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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 493: Eyes That See Through

Chapter 493: Eyes That See Through

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When Ling Yun gave his “betrothal gift” to Long Wu, he made two bold requests. Firstly, it was to stop putting on such thick, smoky makeup. Secondly, it was to stop dressing so provocatively.

Long Wu had grown up in the United States. Independent and free-spirited, she had a wild, rebellious streak embedded in her bones. A person with such a personality would be difficult for a regular person to control.

Even Long Kun, the boss of Green Dragon, couldn’t control his daughter. She was highly intelligent and understood the big picture. She knew exactly when to make her move and when to retreat. Toward every matter, she had her own perspective and thoughts. She would never move for another person’s sake.

However, Ling Yun wasn’t an ordinary person. He was Ling Yun!

As the saying goes, “everything in the world has an Achilles’ heel.”

For the unruly, free, and rebellious Long Wu, no one other than Ling Yun could control her!

The first time they met, an intense spark was created. At the time, Ling Yun returned victoriously, and it ended with Xiao Meimei slapping Long Wu without holding back.

From the start, Ling Yun had Long Wu in the palm of his hand. She couldn’t do a thing against him. Her ultimate weapon was to bite him ruthlessly.

It seemed as though when a woman was unable to defeat a man, biting them was the most practical and effective method. It was something that was tried and tested by many.

Ling Yun had been bitten by several women already. Other than tolerating it, there was nothing he could do. Thankfully, up until that point, only exquisite beauties had bitten him. Being bitten like that occasionally was something that made him secretly pleased.

However, a bite was a bite. Ling Yun’s words were something Long Wu didn’t dare to defy. She had no say over him.

Ever since Ling Yun had requested those two things, Long Wu really stopped putting on thick makeup and wearing revealing clothes.

Not only did she stop putting on thick makeup, but she didn’t even put on basic makeup. Putting on foundation, drawing her brows or eyeliner, she didn’t do any of that. She faced the world without makeup every day. However, this Long Wu was pure and refreshing; she left everyone mesmerized.

That was because she had an exquisite natural quality about her. Even putting on light makeup seemed like it was overdoing her features.

Did Long Wu like Ling Yun?

The answer was obviously yes!

If she didn’t, Long Wu wouldn’t have requested a betrothal gift from Ling Yun so shamelessly. On top of that, she wouldn’t have pulled out all the stops to transfer to Ling Yun’s class. She even took the place of being his seatmate. Also, she wouldn’t have followed Ling Yun all the way to Wenzhou just to send him out to sea, waiting for him for a long time.

Even though Long Wu had a cold exterior, her heart was thoroughly captured by Ling Yun. To her, the clouds, mist, and her dreams were filled with thoughts about him.

Long Wu liked to wear revealing clothes because her figure was truly unbeatable. At the tender age of seventeen, she stood at 178cm with a cup size of 34D. Her waist was as thin as a willow, and her stomach was as flat as a board. Not only did she have a sturdy and perky butt, but her long and slender legs were almost 120cm. Just by standing there, she stood out amongst everyone!

Without wearing heels, Long Wu’s figure was already far better than many supermodels. With a figure like that, what woman wouldn’t want to show it off?

That was something that turned lots of men’s eyes, inviting jealousy and hatred from other women!

That was why Long Wu enjoyed wearing low-cut tops and different types of hotpants out. Wearing a tiny top that exposed her body and hotpants that hugged her butt highlighted Long Wu’s defining features.

Dressing like that said two things about her. Firstly, Long Wu was very bold and confident, as she didn’t care about all the heated gazes directed at her.

Secondly — this reason was a little more interesting — it was because Long Wu had a physique that perspired a lot. Describing other women’s perspiration as fragrant was merely a compliment. However, it was the truth for Long Wu!

With any movement, Long Wu would begin perspiring. Her perspiration smelled entirely fragrant as the scent drifted into a person’s nose. Whether she was happy, angry, shy, or scared, Long Wu’s body would release this fragrant scent.

There were only a few women in the world that carried a natural fragrance with them, and Long Wu was one of them, always having a fragrant scent about her. This was naturally a good thing. However, it also had a terrifying effect.

The fragrance that Long Wu emitted had a mild aphrodisiac effect. Whether it was a man or a woman that inhaled it, they were affected, and not even Long Wu herself was immune.

If she couldn’t release this scent quickly, her influence on others wouldn’t be as bad. However, Long Wu herself would suffer.

Knowing that Ling Yun had returned safely, Long Wu hurriedly returned to her hotel from the dock. Taking a hot shower first, she cleansed her body.

She changed into a sexy and comfortable white T-shirt and wore her usual hotpants. Then, she stood at the entrance of the hotel, waiting for Ling Yun to return. However, she felt shy and anxious, as well as a tinge of nervousness.

That was because if Ling Yun returned, they’d go into her hotel room. At that time, there would only be the two of them. Who knew if that audacious meanie would bully her?

Unfortunately, Long Wu was wrong. Ling Yun didn’t come alone. Instead, he brought an insanely beautiful vixen. Shocked, she began to sweat profusely.

After a series of coaxing and explanation from Ling Yun, Long Wu finally accepted Bai Xianer’s existence. However, she realized that she was already covered in sweat. Her fragrance had penetrated the entire room, and she had to take another bath to hide her embarrassment.

Ling Yun watched her lazily as Long Wu went to grab a set of clean clothes somewhat anxiously. Celebrating internally, Ling Yun thought that the time had come.

With another step, his Yin-Yang harmony balance would be able to see through objects. If Ling Yun didn’t test it now, what was his Yin-Yang Eye for?

“Long Wu, don’t rush. Take your time to bathe. Tang Meng and Tie Xiaohu are still on their way. They’ll be here in around two hours…”

Before Ling Yun called Long Wu, he sent Tang Meng a text. He instructed Tie Xiaohu to come to Wenzhou to pick him up quickly. Calculating the time, he would be there in two hours’ time.

Long Wu’s face was boiling red. In her half-panicked state, she took a peek at Bai Xianer, and a surge of jealousy entered her heart.

This was a place that was meant for Long Wu and Ling Yun only. If Bai Xianer weren’t here, something else might have happened. She was Ling Yun’s legal fiancé after all!

“I’ll take a quick shower. Be out in a bit. If you want water, there’s some in that bottle. I just heated some…”

A complicated feeling welled in Long Wu’s heart. Panicking as she pointed to the bottle, she spoke somewhat hysterically.

Ling Yun chuckled. However, he wasn’t satisfied with that. Turning to look at Bai Xianer cheekily, he provoked her, saying, “Xian Er, you must be tired. How about you take a bath together with Long Wu…”

Bai Xianer was just like Ling Yun, clean and spotless. Qi surrounded their entire bodies, so bathing was just an activity for them to destress and relax.

Ling Yun looked forward to it, but Bai Xianer shook her head immediately. “Big Brother Ling Yun, Xian Er doesn’t want to take a bath now…”

This left Ling Yun exasperated. Bai Xianer was many realms above Ling Yun, but getting her to take a bath with Long Wu was very difficult.

He couldn’t admire two beautiful ladies showering simultaneously. Ling Yun could only nod as he decided quietly to give Xian Er her own residence.

“Ling Yun, Sister… Xian Er, wait here for a while. I’ll… take a quick shower. Be out soon!” Long Wu said awkwardly as she stood there, holding a black and white striped T-shirt, a pair of new shorts, and some underwear.

With that, she rushed straight into the bathroom without waiting for their reply. Locking the door with a “click” sound, she leaned against it and listened to her pounding heart. She could only feel her rushing blood.

Ling Yun thought that this was his chance. Adjusting his posture, he sat in a way that allowed him to see the entire bathroom. Then, he used the Yin-Yang harmony balance and activated his Yin-Yang Eye!

Damn… I can’t see through!

Ling Yun instantly let out a sigh as he crumpled. Right now, his Yin-Yang Eye could only see through a depth of one centimeter or so. If that bathroom were made of patterned glass, Ling Yun would definitely be able to see through it.

Unfortunately, the entire bathroom was an enclosed room. Ling Yun was able to see through walls, but he couldn’t even see a centimeter deep into it. His vision was completely black. He saw nothing!

To see through such a thick wall, he had to reach at least Physique Tempering Stage Nine. Now, Ling Yun was still two stages away.

However, since Ling Yun decided he was going to look, he had other methods too.

He still had the divine sense! The amazing divine sense!

Within a circular radius of 20 meters, be it in front of his eyes or behind his head, as long as Ling Yun wanted to, every scene would enter his mind. It was even clearer than seeing with his eyes.

Shifting his line of sight, he used his divine sense to explore the bathroom.


In but a moment, Ling Yun nearly had a nosebleed. That was because Long Wu had just put down the clothes in her hands. Grasping onto her T-shirt, Long Wu pulled it off!

Leopard-print underwear! Half-cup!

Long Wu’s snow-white breasts fell out with a “plop.” They bounced up and down, seeming to hop out the instant Ling Yun’s eyes settled on them!

Heh, the thrill of peeping is great…

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