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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel) - Chapter 736: Fuse

Chapter 736: Fuse

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“Our Ling Family has nothing but enemies. It will take a while even if you find them all, tie them with rope, and sweep machine guns at them!

“Therefore, one more Chen Family is nothing. Our Ling Family has endured humiliation for the past eighteen years. It doesn’t matter if we tolerate them for a bit longer…”

Ling Lie pulled Ling Yun down to sit with him but couldn’t bear to let go of his hand. His eyes were on Ling Yun, and all his words were to comfort him.

Ling Lie first told him about the secrets of the Prestigious Martial Arts Clans. Why was that?

He was afraid that Ling Yun would head to the Chen Family to kill them directly for revenge because he was young and hot-headed.

Beijing was at the foot of the Emperor, it didn’t pay to be reckless!

After the initial hotheadedness died down, Ling Yun managed to smile. “Grandpa, you need not say more. I understand you. I will never make such a rash move.”

Killing intent flashed through Ling Yun’s eyes, and he clenched his fist. “However, we have to take revenge!”

Ling Lie was finally relieved and smiled a gratified smile. “I didn’t say all that in vain since you understand what Grandpa is saying. This isn’t only between the Chen Family, Cao Family, and Ling Family.”

“This is a new round of power struggle within the major families of Beijing. It will affect the country’s political structure and the intricate forces at home and abroad. It will even affect the rules of the Prestigious Martial Arts Clans. The cards will be reshuffled!

“The Chen Family attacking the Cao Family is just a fuse that created the spark. Soon, many other forces will surface in Beijing, and even in the whole of Huaxia.

“The Chen Family attacked us because they had to. They were afraid that their plot would be foiled and known by all in Beijing with your second uncle’s rescue. If that happened, the Chen Family would be threatened by all of the major families in Beijing.

“The families don’t even have to lift a finger. The head of state just has to nod his head to mobilize the Heavenly Team and kill the more important members of the Chen Family. The Chen Family will then disintegrate on its own!

“If you didn’t attack the Chen Family and rescue your second uncle, the Chen Family probably wouldn’t have attacked our Ling Family. We can see that from how they took him as a prisoner for so long without harming him…

“They probably only wanted support from our Ling Family…”

Ling Lie’s laughter lost its sound, and he shook his head bitterly. “Aiya, I didn’t think that our Ling Family would weaken to this state after eighteen years…”

It was obvious from the way things happened that the Chen Family hit the Cao Family and the Ling Family simultaneously!

The Chen Family used such a despicable tactic on the Cao Family by using the Blood Clan to control them, while they only captured Ling Yue, an important figure of the Ling Family. What did this show? The Ling Family wasn’t even an opponent to them.

In fact, before Ling Yun returned, the Ling Family would definitely be ranked outside the top twenty.

“It’s not that nobody in Beijing knew about the Cao Family getting ruined. Your first uncle, Ling Zhen, reported the abnormality of the Cao Family to me as well…

“However, none of the families did anything. Everyone was watching… and waiting!

“What were they waiting for? The Long Family’s attitude towards this matter, the Ye Family’s actions, and the head of state’s decision!”

Ling Yun’s expression changed again. This time, he could finally understand Cao Tianlong’s pain!

No one would help another even if their family was destroyed. Everyone would avoid them like the plague, afraid of getting into trouble as well.

All the more because it was against the powerful Chen Family!

“The undercurrents in the capital have been raging. Everything was in a delicate balance, but the Chen Family tipped this balance by destroying the Cao Family…

“However, the Chen Family’s game was too huge, and there were no slip-ups in their plot. They used The Embrace to maintain the Cao Family facade. That was why the balance was maintained until now.

“This balance was finally tipped over unintentionally by you saving your second uncle!

“Grandpa can tell you that those with power and influence definitely know of it by now, and they won’t have been able to sleep!”

Ling Lie turned towards Cui Lao and smiled.

“If not, the Chen Family would never have sent only the thirty-six ninjas here and nothing else.

“The Ling Family didn’t fall, and the Chen Family suffered a setback. We at the Ling Family might not say anything, but Grandpa believes that the news has already spread all over Beijing!”

Ling Lie looked towards the door. It was past six in the morning. The sun was up.

“If Grandpa is right, there will definitely be a lot of people coming today to see if what they heard was true. Grandpa will have to send them all away without meeting because I’m sick…”

“Grandpa, you mean, feign sickness?” Ling Yun asked.

“You helped Grandpa attain Xiantian Realm Level Eight overnight. What else can I do?” Ling Lie roared with laughter.

Ling Yun was speechless. He scratched his head, slightly embarrassed. He did go a little too far last night.

“The fact that the Ling Family wasn’t destroyed will lead many to think…

“Your father’s whereabouts are still unknown, and we have no idea who took him. We cannot expose our true strength, nor can we act rashly before we find him and rescue him. This is to ensure that the other party doesn’t change their plan and hurt your father…”

So that was what Ling Lie was most worried about. He had considered everything wholesomely. He didn’t want his grandson to return home only for the others to kill his grandson’s father.

“Grandpa, will my father be alright?” Ling Yun couldn’t help but ask, feeling somewhat panicky.

Ling Lie was silent at first. “Yun Er, rest assured, your father is only at the pinnacle of Houtian Realm Level Five. I’m sure the enemy is holding him for some greater purpose,” Ling Lie finally said.

“This doesn’t only relate to the Ling Family. It also relates to your birth mother, the former Holy Virgin of the Devil Sect. People will have to wonder if they can rival your mother if they want to harm your father…” Ling Lie said, unable to look into the eyes of the trembling Ling Yun.

“Har…” Ling Yun finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Therefore, what we need to do now is to move steadily, step by step. Low key and quiet movements are the best for us!

“Your identity isn’t exposed. You can move in secret before saving your father. You can do whatever you want. I don’t think the forces in Beijing will care about some child’s play.

“As for the members of the Cao Family that you saved, Grandpa will make arrangements. I’ll quickly move them to a safe place, you don’t have to worry about it…”

“Grandpa, but there’s another person from the Cao Family that I have to save. It will be too late if I wait any longer!” Ling Yun protested lightly.

Ling Lie laughed. “Yun Er, you are referring to the precious pearl of Cao Xingchang, Cao Shanshan, right?”

Ling Yun’s face reddened, and he nodded.

“Is Cao Shanshan your girlfriend?” Ling Lie couldn’t help but tease Ling Yun. It was rare for him to blush.

“Um… Yes…” Ling Yun replied awkwardly.

“Rascal, how many girlfriends do you have now? It seems like there are quite a few from what I heard from Cui Lao…” Ling Lie rambled on.

“Well, quite a few…” Ling Yun confessed truthfully upon seeing that his grandpa wasn’t about to let it slide.

Ling Lie roared with laughter. “So, the little rabbit-humper also knows what it feels like to be shy, eh? Alright, my outstanding grandson, it’s not a problem! Have as many as you want! Yun Er, remember, bring them all back to show Grandpa…”

“Grandpa, rest assured!” Ling Yun sweated profusely and nodded. He wanted to end this topic quickly.

Ling Lie was satisfied when Ling Yun agreed. He let the topic slide and returned to his serious demeanor. “The ancestral home of the Chen Family is in the south of Beijing. It’s also outside of the Fifth Ring Road, near the Daxing District. That’s where the real home base of the Chen Family is!”

Ling Yun was just about to thank Ling Lie when Ling Lie continued, “The three top masters of the Chen Family should all be there now. However, Chen Jianwei probably wouldn’t hide Cao Shanshan there.”

Ling Yun nodded. “Grandpa, don’t worry, I have my own ways to locate Cao Shanshan.”

“That’s great, but remember to be cautious!”

Ling Yun had a preliminary understanding of the forces in Beijing from Ling Lie’s explanation. He was naturally going to be a lot more careful now.

It was good that the ancestral home of the Chen Family was to the south. Ling Yun could now deduce where that b*stard took Cao Shanshan. The thousand-mile soul chasing powder that Ling Yun chased after yesterday didn’t head to the south, it headed to the east!

Chen Jianwei hid Cao Shanshan in the east of Beijing!

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