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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 486: The Huaxia Storm

Chapter 486: The Huaxia Storm

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The splendid milky way traversed through the night sky. It was nearly a full moon, and its bright light was shining down from the night sky.

Ling Yun cast an illusion spell and got Xian Er to do the same to hide the cave abode from view.

He was confident that unless it was a master of spell formations, no one else could see his cave abode even if they were standing right in front of it.

In fact, it wasn’t necessary since it was just a simple cave. However, Ling Yun knew that once he left, the Japanese would definitely come again. He didn’t want this place to be a tourist attraction.

The corpse of the Japanese and the Americans were long devoured by the fish in the sea, so the scenery remained unspoiled.

Once they were done with a final check, they went immediately to the speedboat and started their journey home.

The speedboat left Turtle Island quickly, using the same route they came in on.

The sea breeze was gentle, and the seas were calm. It was dead quiet.

Ling Yun accelerated to fifty nautical miles per hour. The waves sprayed white foam under the speedboat!

Ling Yun didn’t need to be at the wheel. He wrapped his arms around Bai Xianer’s body as they enjoyed the sea breeze at the helm. His eyes were filled with self-confidence and arrogance!

Ling Yun didn’t die even after facing the Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud! Why would he not be arrogant!

More than an hour later, when they were about sixty nautical miles away from Turtle Island, Ling Yun once again saw a Huaxia surveillance boat. They were quietly parked there, brightly lit, as though they were awaiting their return.

Ling Yun recognized this surveillance boat. It was the boat that Zhang Yuntian, Instructor Zhang, was on. He borrowed a national flag from him when he was going to the island previously.

Ling Yun frowned and gave it some serious thought. He flew back into the cabin and reduced the speedboat’s speed by half and put on his black mask once again.

“Xian Er, cast an illusion and don’t let anyone see you. Let’s go and see what happens.”

After Bai Xianer and Ling Yun’s tribulations, not one boat came close to Turtle Island. Ling Yun wanted to know what happened.

Zhang Yuntian ordered the surveillance boats to head back immediately after the Marine Police recorded the sacred moment of their red flag flying high on Turtle Island.

He was the Border Marine Police Commander of Huaxia and had many complicated issues to consider. He had to head back and report to his superiors personally after such a big issue happened.

The maximum speed of a surveillance boat was only eighteen nautical miles per hour. After three hours, when they were fifty nautical miles away from Turtle Island, Zhang Yuntian received orders from his superiors to take the helicopter back to Wenzhou immediately.

Zhang Yuntian thus brought Lee with him on the helicopter and rushed back to Wenzhou City.

What surprised Zhang Yuntian was that the people who wanted to meet him weren’t his superiors. His superiors were just accompanying them.

They were members of the legendary Condor Team, as well as the mysterious Heavenly Team and Dragon Team!

The Heavenly Team and the Dragon Team were under the direct command of the highest leaders of Huaxia. For them to appear here could only be due to one thing — the severity of the matter they reported!

None of them spoke. During the whole session, only Lei Sheng, a member of the Condor Team, questioned Zhang Yuntian.

Zhang Yuntian answered everything truthfully. He even asked Lee to show them the videos and photos taken.

“Did you say there was a white fox beside this masked man?” Lei Sheng reconfirmed after he exchanged glances with the members of the Heavenly Team and Dragon Team.

Zhang Yuntian nodded. “Yes, many of us saw it. However, we don’t know why, but it showed up in neither photos nor videos… it’s perplexing…”

The members of the Heavenly Team and Dragon Team exchanged glances again. Worry could be seen in their eyes.

Only Lei Sheng focused on the masked man in the video.

“Too alike… Could it be that lad? But…”

That figure was very familiar to Lei Sheng, especially that pair of sharp eyes. No matter how he looked at him, he had a feeling that it was Ling Yun.

However, Lei Sheng had only seen Ling Yun on the night Sun Tianbiao was killed. Ling Yun wasn’t this skinny, nor did he possess such high skills then. It was impossible for someone to advance so much under normal circumstances.

He was sure yet unsure at the same time. Lei Sheng, therefore, asked someone under him to check the whereabouts of Ling Yun.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that now.

In such a short time, he could only confirm that Ling Yun was no longer in Qingshui City. There was no telling where he went and what he was doing.

Of course, it was planned by Ling Yun. Ling Yun only told the people he trusted the most that he was going out to sea. He had repeated many times that it must be a secret.

Who didn’t know that Ling Yun’s whereabouts were as mysterious as night?

That was over quickly. Lei Sheng rushed back to Qingshui City to investigate further.

At the same time, the Dragon Team returned to Beijing to report to the highest authorities of Huaxia. The Heavenly Team, however, followed Zhang Yuntian back to the surveillance boats.

It was a matter of great importance. They had to find out the identity of the cultivator who dared to ignore the rules, undermined international agreements, and landed on Turtle Island forcefully!

However, the Condor Team and the Heavenly Team were warned that they could only stay put and wait for Ling Yun to get back. They were not allowed to break international agreement as well.

That was because the females on board the patrol boats that did manage to survive had left Turtle Island.

The Japanese erupted with anger. They sent out an unprecedented parade demanding answers from Huaxia for the hundred Japanese killed and the sinking of one of their patrol boats.

The news about the national flag of Huaxia fluttering on the highest peak of Turtle Island had spread all over Huaxia, exciting all the Chinese!

Every Chinese person aspired to be the hero that place their national flag on the highest peak of Turtle Island, and Ling Yun had become that national hero!

Unfortunately, they deleted Ling Yun’s figure under the deliberate order of the higher-ups. Only the photo of the fluttering red flag was allowed to be circulated.

They gave some vague statements about the reason.

But if Ling Yun were to come back with a video, that would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

The Condor Team and the Heavenly Team could only wait due to their orders not to go to the island. While they were waiting for Ling Yun, they saw some really scary changes to heaven and earth!

That was when Bai Xianer started her tribulation. Everyone within a hundred nautical miles sensed the danger and hurried away.

The signs of Bai Xianer’s tribulation were shocking enough. The scary and ruthless sea of lightning would make anyone think that the end of the world had come.

Bai Xianer’s tribulation was inescapable from human eyes.

As for Ling Yun’s tribulation, it was on another level. The lightning should have been seen from a thousand miles away…

However, no one else understood what happened.

It was as though Ling Yun was non-existent on this planet. Time seemed to have frozen then.

It was really strange.

After Bai Xianer’s tribulation ended, the duo from the Heavenly Team concluded that Bai Xianer’s tribulation had failed.

They secretly rejoiced. That saved them a hell of a lot of trouble.

They jumped to that conclusion because they didn’t believe that any monster could overcome such a terrible tribulation!

The Heavenly Team and the Dragon Team were the most mysterious departments in the whole of Huaxia. They had knowledge of the strangest of things.

They weren’t wrong. Bai Xianer wouldn’t have been able to overcome the tribulation if not for Ling Yun. If she hadn’t obtained Immortal Spiritual Energy from Ling Yun. If she didn’t explore the crater with Ling Yun. If she didn’t go to the center of the Yin-Yang Dragon Lock Spell and bathe in the Immortal Spiritual Energy of the Emperor Brush and the Earth Emperor’s Book. And if she didn’t drink the dragon saliva. If even one of these experiences were missing, Bai Xianer would have died.

Peace returned after the tribulation. The Heavenly Team waited on the surveillance boats for many days but had yet to see Ling Yun.

“That person might have died in that terrible tribulation…” The duo from the Heavenly Team speculated.

Wrong! Ling Yun was having a carefree time on the island with Bai Xianer!

They waited many more days until orders were received from their superiors to head back.

However, Zhang Yuntian’s surveillance boats never left. He parked his surveillance boat sixty nautical miles away from Turtle Island and waited.

Zhang Yuntian saw what Ling Yun was capable of. He was confident that Ling Yun wouldn’t perish!

Sure enough, on this night, he finally saw the speedboat he was waiting for!

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