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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 489: Outlaw!

Chapter 489: Outlaw!

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Chen Jianrou let loose a scream that pierced the quiet night sky.


A huge wave swallowed Chen Jianrou instantly.

Six bloody teeth were left where Chen Jianrou stood a second ago.




Long Tianjiao, Zhang Yuntian, Ling Xue, and the many Marine Police standing around were dumbfounded!

Their eyes grew wide, and their mouths gaped!

No one had expected Ling Yun to take a shot at a member of the Condor Team! Especially not someone of the seven big families in Beijing, and above all, a woman!

Ling Yun seldom hit women, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t! He would hit when he deemed fit!

Ling Yun had never restrained himself with stupid rules and regulations!

His intentions were his rules and principles!

Long Tianjiao was the first to react. Being a member of the Long Family and a Xiantian Realm Level One master, he had seen many things.

Long Tianjiao’s face sunk. “What are you doing? Save her!” he bellowed at the nearby Marine Police.



The Marine Police finally came to their senses with Long Tianjiao’s nudging. They took a cautious look at Ling Yun and only proceeded to save her when they confirmed he didn’t respond.

Long Tianjiao glanced at the place where Chen Jianrou landed. He was relieved when he saw her emerging from the sea.

Everyone on the Condor Team was at least of Houtian Realm Level Four, and they were trained the same way as the special forces. Swimming was one of the essential skills.

To put it bluntly, they were the special forces of Huaxia. The only difference was that they were also practitioners and had powerful backgrounds.

The slap on Chen Jianrou was no different than a slap on Long Tianjiao’s face.

“Friend, do you know who you just hit?” Long Tianjiao asked, his face twisted in anger.

Ling Yun nearly laughed now that Long Tianjiao looked as ugly as a pig. He nodded his head lightly and shook his right wrist at the same time.

The powder on Chen Jianrou’s face was too thick. Residue and oil were left on his hand.

Long Tianjiao was even angrier when he saw how nonchalant Ling Yun was with him. “Do you know what the consequences are for hitting someone on the Condor Team?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. I only know one thing…” Ling Yun shook his head decisively and replied impatiently

“What is that?” Long Tianjiao asked hurriedly.

Ling Yun took a casual look at Long Tianjiao and said leisurely, “I only know that I’ll hit you farther and higher than her if you utter another word!”

What was done was done. Ling Yun didn’t even bother thinking about the consequences.

Even Lei Sheng, the leader of the Condor Team, had to give Qin Dongxue and Ling Yun due respect. What was a deputy leader?

Even Luo Zhong, Director of the Public Security Bureau, had to bow down to real power!

He would make anyone bow down by brute force!

“You!” Long Tianjiao couldn’t get another word out in a fit of his anger. It was as though he had a goose egg stuffed down his throat.

“You? What you? Try to get another word out!” Ling Yun threatened.

Long Tianjiao really didn’t dare say another word. It was common knowledge that if a practitioner couldn’t discern the other practitioner’s level, there would only be two possible reasons. One possibility was that the person didn’t know any martial arts. The other would be that the opponent was much stronger!

Ling Yun was obviously the latter since he could send Chen Jianrou, who was at Houtian Realm Level Nine, flying over thirty meters with just one slap.

The Chen Family was powerful, and the Long Family was even more so, but they weren’t present.

If the opponent didn’t care about background, then there was no point in bringing it up unless one had a death wish.

Chen Jianrou was being rescued by the Marine Police, and Long Tianjiao was red in the face, unable to get a word out.

Only Ling Xue had a different reaction. Her eyes sparkled almost with joy when she saw how strong Ling Yun was.

That was real strength! Nothing else mattered when he was that strong!

One slap was enough to stun everyone on board.

Ling Yun laughed, no longer paying any attention to the arrogant Long Tianjiao. He turned towards Ling Xue.

“Little Ling Xue, let’s meet again!”

Ling Yun turned to get off the boat.

“You can’t go!” Chen Jianrou shouted angrily, still wet. She was in such a sorry state.

“Why? You haven’t had enough seawater? I can help you…” Ling Yun barked intentionally.

Ling Yun’s attitude was shocking to Zhang Yuntian and his people. Obeying orders came naturally to them. Respect for authority was one of the basic principles for the Marine Police.

It was the first time they had seen someone so domineering. Ling Yun really did as he liked. Everything had to be done his way, as though he was the king of the area!

The Condor Team was an unattainable and mysterious existence in the eyes of the Marine Police. They were still afraid of approaching them even though they had been together for quite some time.

However, everything changed with Ling Yun’s appearance. The people from the Condor Team that they respected and feared were as meek as mice now!

So what if they were the Condor Team? So what if they were from the Chen Family or even the Long Family?

Ling Yun snorted and returned to his speedboat.

Chen Jianrou rushed to the bow like a lunatic after seeing that Ling Yun was really leaving. “Do you dare to tell me your name since you dare to hit me?” she shrieked.

Ling Yun stopped halfway through the door of the cabin.

Ling Yun gave it a quick thought. He stuck out his chest and tilted his head forty-five degrees towards the night sky. He planned on framing someone.

“Sure! You have probably heard of the Assassins Organization. I’m Uranus!

“I’ll kill whoever dares to chase after me!”

Ling Yun entered the cabin and started the engine, heading northwest.

“This man is really an outlaw! He will be the death of me!”

Long Tianjiao finally spoke when Ling Yun’s speedboat disappeared from sight. He nearly stomped a large hole in the deck.

Assassins Organization? Uranus?

Long Tianjiao knew about the Assassins Organization. He also knew that the outstanding assassins were given the title of Uranus. However, it was also apparent that Ling Yun was lying through his teeth!

“Ling Xue, what are you still standing there for? Report this back immediately!”

Long Tianjiao ordered the awe-struck Ling Xue.

The only one that Ling Yun spared from humiliation was Ling Xue. That pissed Long Tianjiao off even more.

“Ah? Oh!” Ling Xue finally recovered and got on with her duties.

Ling Yun planted a seed in Ling Xue’s heart during this first encounter. The older brother was teaching his little sister what true strength meant!

Long Tianjiao went up to Chen Jianrou only after Ling Xue went into the cabin. “Sister Jianrou, the corner of your mouth is still bleeding, do you want to…”

“I don’t need your sympathy. Deputy Leader of the Condor Team, where were you earlier?” Chen Jianrou lashed out at Long Tianjiao, eyeing him with disdain.

Chen Jianrou ignored the rest of the people and went back into her own cabin.

Don’t think I can’t recognize you just because you wore a mask. How dare you hit me. I will be able to recognize you even if you turn to ashes!

Chen Jianrou burnt Ling Yun’s figure into her mind with deep hatred.

Chen Jianrou didn’t know that she would be a corpse now if she wasn’t a woman!

Ling Yun sped on at full force towards the coast of Wenzhou!

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