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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 492: Human and Demon

Chapter 492: Human and Demon

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The trio quickly arrived at Room 1758. Once inside, Ling Yun unsealed Long Wu’s acupuncture point and placed her gently on the bed.

Ling Yun knew just how frightened Long Wu was. In the short time it took for him to carry her upstairs, Long Wu was drenched in cold sweat. Her tight T-shirt was soaked through!

Long Wu backed away first before diving into Ling Yun’s embrace.

She was petrified.

This was going to be a huge problem. Ling Yun had only told Tang Meng and Xue Meining about Little White’s transformation before he left, and they took a long time to accept this reality.

Ling Yun couldn’t be bothered to explain it to the rest, including Ning Lingyu and Qin Dongxue.

Ling Yun told Long Wu that he was going out to sea to murder someone. He hadn’t mentioned a single word about Bai Xianer’s transformation to her. How could she not be afraid?

He had no choice, he had to explain everything slowly.

Ling Yun hugged the drenched and shivering Long Wu. “Long Wu, aren’t you quite bold usually? Why are you so afraid now? That’s so unlike you.”

Ling Yun tried prodding her first.

“B-but but isn’t s-she… a…” Long Wu hid her face in Ling Yun’s chest, not daring to take another look at Bai Xianer.

Long Wu really wanted to say that Bai Xianer wasn’t human, but she didn’t dare. Vixens in the legends consumed human hearts.

Long Wu’s delicate body stiffened further. He could return Long Wu to normal if he had a Clarity Talisman.

However, Clarity Talismans were level five talisman charms. Ling Yun wasn’t able to make them before he went out to sea.

It would be difficult for him to make level five talisman charms before he reached Physique Tempering Stage Nine unless a miracle occurred.

Ling Yun gave it some serious thought and decided to tell the truth.

“You guessed it right. Bai Xianer is the white fox I took out to sea. She is Little White.” He hugged Long Wu tightly and spoke to her in the gentlest voice possible.

“Ah—!” Long Wu shrieked and drilled further into Ling Yun’s embrace. Her breasts slammed into Ling Yun’s chest. She didn’t care about anything else any longer!

However, that was the pinnacle of her fear. Nothing else would be scarier than this.

Most of the fear in humans was created by their minds. Once they knew it had become a reality was when they started to be able to accept it. This was the case with most humans.

That was because it was a reality they had to accept.

Ling Yun felt Long Wu’s body relax a little and so he continued, saying, “Long Wu, you probably don’t know, but Little White isn’t an ordinary fox. She is a nine-tailed celestial fox. She formed her third tail before we left.”

“Once a nine-tailed celestial fox forms their third tail, they can become a human. I brought her out to sea for her transformation.

“Don’t believe in the useless legends. They are just to scare kids. See, I’m in one piece after being together with Xian Er for so long.”

The truth was much better than something made up. Ling Yun’s words did let Long Wu relax considerably. Of course, that was also related to Ling Yun’s medical skills.

Ling Yun was using his unique technique to calm Long Wu down, his palm on her critical acupuncture points.

At the same time, he used the Mystical Dragon Howl to say each word. It had an effect of dispelling fear, which also helped her to relax.

“Then isn’t s-she a demon?” Long Wu asked in a small voice. She had calmed down but was still afraid.

“Every living thing thinks that it’s the supreme existence on Earth. In the eyes of other living things, are we not demons?” Ling Yun laughed and asked her instead.

Long Wu was taken aback at the truth in Ling Yun’s words. She was a graduate student from Harvard, after all. The United States was so developed, and she had watched many sci-fi movies such as Alien, Resident Evil, and Zombie Wars. What was there to fear about Bai Xianer if she could accept all that?

Long Wu’s grip on Ling Yun loosened. She moved her head slowly and peeked at Bai Xianer.

She was beautiful beyond words. Her charm worked regardless of gender.

They could do nothing but sigh or worship her.

“She’s so beautiful…” Long Wu couldn’t suppress the admiration in her heart. Her fear was quickly dissipating.

“You… are you… really Little White?” Long Wu suddenly found her courage and asked carefully.

Bai Xianer didn’t care if others were afraid of her. She was fuming that Long Wu was still in Ling Yun’s arms. Ling Yun’s embrace was hers alone when they were on the island.

“I’m Bai Xianer!”

The name was given by Ling Yun, making Bai Xianer very proud to announce her name.

Nine-tailed celestial foxes were proud creatures by nature. They generally looked down on humans and weren’t thrilled to become one. Bai Xianer, however, was willing to become a human now because Ling Yun was one. She wanted to follow him forever!

“W-will you eat humans?” Long Wu had to confirm.

“What do you think? Be careful, I might just dig your heart out and swallow it!” Bai Xianer glared at Long Wu, teasing her.

“Ah!” Long Wu shrank back into Ling Yun’s embrace after another loud shriek!

Bai Xianer only listened to one person in the whole world — Ling Yun!

“Xian Er, Long Wu just got to know your identity. It’s natural for her to be afraid of you. Don’t scare her any more than necessary.” Ling Yun frowned and chided Xian Er.

Bai Xianer pouted and stuck her tongue out at Ling Yun. She then rested gracefully on the comfortable sofa.

Ling Yun had to spend some effort on Long Wu for her to return to normal again.

Actually, this time, Long Wu faked most of it. She couldn’t bear to leave Ling Yun’s embrace. His fragrance was intoxicating.

Ling Yun finally let out a long breath when Long Wu accepted Bai Xianer. He rested at the edge of the bed.

It would have been troublesome if Long Wu couldn’t calm down.

Ling Yun told Long Wu everything, including how he met Bai Xianer, her fate, and how she stood to the end with him in the battle during the Qingming Festival.

Long Wu jumped down from the bed and walked over to Bai Xianer. Her eyes were clear and grateful. “Xian Er… Big Sister… Thank you! Sorry…” she said sincerely.

Bai Xianer felt the sincerity from Long Wu and decided not to make things difficult for her.

Bai Xianer was a celestial beast and was more intelligent than a normal person. However, she had just transformed, so her psychological age was only that of a sixteen-year-old girl.

Long Wu didn’t bully her, so she wouldn’t bully Long Wu.

Of course, that was also because Ling Yun told her that he would spank her if she continued to scare Long Wu through telepathy.

“You don’t need to thank me. Protecting Big Brother Yun is my business. I don’t need any gratitude from anyone!”

Bai Xianer’s voice was crisp and clear, but it was determined. She had gone through life and death with Ling Yun. They were inseparable now.

Ling Yun saw everything from the bed and couldn’t help but smile.

Long Wu returned to the bed and said gently, “You’ve been gone for so long, I have been worried about you…”

“You’re not married to me yet, and you’re already so worried? I’m back now, aren’t I? I’m fine…” Ling Yun said cheekily.

Long Wu nodded lightly and realized that her clothes were soaked through by her sweat!

“Oh no… Why is there so much sweat? So smelly!” Long Wu exclaimed.

There was no way it wasn’t smelly. She wore a tight-fitting white T-shirt, which was now stuck to her body and becoming very uncomfortable. Her towering chest was transparent to Ling Yun, the shape of her bra clearly visible.

“Oh, wait for me for a while, I’ll take a bath first. Talk later…”

Long Wu decided to take a bath to refresh herself. She didn’t want to leave Ling Yun with even a trace of a bad impression!

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