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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 488: First Meeting Between Love Rivals and Between Older Brother and Younger Sister

Chapter 488: First Meeting Between Love Rivals and Between Older Brother and Younger Sister

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Ling Yun was already aware that the Chen Family in Beijing were in collusion with the Tokugawa Clan when he was in Shennongjia. Together they wanted to steal the treasure of Huaxia, the Shennong Cauldron.

He killed Chen Jianren from the Chen Family when he was only at Physique Tempering Stage Four. A Chen Jianrou at Houtian Realm Level Nine couldn’t even compare to a cockroach. There was no need to be polite to her.

Ling Yun continued flaunting his superiority after Chen Jianrou mentioned her family. Wasn’t she looking for abuse?

Chen Jianrou was angered the moment the word b*tch left Ling Yun’s lips. She was regarded as the pride and treasure of the Chen Family. She had attained Houtian Realm Level Nine at the tender age of twenty-one and had huge potential to break through to the Xiantian Realm.

Chen Jianrou’s face reddened with resentment. She pointed at Ling Yun and shouted, “Hey, I don’t care which school or sect you belong to, but you dared to ignore the international pact and forced your way to Turtle Island. You have adversely affected Huaxia’s foreign policy. Do you think the citizens will be grateful to you? Sh*t, do you know how much trouble you have brought upon us?”

The Chen Family had the support of numerous secluded sects. They were the third largest family in Huaxia and were secretly garnering strength through collusion with the Tokugawa Clan. That made Chen Jianrou very proud of herself. Everyone who met her had to listen to her!

Of course, that was only one reason.

The other reason was that Ling Yun exuded an aura that was no different than an ordinary person’s. The temples on the sides of his head weren’t risen.

Chen Jianrou didn’t know that Ling Yun’s temples had never risen in the past when he cultivated!

She couldn’t possibly know that not even a master at the Xiantian Realm could discern Ling Yun’s level after he broke through to Physique Tempering Stage Four!

Ling Yun could disguise his skills at will now.

“Noisy…” Ling Yun frowned and said coldly. He squinted and fired away his last question. “Tell me, what trouble have I caused for Huaxia?”

Chen Jianrou thought that Ling Yun had succumbed to the pressure when she brought the country up. “The President of the United States announced that if we don’t hand you over to the International Court of Justice, they will use all means available to impose economic restrictions and military blockages. Your actions have breached the limits of the Americans!”

Of the three, Chen Jianrou was the only one really angry with Ling Yun, and that was because Ling Yun attacked the Japanese.

Previously, her brother accepted the appointment by the family and took the Tokugawa Clan on a search for the Shennong Cauldron, but the whole army was wiped out. Even now, they had no idea who the enemy was!

The Chen Family was helping the Japanese in the matter of Turtle Island in the dark until Ling Yun came along and turned the situation upside down. How could they not be upset?

If the Japanese, who were represented by the Tokugawa Clan, were unable to utilize the Chen Family’s assistance, they wouldn’t return the favor. The Chen Family’s status was in danger.

What was a small Turtle Island if the Chen Family could topple the Long Family and control the whole of Huaxia?

Just sell the island! Huaxia was huge anyway.

Therefore, one of the true objectives of Chen Jianrou’s involvement this time was to get first-hand information on who this mysterious person was. They would give the information to the Japanese for them to take revenge!

Ling Yun sneered after she finished. “Oh? What do you mean?”

Chen Jianrou glanced at Long Tianjiao before taking out a purple-gold waist plate and showing it to Ling Yun. “We have orders from above to bring you back to Beijing. You have to atone for your reckless behavior!”

If they could bring Ling Yun back to Beijing, the Chen Family would be able to rig the system and kill him. It would be a one-way trip.

Chen Jianrou would be accredited, and many benefits would await her!

Ling Yun remained collected. “Long Tianjiao, from the Long Family?” Ling Yun asked.

Long Tianjiao naturally represented the Long Family here. He was extremely proud, but he was more measured than Chen Jianrou. He acknowledged politely, saying, “Friend, I’m indeed from the Long Family. I’m also the Deputy Leader of the Condor Team. We have orders to bring you back once you appeared. We have our duties. My friend, I hope you can come with us.”

The Long Family was different from the Chen Family. They claimed to be traditional and would use any means at their disposal to keep Huaxia within their grasp. However, there was one key principle they adhered to — the Long Family would never sell out their country.

That was because it would be akin to selling their property and family!

And who was Long Tianjiao?

Long Tianjiao was one of the sons of the Long Family. He was the nouveau riche that was about to marry Lin Menghan!

To be able to reach the mid-level of Xiantian Realm Level One at twenty-five, he indeed had something to be proud of. If he knew that the masked man in front of him had already slept with his fiancée, what kind of reaction would he have?

Neither Long Tianjiao nor Ling Yun knew about it since Lin Menghan didn’t mention it. Therefore, no sparks flew between the two love rivals in this first meeting.

Ling Yun nodded with a smile before turning towards Ling Xue, who kept silent all this time. “Little Ling Xue, who might you be?”

Who was Ling Xue? She was Ling Xiao’s daughter and Ling Yun’s half-sister! This sister was different from Ning Lingyu. They were related by blood!

As the name of the Condor Team implied, it held the meaning of “Eagle Eye”. They investigated various things for the country. They were equivalent to the Embroidered Uniform Guards 1 in the Ming Dynasty!

Of course, all the big families in Huaxia would fight to insert their own children in such an organization. It was both a training ground and a place for the families to obtain valuable information to keep their positions.

One could tell the positions of the families through the three in the Condor Team. The Long Family was at the top in terms of both power and ability, while the Ling Family was undoubtedly the weakest amongst the three. Ling Xue was just a follower, unable to utter a word!

However, Ling Xue knew very well that the Ling Family would have been kicked out of the seven big families in Beijing if not for the support of the Long Family. No matter where she went in Beijing, Ling Xue had to submit to the other families. She could only accept reality and cultivate as much as possible.

The Ling Family controlled the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Water Resources in the dark. There were very serious problems now that Ling Yun forcefully landed on Turtle Island. That gave Ling Zhen, the Patriarch of the Ling Family, a huge headache. He had to get Ling Xue on the scene to investigate so that they could obtain first-hand information and deal with the mess early. That was why Ling Xue was amongst the three that appeared.

Ling Yun’s actions were really a stone that stirred up a thousand waves. A strong undercurrent was brewing underneath Huaxia.

Ling Yun didn’t know, or rather, it would be more accurate to say that he didn’t care.

Ling Xue held her head high and peered directly at Ling Yun with her diamond-shaped eyes. “Ling Xue, Ling Family!” she replied.

Ling Yun’s hunch was right. He took another serious look at Ling Xue’s family, and his heart skipped wildly.

Alike… Ling Yun realized that other than that pair of eyes, they shared similar features.

Of course, they were different. Ling Xue’s eyes took after their father, Ling Xiao. They were cool but slightly softer. Ling Yun’s eyes were exactly the same as his biological mother, who was the Holy Virgin of the previous generation’s Devil Sect!

Ling Yun had an unparalleled memory and was brilliant.

He was abandoned from birth and had his Yang Heel Meridian destroyed. That meant his birth must have been something unspeakable.

His surname was Ling, and there was a large Ling Family in Beijing. Cao Shanshan once said that the Ling Family and the Qin Family had a major upheaval eighteen years ago!

And Ling Yun was eighteen this year!

He had already confirmed that his foster mother, Qin Qiuyue, was the one forced away from the Qin Family eighteen years ago. Adding all these coincidences…

Ling Yun had his doubts, but now that he saw how similar he was to Ling Xue, he was even more certain!

Perhaps I’m really from the Ling Family. Ling Yun stopped staring at Ling Xue’s face and looked up into the sky, thinking deeply.

Too coincidental. Everything fit too perfectly!

“Oi! What are you thinking about? Come with us if you don’t have anything else to ask!”

Chen Jianrou had been bored out of her mind being on the surveillance boat for such a long time. She was really eager to bring Ling Yun immediately!


Chen Jianrou had disturbed his thoughts. Ling Yun raised his hand gently, not wanting to be cordial anymore.


His palm landed squarely on Chen Jianrou’s face, sending her flying more than thirty meters away and right into the sea!

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