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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 491: Absolutely Beautiful City

Chapter 491: Absolutely Beautiful City

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It was a rare night with good weather in Jiangnan. There was a light wind and a gentle moonlight glistening on the quiet sea.

Ling Yun and Bai Xianer stood quietly on the surface of the sea as though it were flat land and looked on as the speedboat sank.

After, they exchanged smiles and went on their way. They looked like a pair of lovers walking out of a crystal palace.

A distance of two thousand meters was less than ten leaps away for both Ling Yun and Bai Xianer. They arrived back on land within ten seconds.

It would be unwise to continue wearing stealth clothing in the city, so Ling Yun found a secluded place to change back into normal clothes.

“Master, why did you sink the speedboat?” Bai Xianer asked curiously as they headed towards the urban area of the Dragon Bay District.

Bai Xianer asked only now because they were still unable to speak while treading on the surface of the water.

Ling Yun looked at the lights in the distance and grinned. “Xian Er, too many people have seen the speedboat. I don’t want to make it easy for others to track us down.”

They reached the main road quickly, and Ling Yun and Bai Xianer held out their hands to hail a cab.


Two luxury cars of at least a million yuan crashed!

Ling Yun frowned slightly, wondering why there would be an accident.

A few loud screeches followed within a radius of a few hundred meters of Ling Yun and Bai Xianer. It was chaotic.

Ling Yun didn’t understand what happened at first, but when he looked towards the two cars that collided, he realized what had happened.

Both of the drivers had their heads out of their windows, eyeballs fixated on Bai Xianer!

“F*ck me!” Another middle-aged man hit the electric pole at the roadside because his head was twisted to look at Bai Xianer!

Bai Xianer was divinely beautiful. Ling Yun still didn’t dare to look at her for an extended period of time, afraid that he would lose control of himself.

If even the determined Ling Yun was so affected, what could be said for ordinary folks?

Ling Yun missed out on this point. It was too late for Bai Xianer to become invisible; that would only cause more commotion!

Luckily, an empty taxi came up to them slowly. Ling Yun hailed it and got Bai Xianer into the car with her head hung low.

“Where to?” the taxi driver asked habitually while staring at the chaotic scene.

Ling Yun gave the address that Long Wu had given him to the taxi driver. The driver grunted and started the journey.

“That was so weird. So many accidents happened at one time at such a wide crossroad. Was it the fault of the traffic lights?” the driver muttered under his breath.

Bai Xianer had her head lowered, and she had covered most of her face with her long black hair before she got into the taxi.

The taxi driver was so absorbed in the accident just now that he didn’t know that the cause of the accident was in his car.

Ling Yun went along with whatever he said. “Yes, the traffic lights were indeed broken…”

“Xian Er, try to cover your face as much as you can when we get out later. Be obedient…” Ling Yun coaxed Bai Xianer with telepathy.

Ling Yun finally understood why people would die to catch a glimpse of beauty. Ling Yun didn’t want to cause any commotion in Wenzhou, he wanted to get back to Qingshui City as soon as possible.

The Dragon Bay District wasn’t bad, and the roads weren’t complicated. The taxi pulled over at the entrance of a magnificent hotel in no time.

“We’ve arrived.”

Ling Yun gave the driver a one hundred yuan bill and told him to keep the change. They then got out of the taxi.

Wind naturally swept Bai Xianer’s hair as she got out. The driver caught a glance and found his heart thumping like crazy.

This… this is a goddess!

His intestines twisted with remorse. Why did he drive so fast? Why didn’t he take a few more looks at Bai Xianer when she was in his car?

A pleasant scent floated to Ling Yun’s nose. It was Long Wu waiting for him at the entrance of the hotel.

Long Wu had told Ling Yun that she would stay in Wenzhou and wait for his return. Since he left, she would go to the bay that he departed from, rain or shine, in hopes that his speedboat would appear.

Ling Yun hadn’t returned after such a long time, and she couldn’t get through to Ling Yun’s phone, so she changed her target to Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng. She called them every day to ask them about Ling Yun’s whereabouts, torturing them.

She stopped her harassment when she realized that Ling Yun didn’t contact them either. After, she commenced her long wait for him. She stopped calling him but kept her phone switched on 24/7 to ensure that she was contactable when Ling Yun returned.

That night, she had finally received a message and a call from Ling Yun when she was at the bay. Long Wu heaved a sigh of relief and felt inexplicable joy in her heart.

She quickly returned to the hotel to freshen up and make herself presentable. She then waited eagerly at the entrance of the hotel for that bad boy to appear.

“Ling Yun!”

Long Wu saw Ling Yun the moment he got out of the car and ran towards him, plunging into his arms.

In her excitement, Long Wu didn’t notice the beautiful and voluptuous girl beside him. That beauty’s expression darkened suddenly.

Bai Xianer bit her lower lip. She knew that Ling Yun no longer belonged to her alone.

That ticked Bai Xianer off!

“Hmph!” Bai Xianer expressed her dissatisfaction. She didn’t know this was the feeling of jealousy.

“Long Wu, how have you been?” Ling Yun asked as he hugged her tiny waist.

“I should be asking you that instead!” Long Wu looked up at Ling Yun with a trace of fear on her face. “There was terrible weather in the East Sea a few days ago. There were very scary lightning but no rain. I have been worried to death!”

*Those were our tribulations, they were indeed scary, *Ling Yun thought to himself.

He didn’t know that Long Wu was only referring to Bai Xianer’s tribulation. No one knew about his tribulation.

“Alright, everything is fine now! Let’s talk inside. Which room are you staying in?” Ling Yun pushed Long Wu away slightly and asked with a dashing smile.

“Room 1758 on the 17th floor. Let’s go… eh?” Long Wu was momentarily stunned.

Long Wu stopped short, finally noticing Bai Xianer.

Bai Xianer was obedient, only showing half a face. Even so, her beauty was shocking!

“W-who is… this?” Long Wu muttered, not knowing what she was saying.

Ling Yun didn’t want to attract attention at the entrance of the hotel, so he used the Mystical Dragon Howl gently on Long Wu to let her regain her senses. “She is Bai Xianer, let’s continue when we are inside…”

“Bai Xianer?” Long Wu’s gaze never left Bai Xianer. She suddenly thought of something really scary.

When Ling Yun went out to sea, he brought along a white fox. The white fox was gone and was replaced by a beautiful foxy girl. Her beauty was enchanting. So who could this woman be?

Long Wu obtained a Masters from Harvard University at seventeen. She was brilliant and connected these two things immediately!

Long Wu went pale and took three steps back. An infinite panic appeared in her eyes. “She… she…”

She couldn’t continue. She might be bold, but there was a limit. Ling Yun brought back a vixen that only existed in the legends. She was terrified!

Ling Yun could see that Long Wu had deduced Bai Xianer’s identity. He sighed inwardly and sealed her acupuncture point.

“Let’s go, we’ll talk in the room…”

Ling Yun held the frozen Long Wu in his arms and brought Bai Xianer into the hotel.

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