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Dragon King’s Son-In-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 750: Choosing a Day for the Wedding!

Chapter 750: Choosing a Day for the Wedding!

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“Third Uncle!”

While ignoring the spilled drink, Zhao Yanzi pounded the table in protest to Zhao Kuo. Despite her wish to declare her claim on Hao Ren in front of Duan Yao, she felt embarrassed when her third uncle announced it in front of everyone.

“Well. Your third uncle has a point.” To her surprise, Zhao Guang looked at Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren with a serious expression and said slowly instead of reprimanding Zhao Kuo.

Zhao Yanzi was instantly silenced. She glanced at Hao Ren who was by her side and suddenly realized that her parents had meant to discuss this topic with Hao Ren by inviting him to dinner.

“Ren,” Zhao Guang looked at Hao Ren and said, “I mentioned that you must reach Qian-level or Kun-level because I hoped that you would cultivate hard. In fact, with your current realm of Xun-level, you can transfer half of the dragon core back to Zi.”

“Ok…” Hao Ren nodded as he looked at Zhao Guang in earnest.

The initial drive that he had when he began cultivating was to transfer the dragon core back to Zhao Yanzi and knew that this issue was inevitable.

However, he didn’t understand how to transfer; he only knew that the higher the cultivation realm he got, the safer the process would be.

“Mom…” Seeing Zhao Guang and Zhao Kuo agreeing with each other, Zhao Yanzi turned toward Zhao Hongyu.

However, Zhao Hongyu didn’t interrupt Zhao Guang’s words. They had brought Zhao Yanzi to live in the mortal world with the hope that she would get used to the life on land, but she was still a dragon cultivator and the princess of the East Ocean Dragon Clan.

When the third princess of the South Ocean Dragon Clan got married, she was only 14 years old.

Suddenly, Zhao Yanzi remembered what happened last night, and her face turned red.

“I’ve asked some elders about the method. Instead of moving the dragon core back into Zi, you must transfer the dragon essence into her body regularly.”

Hearing Zhao Guang’s words, Hao Ren began to understand.

With a red face, Zhao Yanzi listened carefully and also understood the situation.

It wasn’t a one-time process! No wonder they must get married!

Zhao Yanzi’s blush instantly spread to her ears.

She had talked about a lot of things with Ling as if she were really knowledgeable about the adult stuff, but she was still a shy girl who wasn’t as open as she pretended to be in front of Ling.

“After Zi began cultivating, her physique has obviously strengthened and can last until 18 without dragon essence, but it would be better if she could regain her dragon physique sooner,” Zhao Guang said.

“Ugh, Uncle, you mean…” Hao Ren asked cautiously.

“You idiot! Why are you so bashful!” Zhao Kuo yelled in displeasure. “Are you reluctant to marry Zi? If not, then get married as soon as possible! You two can have a dragon baby as soon as you can, so I can hold a grand-niece!”

Although Zhao Yanzi had guessed her father’s intention, she felt warm all over her body with shame when Zhao Kuo said the words out loud.

“Third Uncle!” Zhao Yanzi couldn’t control herself anymore and yelled in protest.

Duan Yao turned to look at Zhao Yanzi, realizing that the latter must have to dual cultivation with Hao Ren due to some deficiencies with her cultivation technique.

Seeing Duan Yao’s sympathetic gaze on her, Zhao Yanzi choked on her words, not knowing what to say.

When she met Hao Ren’s gaze, her blush spread to her neck instantly.

“Hehe. When your third uncle finishes his business, you two can have the wedding,” Zhao Hongyu said.

“Third Uncle… What business?” Zhao Yanzi asked immediately.

If not for last night, she wouldn’t have any idea about the consummation of the marriage. But after last night’s experience, her heart raced when they talked about marriage.

This was why she immediately changed the topic when she could.

Seeing Zhao Yanzi’s panicked eyes, Hao Ren smiled in secret. He had been impatient last night, but it seemed like Zi’s parents were also impatient.

However, Hao Ren felt unprepared to marry Zhao Yanzi, and he understood her panic.

“Erm. Your third uncle challenged Su Han to a battle, and Su Han accepted today,” Zhao Hongyu said.

“Oh. And?” Zhao Yanzi widened her eyes.

“The battle will take place at the Dragon God Shrine tomorrow,” Zhao Hongyu said.

Hao Ren was surprised that Zhao Kuo and Su Han’s battle was tomorrow. However, upon second thought, he knew Su Han was at her peak after just breaking through to peak Qian-level, and it was a good time to battle Zhao Kuo who was an experienced Qian-level cultivator.

It was understandable that the battle would take place at the Dragon God Shrine. On the one hand, Su Han was an inspector, so the battle concerned the reputation of the Dragon God Shrine. On the other hand, since both Su Han and Zhao Kuo were peak Qian-level, their fight would be earth-shaking, and only the Dragon God Shrine could provide a venue for them to battle.

“If your third uncle wins, he will charge at the Heavenly Dragon Realm. If he succeeds in reaching the Heavenly Dragon Realm, we’ll organize a grand wedding for you,” Zhao Hongyu continued.

Zhao Yanzi blinked her big eyes and didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Yanzi hoped that her third uncle could realize his dream and reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm, but she would have to marry Hao Ren immediately.

“Isn’t it a bit too fast? I am still a Grade Nine student…” Zhao Yanzi bit on her lip and felt torn as she thought, “Should I invite Ling to my wedding?”

If Hao Ren knew her thoughts, he would pass out instantly. He looked at Zhao Kuo’s determined expression and knew that the latter was serious about the battle with Su Han.

Since they were both at peak Qian-level and wanted to achieve a higher breakthrough, they would fight with their full force, which meant that they might get seriously injured or even die in the battle.

From Zhao Hongyu’s tone, it seemed like they thought Zhao Kuo had better odds at winning, and he wouldn’t fail the second charge at the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

This was why they were planning and organizing Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi’s wedding.

At 16, Zhao Yanzi was old enough to marry according to the traditions of the Dragon Tribe. Besides, Hao Ren had reached Xun-level and had become a top-tier master among the younger generation. Also, Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi’s relationship had progressed quite well. If Zhao Kuo could reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm, which was a major event for the East Ocean Dragon Clan, the wedding between Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi was the next thing on the agenda.

“Third Uncle, it is only a practice fight. You can’t injure Sister Su.” Zhao Yanzi lowered her head and thought for a moment before saying to Zhao Kuo.

“I… will try,” Zhao Kuo answered with some hesitation.

In fact, no battle could guarantee no injuries. Zhao Kuo couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t injure Su Han. A peak Qian-level cultivator possessed the power to destroy the world. If cultivators reserved their strengths during fights while their rivals fought with full force, he would not only lose the battle but could potentially lose his realm and life.

Besides, Zhao Kuo had high regard for Su Han who had cultivated to peak Qian-level at only about 20 years old. Despite some unique opportunities that she had, she was absolutely a top cultivation genius who could surpass him.

With his intuition as a military commander, Zhao Kuo felt like Su Han’s strength was no less than his!

When Hao Ren saw Zhao Kuo’s hesitation, he knew that Zhao Kuo would fight with full force tomorrow and couldn’t guarantee Su Han’s safety.

However, he knew that Su Han would fight with her full force as well, and it was hard to say how Zhao Kuo would end up. Up until now, Hao Ren hadn’t seen Su Han’s full strength. Even when she faced Qiu Niu in the Nine Dragon Palace, he had sensed some reservation in Su Han.

It was a waste of breath to ask Su Han or Zhao Kuo, two masters who tried to gain a breakthrough, not to inflict serious injuries on one another.

“Third Uncle, how are things between you and Elder Xingyue?” Zhao Yanzi continued to ask.

“That… That…” Zhao Kuo who had been talking in a loud voice showed a trace of pink on his black face.

“Third Uncle, after you reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm, it’s time for you to marry Elder Xingyue!” Zhao Yanzi continued.

“Non… Nonsense!” Zhao Kuo widened his eyes while his black face turned deep red like a piece of roasted beef.

Seeing Zhao Yanzi’s snicker, he immediately realized that this was Zhao Yanzi’s counter-attack.

Elder Xingyue had taught Zhao Yanzi cultivation when she was little; thus she was closer to Elder Xingyue than the other elders from East Ocean.

In the past few days after Zhao Kuo came back from the Nine Dragon Palace, he had stayed with Elder Xingyue while he rested in the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Zhao Yanzi was a nosy little girl and got the information from her parents.

As retaliation for making her blush, she was now making Zhao Kuo blush.

“Yeah. Third Brother, Xingyue has waited for you for many years,” Zhao Guang said.

“Big… Big brother,” Zhao Kuo almost couldn’t speak when he mentioned Elder Xingyue.

“After reaching the Heavenly Dragon Realm, you can’t let Xingyue down anymore,” Zhao Hongyu joined the persuasion.

Embarrassed, Zhao Kuo wondered how the topic had turned from Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi’s wedding to himself.

He glanced at Zhao Yanzi and saw the big smile on her face.

“I know you’re afraid that Xingyue will suffer with you, but I assure you that I won’t exert any pressure on you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want children since Zi and Ren can have children,” Zhao Guang said with sincerity.

Out Zhao Haoran’s three sons, the eldest Zhao Guang had one daughter, Zhao Yanzi. The second son Zhao Kuan had gradually lost his dragon essence while living in the U.S., and his branch had gradually drifted away from the Dragon Tribe. The third son Zhao Kuo had the best talent and highest realm, thus should be producing descendants for the Zhao Family.

However, the higher realm a dragon cultivator had, the more dangerous it was to give birth. Zhao Kuo was worried that Xingyue would be in danger in giving birth to their children, so he had been hesitant.

Now that Zhao Haoran had passed away, there was no pressure from the elder generation. Zhao Guang as the eldest brother said the words to relieve Zhao Kuo’s worries.

Zhao Yanzi suddenly understood the situation when she heard the word ‘children’, and she yelled in protest while blushing.

Seeing her deep blush, Zhao Hongyu smiled pleasantly. In fact, it was natural that the responsibility of passing down the bloodline of the East Ocean Dragon Palace would finally come to the shoulders of Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren.

Zhao Kuo didn’t want his own children due to his worry for Xingyue and the potential internal conflicts inside the dragon palace.

“That’s the end of this topic…” Zhao Kuo interrupted them and lifted his wine glass. In fact, after hearing Zhao Guang’s words, Zhao Kuo had made the plan to marry Xingyue in a grand ceremony as soon as he reached the Heavenly Dragon Realm!

Seeing Zhao Kuo’s glowing face, Zhao Yanzi knew that her third uncle had resolved the issue in his mind, and she said happily, “Third Uncle, I heard that dual cultivation could help you achieve a breakthrough.”

“Pu…” Zhao Kuo who had just drunk the wine spat it out instantly.

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