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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 735: Divine Ability, Those People

Chapter 735: Divine Ability, Those People

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Looking down on the ancient martial arts?

When Ling Yun heard what Ling Lie said, he couldn’t help but feel immense vibrations in his head as he took in one deep breath of cold air.

Back in the Ling Family’s dungeon, when Ling Yun was interrogating Chen Haizhen, Chen Haizhen mentioned that there were at least three people in the Chen Family who could easily kill Ling Yun. Back then, Ling Yun snorted disdainfully as he felt that it was extremely laughable.

Ling Yun was convinced that Chen Haizhen didn’t know the true depths of his strength, which was why he tried to scare Ling Yun just before his death.

Ling Yun was certainly not expecting Chen Haizhen to be extremely confident when he said that. The true meaning behind that sentence was that regardless of how strong Ling Yun was at present, the Chen Family would still have at least three people who could easily kill him!

Ling Yun wasn’t bothered when Chen Haizhen mentioned that. Now that Ling Lie told him this in such a serious setting, Ling Yun had to be convinced that this was true. Ling Lie was certainly not out to harm Ling Yun and had no reason to frighten him!

After all, Ling Lie was already at the initial stage of Xiantian Realm Level Eight. Additionally, the Ling Family had been one of the top three families in China 18 years ago!

Back then, the head of the Ling Family was Ling Lie!

Ling Lie was clearly aware of some of the ordinary experts in this world. What he didn’t know were the details known only to the insiders of the ancient martial world!

Presently, Ling Yun couldn’t help thinking about his Emperor Brush, Earth Emperor’s Book, Bodhi Bead, Shennong Cauldron, mysterious gourd, Yin-Yang Tai Chi Diagram, Limitless Rebellion Sword Spell…

As well as the bronze coffin, Devil’s Blade, and Dragon Vein Sword…

They were legendary existences, and even without talking about the Emperor Brush and Earth Emperor’s Book, just the Devil’s Blade or Dragon Vein Sword would be able to shock the entire world if he chose to display it!

The Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword were clearly not forged to deal with experts beneath Xiantian Realm Level Seven. In fact, Ling Yun didn’t think they were made to deal with Xiantian Realm experts at all.

This was because Ling Yun had tested them out before. As long as his abilities surpassed the other party, both the Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword were more than capable of slicing them up like tofu.

This was the same even towards the Blood Clan, whose members were known for their tough bodies!

So, what realm were the people who forged these two weapons in? They worked hard and did whatever it took to seal a dragon’s soul to forge a formidable sword like that. What kind of enemies were they trying to bring down with such an exceptional sword?

The enemy must have been even stronger than a Xiantian Realm Level Nine expert. According to Ling Yun’s guess, god-like weapons like the Devil’s Blade and Dragon Vein Sword should be used by grandmasters such as the legendary Zhang Sanfeng against similar level opponents!

There would be no point in forging equipment if one didn’t have a worthy opponent. If one could slap an opponent to death or use one finger to paralyze the other party, why was there a need for a weapon?

However, Dong Fangting did tell Ling Yun that among the Prestigious Martial Arts Clans, a clan only needed two experts above Xiantian Realm Level Seven to dominate…

Back in the city, before Ling Yun arrived in Beijing, he had never even seen a single expert above Xiantian Realm Level Seven, with the exception of the latest generation of the Devil Sect’s Holy Virgin. Therefore, he believed the words of Dong Fangting.

After arriving in Beijing, Ling Yun realized that Dong Fangting was utterly wrong!

Without mentioning the Blood Clan, there were already three Xiantian Realm Level Seven experts among the Japanese ninjas. Furthermore, they were merely Chuunins.

And Ling Yun had just heard from Grandpa Ling Lie that Chen Jingtian was also a Xiantian Realm Level Seven expert.

Ling Yun could understand this point because for a family to be one of the top clans in this competitive world, it would be close to impossible without at least a Xiantian Realm Level Seven expert at the helm. Otherwise, a random ancient or worldly sect would be more than capable of obliterating the family at any time. Why would they allow one to sit comfortably without challenging their throne?

Prestigious Martial Arts Clans and worldly sects could easily send experts to exterminate families and take over their resources forcefully if these families didn’t have capable experts.

This was human nature, and anyone who wasn’t a fool would be able to think of this.

Therefore, great families not only had to have enough resources to cope with any unexpected changes, but the core figures in the families had to be of sufficient strength. These core figures had to be strong enough to make the Prestigious Martial Arts Clans and secluded sects not dare to provoke them.

If a family was capable of securing good resources for them, they would help them scare the other families and fight their battles to ensure that their family didn’t fall. This was how the intimately interdependent relationships were formed.

Hence, it was normal for each of the seven big families in Beijing to have at least one of two experts at Xiantian Realm Level Seven. Otherwise, it would be extremely easy for them to be exterminated by rivals or arch-nemesis.

To summarize, Dong Fangting wasn’t exactly lying to Ling Yun. With at least two Xiantian Realm Level Seven experts in a family, the family was indeed able to do anything they wanted.

Of course, the secluded sects were definitely much stronger!

It was the hard truth that Ling Yun had immortal equipment like the Emperor Brush and Earth Emperor’s Book.

On the other hand, what Dong Fangting told Ling Yun was also true!

This would result in a massive problem, and this problem was very obvious — there was an immense disparity between immortal equipment and a top expert at the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm Level Nine!

It was without a doubt that a gap appeared, a massive gap, and nobody was sure if it was a time problem or a spatial problem.

Could it be that every user of the Emperor Brush and Earth Emperor’s Book died without leaving any kind of legacy behind?

Or could it be that they ascended and, like cultivators in the Cultivation World, reached the Ascend Heaven Period, flying towards the Immortal World? Or perhaps to another space?

Even if one were to assume that Dugu Mo and Dong Fangting were right and Zhang Sanfeng managed to enter the Dao using martial arts — breaking through the void to attain a higher realm — he was still far from being able to make use of the Emperor Brush and Earth Emperor’s Book!

Making use meant exploiting the full potential and greatest power of the Emperor Brush and Earth Emperor’s Book. It wasn’t the same as how Ling Yun attained Qi Cultivation Level Nine and forcefully used a little of the Emperor Brush’s power.

Ling Yun’s greatest doubt and concern was how this massive gap came about!

Ling Lie gave Ling Yun a pat on his shoulder as he started explaining everything to Ling Yun with a smile.

“Everyone below Xiantian Realm Level Seven is an ant. From Xiantian Realm Level Seven onwards, every step is equivalent to one step closer to heaven…

“Xiantian Realm Level Seven and Eight are divided into four stages, from initial to pinnacle! One major realm with four minor realms.

“However, Xiantian Realm Level Nine is different. It’s divided into ten minor realms!

“The tenth minor realm is the final step of the Xiantian Realm. Once one reaches this point, there is a chance for a new breakthrough to reach the Wusui Emptiness Realm!

“Xiantian Realm Level Nine is entirely different from any of the earlier levels. This is because any expert capable of reaching Xiantian Realm Level Nine is close to reaching the Unity of Universe and Mankind. Because of their incredible divine sense, they possess the divine ability!

“Making use of their immense divine sense, they can execute all kinds of battle skills. In the eyes of ordinary mortals, such an ability is known as the divine ability!

“Once a person reaches the ninth minor realm of Xiantian Realm Level Nine, they can basically run unhindered across the entire country. They can also be acknowledged by ‘those people’ to become one of their members…”

Ling Yun was thoroughly stunned as he caught two key terms. One was “divine ability”, and the other was “those people”!

This was the first time Ling Yun heard about the divine ability. As for “those people”, it was Ling Yun’s third time hearing about them.

The divine ability was something Ling Yun would have once he reached the Qi Cultivation Stage. At Qi Cultivation Level Four, he would be able to fly, so wasn’t this considered a divine ability?

As for “those people”, Ling Yun also had a rough idea of what they were. Ling Yun believed that they were basically people who possessed the divine ability, which was basically those who had attained the Wusui Emptiness Realm!

If these people attained the Wusui Emptiness Realm and were able to see through the world of mortals, they would be cultivators just like Ling Yun!

Ling Yun was finally not going to be lonely!

After hearing all of that, Ling Yun didn’t feel dejected or threatened! Instead, he felt way more excited than before!

This was the first time his blood was boiling with enthusiasm!

Ling Yun was going to be devastated if he casually cultivated and managed to reach the pinnacle of this world. Without an opponent, while the feeling of standing at the top of this world might be amazing, after the sense of amazement would be endless loneliness…

It was truly lonely at the top!

What was the point of cultivating so hard if he looked across the world and only saw ants?

“The Chen Family… There are at least two of them who have reached the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm Level Eight. There is even one in the first minor realm of Xiantian Realm Level Nine. Yun Er, are you afraid?”

Ling Lie finally finished everything he had to say. He smiled and looked right into Ling Yun’s eyes.

“Your grandson isn’t afraid! This is what makes everything more interesting…” Ling Yun gave Ling Lie an extremely confident smile as he answered.

Ling Yun never lacked courage in the face of adversity!

At the same time, Ling Yun thought of something interesting. If there weren’t any supreme experts in China, the leaders of the Blood Clan in America or the Kages of the Japanese would have killed their way into the country. They would have turned the country into their territory without hesitation!

The flying Blood Clan, stealthy ninjas, who could deal with them? It was naturally “those people”!

Such experts were similar to a country’s nuclear weapons. While they might not deploy it, it was frightening enough to deter enemies!

Ling Lie smiled cheerfully as he gave Ling Yun another pat on his shoulder. “Good kid! I like your spirit!”

“Eighteen years old, and you’re capable of fighting an expert at the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm Level Eight. There is nothing, I, Ling Lie, should worry about!”

Ling Lie was also brimming with confidence as he dragged Ling Yun to take a seat.

“So… Grandpa can talk to you about the Cao Family incident now.”

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