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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 494: Xian Er’s Lesson

Chapter 494: Xian Er’s Lesson

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Peeping brought an unexplainable thrill, especially when one was peeping at a hot beauty that was about to take a shower.

The most important fact was that the person being peeped on didn’t know that somebody was watching. Everything she did was completely natural and unreserved.

This wonderful feeling was difficult to describe to a person that hadn’t peeped before.

There was a phrase that stated, “see no evil.” However, that wasn’t part of Ling Yun’s philosophy. His philosophy was that peeping was completely harmless!

Ling Yun wasn’t a gentleman, and he had no intention of being one. With the Yin-Yang Eye, he had the ability to see through anything he wanted. Who would pass up such a great chance?

Furthermore, he wasn’t peeping at anybody else. This was his future wife that had already accepted his betrothal gift. Taking a few looks beforehand was something that was harmless.

Perhaps her face wasn’t as pretty as the fox spirit’s, but her sexy body wasn’t too bad compared to hers, hmph!

Long Wu thought this quietly.

After rinsing her body off, she got out to get her soap and shampoo. Slathering it all over herself, Long Wu’s silky and soft body was covered with dozens of white soap bubbles. Under the light, they sparkled brightly, making her skin look even smoother.

Bending over, Long Wu finally used both hands to take off the last piece of clothing on her body.

Watching this “scene” with his divine sense, Ling Yun’s blood began to boil, and his Adam’s apple quivered. Swallowing continuously, his body had already started to react.

It was only because Bai Xianer was still in the house. If Xian Er weren’t around, Ling Yun would have entered the bathroom on his own. With all his heart, he would help her wash her back or do something to feel the full extent of the silkiness of her skin.

Ling Yun was just a helpful person like that. There was nothing he could do about it.

Long Wu lathered the bar of soap on her body, and she couldn’t help but let out a moan as she rubbed her sensitive area.

Long Wu’s face turned red as she began sweating again. That was because, this time, she was thinking about Ling Yun!

After covering herself in soap, she looked at her beautiful body. Smiling confidently, she stretched out her long legs and walked back to the shower.

Using both hands to rub her body, she used the shower gel on her body. After washing up once more, she would be done with her bath.

However, all of a sudden, Long Wu had the feeling that she was being watched. This was purely based on her sixth sense. However, her senses were very sharp. Suddenly, she couldn’t help but cover her breasts with one arm while she used her other hand to cover herself.

At the same time, Long Wu’s cheeks blushed as she turned around to look about. The bathroom was shut tight. The wide bathroom was locked. There was nothing unusual.

“Strange, why do I feel like someone’s looking at me?” Furrowing her delicate brows, she bit her thick, sexy lips as she spoke quietly.

Seeing that she was almost done, Ling Yun retracted his divine sense. He said quietly, “Woah, I didn’t realize Long Wu was so vigilant. She actually sensed that…”

Ling Yun knew that the reason Long Wu had noticed was because of her sixth sense. Another factor was because his divine sense wasn’t strong enough.

Even though he wasn’t using his eyes but his divine sense, both had the same effect. It created the same feeling.

This wasn’t something particularly unusual. For instance, if a person were walking on the road and being followed by someone, that person would normally notice.

Furthermore, even if a person’s eyes were covered and ears were blocked, if someone quietly stood behind that person’s back, they would be able to sense it. This was the same concept.

Even though Ling Yun could use his divine sense now, it was still rough around the edges. He wasn’t as smooth as being a bubble in a bath. Hence, she could sense his presence.

“Master is thinking of bad things again…”

Ling Yun had forgotten that Bai Xianer was still by his side.

“Big Brother Ling Yun…” Bai Xianer’s blushing cheeks were enchanting. Her beautiful eyes were silky as her cherry lips squealed.

“Hmm?” Ling Yun subconsciously responded. Then, he turned to look at Bai Xianer.

“Ugh…” With one look, Ling Yun nearly had a nosebleed!

At that moment, Bai Xianer’s two porcelain legs were retracted, stepping on the sofa. Her one-piece dress was bundled to her thighs, exposing her enchanting, snow-white legs to Ling Yun. Even her red underwear could be seen. Watching her, Ling Yun was at his limits!

“Xian Er, did you forget how you’re supposed to sit again?” After peeping at Long Wu’s shower, Ling Yun could already feel the heat surging up within him. Seeing Bai Xianer now, it would be useless even if he recited the Clear Heart Technique numerous times!

Even though this was Bai Xianer’s habit, she wasn’t a fox now. Instead, she was a mesmerizing celestial fox spirit in human form, worthy of captivating millions!

Seeing Ling Yun’s anxiety, Bai Xianer felt even more anxious. Her foxy eyes blinked slowly as her enticing lips curled slightly. She spread her snow-white legs a little more!

This little fox’s seduction and her bold movements… She still hadn’t realized the severity of her bold actions.

“Boom!” With a sound, Ling Yun felt hot blood rushing to his head as all of his Yang Qi surged!

However, now wasn’t the time. Long Wu was just about to get out of the bath.

Even if Ling Yun had the Yin-Yang Eye to use on Bai Xianer, he wouldn’t dare to. Glaring at Bai Xianer, he said in a low voice, “Xian Er, sit properly!”

“Yes… Big Brother Ling Yun…”

Bai Xianer blushed and smiled in embarrassment. Putting her two, supple legs down, she leaned gently…

Her breasts were in full view for Ling Yun to see!

You little seductress, you’re doing it on purpose!

Ling Yun was thrilled by the sight before him. However, he felt that it was rather humorous as well. Hooking his finger, his face was red as he laughed and said, “Xian Er, come here…”

Bai Xianer cooed. Without moving much, her red silhouette flashed, and her black hair drifted. In the next moment, her sexy body had already found its way into Ling Yun’s embrace.

However, what met Bai Xianer wasn’t Ling Yun’s warmth. Pulling Bai Xianer to his thigh with one hand, he raised her butt high up!

“Pa!” With a loud sound, Ling Yun’s palm landed squarely on Bai Xianer’s round, perky butt. His hand rebounded from the bounciness!

“Ah…” Bai Xianer’s delicate figure twisted like a snake as she bit her red lip. Tilting her head, she looked at Ling Yun innocently.

“Master Big Brother, why did you hit Xian Er?”

Without talking, another slap landed again. On impact, Bai Xianer’s body leaned forward as her breasts pressed heavily against Ling Yun’s thighs.

“Pa!” It was yet another slap.

After three slaps, Ling Yun finally pulled Bai Xianer’s red skirt down, concealing her mesmerizing snow-white thighs. In a deep voice, he said, “What did I teach you when we were at the island? Did you forget already?”

Even though Ling Yun used quite a lot of strength to hit Bai Xianer’s butt, it was just equivalent to a regular person’s strength. He couldn’t bear to even use a hint of True Qi on her.

According to Bai Xianer’s current abilities, even if Ling Yun used the full extent of his Tiangang Demon Fist, she wouldn’t even feel an itch. Such a slap was obviously nothing to her.

However, Bai Xianer was a big part of Ling Yun’s life. Slapping her was just a formality.

With those three slaps, Bai Xianer’s mesmerizing eyes narrowed to slits. She actually hoped that Ling Yun’s palm would land again. Responding in a cute voice, she said, “Master said that Xian Er has to eat, sleep, and sit like a human. That was what Master told Xian Er to remember carefully.”

This little fox’s movements and expression always left a person softhearted. Ling Yun obviously couldn’t bear to hit her again.

Exasperated, Ling Yun did his best not to laugh as he pretended to stay angry. In a low voice, he asked, “Then, how were you sitting right then?”

Without responding, Bai Xianer’s large, foxy eyes blinked and blinked. Closing and shutting, her long lashes quivered as her waist twisted like a snake, rubbing her body on Ling Yun’s thighs.

“Xian Er knows she was wrong. It’s all Xian Er’s fault. Xian Er requests punishment from Master…”

Bai Xianer stuck out her vibrant, red tongue as her large eyes stared at Ling Yun. She even stretched her body.

Such a natural but seductive movement was probably something that only Bai Xianer could do while she was flirting.

She was purely focused on Ling Yun, not thinking of anything else.

At this moment, how could Ling Yun have the heart to actually hit her? With Bai Xianer’s seduction, he felt the heat rise up within him again. He was close to pulling Bai Xianer’s body into his arms to show her some love.

“Ah!” A piercing, high-pitched scream ensued!

Ling Yun was still giving the seductive fox a lesson. He didn’t expect Long Wu to step out from her bath at that moment!

Seeing Bai Xianer wrapped tightly around Ling Yun’s legs, she screamed in shock!

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