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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 490: Qin Dongxue’s Worries

Chapter 490: Qin Dongxue’s Worries

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After an hour at full speed, Ling Yun was only eighty nautical miles away from the coast of Wenzhou.

Ling Yun switched on his phone, thinking that he could probably get mobile reception.

He had kept his phone switched off throughout the expedition since he couldn’t get a signal on the island. His battery was, therefore, still full.

Sure enough, an overwhelming number of text messages and missed calls flooded the phone. It continued for quite some time, almost exploding the phone!

Ling Yun wasn’t in a hurry. He held the phone in hand and let the prompts sound continuously. “Xian Er, you have to adapt to the modern way of life as fast as you can when we get back, understand?” He cautioned Bai Xianer.

The Cultivation World was vast and limitless. Ling Yun started off with medicine and traveled far and wide until he failed his tribulation.

Even so, he had explored only a tiny fraction of the Cultivation World.

There were also countries created by ordinary people in the Cultivation World. However, these countries had no status in the face of practitioners.

The strongest prevailed!

It was the simplest of all logic. How could mere mortals compare to practitioners? They were like ants in the eyes of the practitioners!

The reason Ling Yun attached so much importance to strength was that he was deeply affected by this!

An eagle wouldn’t walk on its feet because it knew that it belonged to the skies above!

Ling Yun knew how the world worked. He knew that he could be killed because someone was in a bad mood if he wasn’t strong enough!

That was right, because of a bad mood! It was similar to binge eating or smashing things, kicking a sick dog or an ant’s nest, or perhaps picking up a goldfish and throwing it into the sky!

The strong venting on the weak!

Ling Yun didn’t want his fate to be dictated by anyone else but himself. On the contrary, he wanted the whole world to tremble underneath his feet and do things his way.

He wanted to control everything — things, humans, even the heavens!

Only a strong person could live freely and in pleasure!

Therefore, he continuously sought strength!

A world as small as a pellet had so many countries, so many nationalities, so many languages. Let alone the vast Cultivation World!

Ling Yun had traveled far and wide, which was why he could adapt so well!

This included his time on Earth and in Huaxia. He used the memories left in his brain and his own observations to quickly adapt to everything.

He learned Huaxia’s history, geography, humanities, politics, economics, and everything else he needed to know in a very short span of time. He quickly got used to life in the city.

Bai Xianer was about to step into the same path as him.

Ling Yun might not be from Earth, but he had the memories in his mind to help him. Bai Xianer, on the other hand, was a nine-tailed celestial fox. She had a long road in front of her.

It was a matter of immense importance and the first thing he told Bai Xianer.

Bai Xianer giggled and nodded gracefully. “Understood, Master Big Brother.”

“This is the last time. You have to call me Big Brother Yun. Don’t address me as Master anymore.” Ling Yun frowned slightly while correcting her.

Bai Xianer blinked and nodded before sticking out her tongue playfully at him.

His phone had finally quieted down. Ling Yun brought Bai Xianer back into the cabin. He browsed through the messages and was relieved when he saw that nothing major happened.

It was in line with his expectations. He was the unofficial king of Qingshui City before he went out to sea. Ordinary people wouldn’t pose any threat to him.

He had four skilled masters in Qingshui City — Miracle Doctor Xue, Dugu Mo, Long Kun, and Aunty Qin Dongxue — holding down the fort. There wouldn’t be any problems if the opponents were lower than Xiantian Realm Level Four.

It wasn’t easy to find someone above Xiantian Realm Level Four either.

That was why Ling Yun had decided to stay on Turtle Island with Bai Xianer for a few more days to solidify his foundation.

The first call Ling Yun made was to Ning Lingyu. He reported his safety to her and told her not to worry.

However, the phone was snatched away by Qin Dongxue within a few words.

What surprised Ling Yun was that the usually fierce Aunty Qin Dongxue had become extremely gentle.

“Rascal, are you still in one piece?”

“Yes, I don’t have any injuries, and I’m in good spirits…”

“Alright, when will you be home?”

“At the latest by noon tomorrow…” Ling Yun estimated.

“Alright, Aunty and Lingyu will wait for you at home tomorrow. Come home immediately when you reach Qingshui…”


“Alright, see you then!” Qin Dongxue hung up the phone gently.

“Hmph! He will be the death of me. This rascal of a Ling Yun said he would only be out at sea for two days. He almost missed his college entrance exams!”

“He deceived us! He said he was going out to sea to cultivate, but it was to help a small vixen in her tribulation!”

“We were worried sick for so many days. I’ll break his legs when he gets back!”

Qin Dongxue’s anger bubbled over after she hung up the phone, her fake gentleness gone.

Qin Dongxue and Ning Lingyu nearly died from worry!

She was so worried that she brought Ning Lingyu with her to Tang Meng to interrogate him on the intent of this trip.

Tang Meng thought he could lie through his teeth, but he was scared sh*tless. This kid was very slippery. He decided to “betray” Ling Yun and told them the real reason for the trip.

Qin Dongxue and Ning Lingyu were shocked when they heard that vixens really did exist. They couldn’t believe it at first, but they thought back to when Ling Yun told them how he conquered a dragon. They were cheering then.

What was a vixen if there were dragons?

They could only accept reality. However, vixens were different from dragons. That made them uneasy.

That was an enchanting vixen!

“Aunty, don’t be angry with Big Brother. The most important thing is that he returns safely. You… do you bear to hit him?”

Ning Lingyu felt at peace when she knew that Ling Yun was safe and sound. She was afraid that Qin Dongxue would really hit Ling Yun in a fit of anger.

“Why not? Even Tang Meng knows about the tribulation! He dared lie to us! He brought a vixen out to sea to go through a tribulation! How can that be a small matter? He will be the death of me!”

Qin Dongxue got more furious by the minute. Her breasts rose up and down with her rising temper, and she didn’t listen to anything Ning Lingyu said.

“Aunty, didn’t I tell you that I have seen that white fox. It’s pretty cute…”

Ning Lingyu tried again in a small voice.

Qin Dongxue glared at Ning Lingyu. “You dote on him too much!” Qin Dongxue sighed.

Actually, Qin Dongxue wasn’t angry that Ling Yun didn’t come back within his stipulated time. She was a Xiantian Realm Level Three practitioner, she knew how important and difficult it was for a practitioner to reach a critical point. It was very easy to forget about time.

She was, however, very pissed off when she realized Ling Yun brought a vixen with him. Only heaven knew why.

“We’ll see when he gets home!” Qin Dongxue pouted.

Her real thoughts in her heart were: Rascal, what a relief, I was worried sick…

After so many days of waiting eagerly, of heart-wrenching, Qin Dongxue no longer knew the taste of food. She couldn’t sleep, and her martial arts regressed because of this.

Qin Dongxue had a heavy heart.

Previously, Qin Dongxue concentrated only on cultivation. She had never known the torment of waiting for someone.

Ling Yun’s second call was to Lin Menghan to ease her worries.

Ling Yun found it too troublesome. After these two important calls, he decided to send a group text.

In his message, Ling Yun said that he was well and that there was no need to reply to his text or call him. He also said that he would be back in Qingshui City tomorrow. He still received a phone call nonetheless.

It was from Xue Meining!

The number of calls she had made to Ling Yun were mind-boggling. How could she resist calling Ling Yun now that she had finally received his text?

Ling Yun certainly wouldn’t blame Xue Meining. He knew that Ning Er would call desperately. They spoke for quite some time before Ning Er was happy and hung up.

At this point, they could finally see Wenzhou’s shoreline.

Ling Yun smiled and called Long Wu. He didn’t let her come to the bay dock where he departed, but he wanted her location so that he could find her.

About two kilometers from the shore, Ling Yun did one last check before taking out the Devil’s Blade.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Ling Yun cut a triangular hole in the bottom of the speedboat.

Seawater surged into the speedboat, and it started to sink slowly.

“Xian Er, let’s go!”

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