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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 487: B*tchy Hypocrite

Chapter 487: B*tchy Hypocrite

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Ling Yun’s speedboat slowly approached alongside Zhang Yuntian’s surveillance boat before stopping altogether.

Ling Yun walked out of the cabin, glancing at the agitated Zhang Yuntian. He smirked and, in a smooth motion, flew over to the surveillance boats.

Ling Yun swept the area with his divine sense. He could see through everything within twenty meters and immediately discovered three cultivators aboard the surveillance boat.

There was one man and two women in traditional Huaxia practitioner clothing.

The man was about twenty-five and was currently at Xiantian Realm Level One. He was tall and very clean, and his eyes were as sharp as a razor, flashing with disdain.

One of the women was about twenty with heavy makeup. Her chest was on the flat side, and her bright red-stained lips were slightly too large. Her eyes had a coquettish side to them.

This woman had actually attained Houtian Realm Level Nine!

The other woman was different. She seemed to be younger than Xue Meining, about sixteen. She was, however, tall and graceful.

Her luscious black hair was tied back into a ponytail, and she had huge almond-shaped eyes, a straight nose, and a perfectly oval face. She had no makeup on but had snow-white skin. Her eyes seemed to be twinkling like the stars in the night sky, and her long lashes twitched slightly with vigor.

Her neck was long and slender, and further south was an obvious collarbone. She might only be around sixteen, but her breasts were already round and perky. They seemed to be bursting out of the red top she was in. She had won over the other woman with her figure alone.

She was also very tall, at least 170 centimeters. Her red outfit fluttered in the wind, showcasing her pencil-thin legs from time to time.

However, she had a frosty aura, as if rejecting everyone and everything. A strange sorrow occasionally flashed from her eyes, making her even more unapproachable.

Ling Yun thought that was funny. Why would she have that kind of expression despite being so young? Could she have a lover?

Of the three, that young woman had the lowest level at Houtian Realm Level Six. However, she seemed to have extreme talent and great potential for cultivation.

The man and the older woman were discussing some stuff in a corner. Ling Yun could see their contempt for the younger girl from the scene since they didn’t even bother asking her to join them.

However, that girl seemed to be used to the situation. She sat there quietly and listened, occasionally nodding in courtesy, while other times she would bow her head.

The Heavenly Team left, but the Condor Team didn’t. They were under orders to wait for Ling Yun to return. The higher-ups wanted Ling Yun, dead or alive.

None of them was his match. Ling Yun discerned it easily and turned around toward Zhang Yuntian.

“Fri… erm… Sir, you are back from Turtle Island?”

Zhang Yuntian was filled with respect for Ling Yun almost to the point of worship. He was therefore at a loss about how to address Ling Yun when he appeared suddenly.

“Yes, I’m back…” Ling Yun said nonchalantly. He deliberately made his voice hoarse.

Ling Yun planned to only ask Zhang Yuntian for some updates, as it would be troublesome if he were to be recognized. He paid no attention to the “Sir” that the forty-five-year-old Zhang Yuntian addressed him as.

Zhang Yuntian was about to say something else when Ling Yun stopped him. “You only need to answer my questions.”

“What happened to Huaxia after that night?” Ling Yun obviously meant the night he went to the island.

“Sir, no one from Huaxia has gone to Turtle Island for many years. The news of you planting our flag on Turtle Island went viral immediately!” Zhang Yuntian said with agitation.

“You are now the national hero of Huaxia!”

Ling Yun nodded lightly. Planting the flag was just something he did along the way. He wasn’t excited about being some national hero.

“What about the Japanese?” he asked again calmly.

Zhang Yuntian was slightly disappointed when Ling Yun didn’t betray a trace of excitement. He was filled with more admiration at the same time, thinking Ling Yun must be someone important who cared neither about fame nor fortune.

“The Japanese? You sunk a patrol boat and killed more than a hundred of them. They were shocked beyond words and eventually escalated to a protest of unprecedented scale!” Zhang Yuntian clenched his fist excitedly.

“Oh? Just a protest?” Ling Yun thought back to the night of the tribulation and the more than a hundred Japanese ninjas that arrived on the island.

Zhang Yuntian scratched his head as he glanced cautiously at the three members of the Condor Team. “Sir, that is all I know. I don’t have enough authority to access other information…” he said in a low voice.

“However, I did hear something. It seems like from that night onwards the Prime Minister of Japan has been madly protesting and negotiating with our Chinese leaders. They asked us to hand you over to the Japanese to handle, and…”

“And?” Ling Yun continued immediately.

“It seems… I heard that many highly skilled Japanese, people like yourself, infiltrated Huaxia. They swore to find and kill you at any cost. They are going to bring your head back to Japan!”

Ling Yun laughed. He was just worried about a lack of opponents. The Japanese were coming at the right time!

“Okay, third question, what about the Americans?” Ling Yun asked again.

Ling Yun hadn’t seen the US aircraft carrier ever since Bai Xianer completed her tribulation. He wanted to know the reaction of the Americans.

“Erm…” Zhang Yuntian was thinking very hard about how to phrase it when a loud voice in the distance interrupted them. “Ignoring the secret international pact, relying on martial arts to get onto Turtle Island, and bringing so much trouble to our country. Yet you still have the cheek to ask about the Americans!”

Ling Yun didn’t need to turn back to know that was the coquettish woman. She seemed to have heard the commotion and flew out of the cabin. Her crude words appeared earlier than her person.

Ling Yun’s face darkened, but he didn’t want to pick a fight with this shrew. “Who are you?” he asked coldly.

That coquettish lady came between Ling Yun and Zhang Yuntian with a light leap. The other two followed suit.

She glanced at Ling Yun with disdain, her nose up in the sky. “You must have heard of the Condor Team since you are a Huaxia practitioner. I am Chen Jianrou!”

She responded immediately with pride, seeming very proud of her family and identity. She then pointed her finger to that tall, handsome man. “And he is one of the deputies of the Huaxia Condor Team, Long Tianjiao!”

Chen Jianrou didn’t even bother with the younger girl.

Zhang Yuntian was in an awkward position. Chen Jianrou could afford to offend that stunning girl, but Zhang Yuntian could not. He was in charge of the surveillance boats, and he didn’t want to leave any bad aftertaste, so he quickly filled in the gaps. “This is Miss Ling Xue from the Condor Team…”

Ling Yun’s heart jumped twice after hearing all three names.

Ling Yun was intelligent. He killed Chen Jianren and met Long Tianyu at Xue Meining’s birthday party. Could they be from the seven big families in Beijing?

He remained calm as he ignored them and sized the pretty young girl up until her face flushed.

Ling Xue sneered a little at the unwanted attention.

Ling Yun took an interest in her only because of her name. She had the same surname as him!

If Ling Yun wasn’t wrong about Chen Jianrou and Long Tianjiao being the descendants of the major families of Beijing, then Ling Xue might also be a descendant of the Ling Family!

Ling Yun’s heart winced every time he heard of the Ling Family. He thought back to the time when he was dating Cao Shanshan, to her comment in jest. “Your surname is Ling, could you be from the Ling Family?”

Ling Yun halted his thoughts there and looked towards Chen Jianrou. “How are you connected to the Chen Family in Beijing?”

That surprised Chen Jianrou a little. She gave Ling Yun a “you-seem-to-know-your-stuff” look and replied, “I’m the third daughter of the Chen Family!”

Chen Jianrou waited for Ling Yun’s face to show even the slightest hint of fear.

Anyone who knew her identity and background would usually shrivel immediately in fear.

Not Ling Yun! He only had a sardonic smile in his eyes.

If it wasn’t confusing enough for Chen Jianrou, Ling Yun continued with an insult. “B*tchy hypocrite!”

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