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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 485: Free and Unfettered

Chapter 485: Free and Unfettered

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The sun shone brightly as the sea breeze caressed the surface of the sea gently, splish-splashing white foam on the coast.

Ling Yun was more than ten meters away from the shore, clad only in a pair of shorts. He crossed his legs, sitting leisurely on the stone chair he carved out for himself, reading the Oxford English Dictionary madly.

Ling Yun had gone through more than half of the Oxford English Dictionary before Bai Xianer underwent her tribulation. He was continuing it now.

However, the current Ling Yun wasn’t the same as he was before. He now possessed the almighty divine sense and an upgraded Yin-Yang Eye!

Ling Yun’s Yin-Yang Eye would get more powerful with his Yin-Yang harmony balance!

Previously, he could read ten sentences with one glance and not forget any of it. Now, he could read a hundred sentences with one glance and remember the contents even more clearly!

That was because the Yin-Yang Eye was now compatible with the divine sense. He could burn an image of the pages directly into his brain, reducing the need to read word for word!

It was a simple concept. A person, after looking at the cover of a textbook, would be able to remember what the textbook looked like as it floated in front of their eyes as an image.

However, upon opening the textbook to read the contents, there would be too many things which their eyes couldn’t take in. Therefore, it would be impossible to remember all of it even if one were to finish the whole book.

Ling Yun was different. He had the Yin-Yang Eye, divine sense, a powerful soul, and incredibly strong memory. His focus area was broader, and it became as easy as seeing the word “language” on a language book.

How could he be slow with such an ability? He was just flipping through the whole dictionary in the end.

In another ten minutes, Ling Yun came to the last page. His mouth curled into a smug smile as he gently closed the Oxford English Dictionary.

Remembering something is so easy with the divine sense and the Yin-Yang Eye!

Ling Yun swayed his hand, wanting to throw the Oxford English Dictionary that he would never use again into the deep sea. He stopped himself at the last minute, however, since it belonged to Cao Shanshan. He put it into the spatial ring instead.

I’ll return the dictionary to Shanshan personally…

Ling Yun missed her a little since they hadn’t met for such a long time.

Time to prepare lunch again…

Ling Yun lifted his head. It was near noon, so the sun was nearly above his head. With a simple tap, his body left the stone chair and shot out like a cannon. He flew more than a dozen meters out to sea and dove in.

“Pong…” A huge ripple was left on the sea.

In less than a minute, Ling Yun’s sexy body emerged from the surface of the sea. He had two violently struggling groupers half a meter long in each hand.

“Don’t struggle, you will be food for today…” Ling Yun politely “communicated” their fates to the two fish. He then walked out from the sea and back on land.

Ling Yun could even use a blade of grass to propel himself forward.

Three days had passed since the day of tribulation, and Ling Yun’s realm had firmly solidified at the middle of Physique Tempering Stage Seven.

He was now focusing on the cultivation of the Stellar Condensation Technique and was hoping to break through to the third major realm soon.

Ling Yun had reached the advanced stages of Physique Tempering. The Physique Tempering Stage Eight and Stage Nine required only time and the accumulation of True Qi. There weren’t any difficult barriers remaining before reaching the Qi Cultivation Stage.

Ling Yun reached the cave abode in a few leaps. Coincidentally, Bai Xianer had just finished her cultivation. Ling Yun called out to Xian Er. “Xian Er, come, lunch is here. I need to borrow some fire from you…”

Bai Xianer was wearing a red dress. She couldn’t help but smile at the still wet Ling Yun, radiating with beauty.

“Big Brother Yun, why are you borrowing my flames when you have the Fire Talisman…” Bai Xianer said shyly.

Ling Yun smiled and cut open the fish with a swish of his finger. He was very skilled at gutting fish now.

Bai Xianer wasn’t going to let the opportunity to cook with Ling Yun slip by. She materialized a ball of flames with her Fire Fox Flame technique to dispose of the waste from the fish. It worked much better than a Fire Talisman.

After Ling Yun was done gutting the fish, he threw them into the stone pot and activated a Clear Water Talisman. A ball of water appeared out of thin air and fell into the pot.

Ling Yun took out ginseng and Chinese Knotweed from the spatial ring and sliced a few pieces into the soup with his fingers. He then covered it with a lid.

Ling Yun then took out a Level Two Fire Talisman and pasted it on the bottom of the stone pot. A ball of fire sprung to life!

He would definitely not let Xian Er use her powers on cooking since he had a lot of Fire Talismans left.

They might be alone on a deserted island in the middle of the sea with no water nor grain, but their days were extremely fulfilling and extravagant!

Of course, that was also because of Ling Yun’s capabilities. With the Fire Talismans and Water Talismans, they didn’t have any fear of running out of food or water.

Steam had started to form before the fire from the Fire Talisman burnt out. Ling Yun simply took another out.

Very soon, the water boiled. Ling Yun sprinkled some salt and dripped a few drops of dragon saliva from the mysterious gourd into the soup. He then covered it with the lid again.

An intoxicating fragrance filled the cave abode.

That was the extent of Ling Yun’s involvement in the preparation. He sat comfortably in the stone chair like the ‘Master’ Xian Er addressed him as and watched as she busied herself with the rest of the work.

Bai Xianer giggled as she brought out the stone bowls and chopsticks.

In less than ten minutes, the two lively groupers became delicious food in front of Ling Yun and Xian Er!

Bai Xianer cleaned the tableware and the table after they were done with dinner. She then went over to Ling Yun and gave him a massage like a servant girl.

She was the most beautiful servant on Earth, and the massage was so comfortable…

“Xian Er…”


“How is your progress with the Fire Fox Flame and Red Flame Heavenly Palm?”

Ling Yun looked up slightly, wanting to see Bai Xianer’s beautiful face but was blocked by her huge tits. He, therefore, used the Yin-Yang Eye unceremoniously.

Wow, so big, and round, and white… that cleavage is so deep…

That gentle kneading motion made Xian Er’s snow-white tits move up and down. The two raisins trembled slightly. The whole scene made him hungry for a different scene.

Ling Yun’s lower body responded immediately, but he could only hold back. He had to wait until all nine of her tails appeared before taking her virginity.

Ling Yun had never suppressed his body’s reactions when he was with Bai Xianer. She blushed, seeing everything clearly.

“Master is thinking about dirty things again…” Bai Xianer fidgeted around in embarrassment.

Ling Yun smiled. He had never told anyone about the Yin-Yang Eye. It was his own secret.

Bai Xianer continued in a low voice, “Master, I need a few more days. The Fire Fox Flame technique is very difficult to master, but I’m almost there…”

Actually, Bai Xianer had made good progress with the Fire Fox Flame and the Red Flame Heavenly Palm, so there wouldn’t be much progress for the time being.

However, Bai Xianer knew that Ling Yun had a lot of women around him. Every one of them wanted a piece of him. Once they were back, she would have to share Ling Yun with them!

Bai Xianer was very satisfied to be able to stay alone with her master on this deserted island, even though it was simple and had almost no urban atmosphere. Even one more second was fine.

Ling Yun grinned. He understood Bai Xianer’s feelings.

“Alright, let’s stay for a few more days until you are almost done with your cultivation…” Ling Yun said generously. He wanted to grant Bai Xianer’s desire.

That made Bai Xianer very happy.

Ling Yun actually couldn’t bear to go back either. This place was where he was most carefree. He also couldn’t resist Bai Xianer’s gentleness.

Moreover, there were many things that he needed time to think through.

The days passed.

Bai Xianer stopped cultivating during the last few days and enjoyed them to the fullest with Ling Yun.

Bai Xianer then brought up the matter of returning home during dinner.

Bai Xianer was smart, and she had a good sense of judgment. She knew that, while Ling Yun doted on her, he would be unhappy if she didn’t let him return.

Ling Yun smiled slightly. The dimple on his left cheek trembled as he rubbed Xian Er’s little nose.

“Had enough fun? Let’s go back tonight then.”

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