t really have the heart to blame the Xian Er who was willing to die for him. She had even sacrificed her celestial fox spiritual blood for him.

The worst was finally over. Ling Yun and Xian Er stood at the peak for a while to enjoy the scenery before returning back to the cave abode.

They only felt the aftershock and jitters when they were safe in their makeshift home.

“Xian Er, we have been on Turtle Island for quite some time. Now that you have successfully overcome your tribulation, let’s go back tomorrow.”

Ling Yun had a lot of unsettled business. Now that their objectives had been reached, he wanted to return to Qingshui City as soon as possible.

Ning Lingyu would likely be worried sick, and Aunty Qin Dongxue would be throwing a tantrum. Xue Meining, Lin Menghan, Yao Rou, Long Wu, Kong Xiuru, Zhang Ling, and the rest would also be waiting eagerly for his return.

Of course, the matter Ling Yun was most concerned about were his enemies. He wanted to know about the progress that Tang Meng and Tie Xiaohu had made. Was Wang Lei just a scapegoat?

He could find the mastermind, slaughter him, and leave nothing behind!

Ling Yun turned towards Bai Xianer since something popped into his mind. “Xian Er, you can tell me now. I remember you had internal injures when we first met. Who hurt you?” Ling Yun asked gently.

Bai Xianer thought about revenge as soon as her transformation was successful, she just didn’t dare to bring it up to Ling Yun. She was really happy that Ling Yun took the initiative to bring it up.

“Yes, Master…”

“Call me Ling Yun!” Ling Yun furrowed his brows ever so slightly. Xian Er seemed to be enjoying addressing him like that. Even he was getting used to it.

“Yes, Big Brother Yun. Xian Er was from the Eagle Lake Dragon Tiger Mountain in Jiangxi…” Bai Xianer smiled shyly as she held Ling Yun’s arm.

It was much easier to communicate now that Bai Xianer could speak. She gave a quick summary.

A year ago, when she was in the Eagle Lake Dragon Tiger Mountain with her family, Bai Xianer suddenly realized that she was a nine-tailed celestial fox. She started her cultivation then.

Not long after she started her cultivation, a drought causing demon came out of nowhere and killed her family. It robbed them of their home and seriously wounded Bai Xianer.

Bai Xianer knew that she couldn’t beat the demon and chose to flee. She left the Dragon Tiger Mountain and went northwards for a thousand miles before reaching the Dragon Mountain in Qingshui City.

“Master, that demon killed my family. I know that my parents weren’t like me, they were normal foxes, but they gave birth to me. I have to avenge them!”

Bai Xianer wailed sorrowfully, her eyes filled with intense hatred.

Ling Yun knew that a nine-tailed celestial fox was born between two ordinary foxes.

However, the probability was extremely low. There would only be one nine-tailed celestial fox at any one time. It was a result of beautiful coincidence and fate.

As for the drought causing demon, it was actually a kind of monster that had been around since ancient times.

In the Divine Sutra, it was mentioned that there were some people to the south that were two or three feet long. They traveled thousands of miles and caused droughts wherever they went.

According to the legends, they could cultivate into humans. Their movements were fast, and they were a kind of demon.

Bai Xianer was a nine-tailed celestial fox with a fire attribute. The demon would be able to advance by leaps and bounds if it ate her. That was why it came searching for her.

Ling Yun gave it some thought and smiled. “So that was what happened. Xian Er, don’t be sad, we’ll find a suitable time to kill it!”

“Big Brother Yun, I want to stay here a couple more days to cultivate the Fire Fox Flame and the Red Flame Heavenly Palm…” Bai Xianer finally broke into a smile and pleaded.

That wasn’t a bad idea. Xian Er might burn down the villa if she cultivated those two skills in the city. Ling Yun also wanted to take the opportunity to consolidate his cultivation, so he agreed readily.

“Alright, let’s stay for a few more days. We have enough food for about three days. If that isn’t enough, we can catch some seafood…”

Ling Yun maintained a very good habit of bringing a bag of salt with him everywhere he went. Ling Yun could make delicious food anywhere as long as he had salt.

They could hunt in the mountains as well. With the Clear Water Talismans, Fire Talismans, the Devil’s Blade, and the Dragon Vein Sword, they could definitely survive.

With their hearts relaxed, they started to meditate. Both of them were spent after the tough battle with death.

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