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Dragon King’s Son-In-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 758: When Can We Meet Again~

Chapter 758: When Can We Meet Again~

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-The East Ocean Dragon Palace-

Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia had waited for a whole night outside of the secret chamber anxiously, and the dozen snow lion cubs were sleeping soundly in one corner.

Duan Yao sat on a chair with a calm expression, resting with her eyes closed and one small snow lion cub in her lap.

Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu were worried, but as the Dragon King and the Dragon Queen of East Ocean, they must remain calm. However, they looked at each other occasionally and could tell that each other was nervous.

As Zhao Yanzi once said to Hao Ren, the cultivators could die when they tried to gain the breakthroughs. The higher the realm was, the riskier the breakthrough would be; it was like a gamble against fate.

Charging at the Heavenly Dragon Realm was undoubtedly the biggest gamble.

It had been a dilemma for Zhao Hongyu and Zhao Guang. If they didn’t allow Hao Ren to plant the mystic crystal, they were stopping him from elevating. If they allowed him to plant the mystic crystal, Hao Ren might be in danger and even affect Zhao Yanzi.

Zhao Yanzi’s life was connected with Hao Ren’s. The higher Hao Ren’s realm was, the safer Zhao Yanzi would be. However, the more risks Hao Ren took, the greater the danger Zhao Yanzi would be in as well.

At midnight, Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia had gone outside and talked. When they came back, their expressions had softened.


A five-colored light shot out from the secret chamber.

The colorful spiritual light shooting up from the deep ocean was brighter than the rising sun.

Yue Yang was getting up from the bed in her bedroom in the house by the sea. When she saw the light, she was stupefied.

In the city, the young dragon cultivators had also seen the magnificent light shooting from the East Ocean Dragon Palace from a distance.

Even the dragon cultivators in the mountains and lakes near East Ocean City were shocked by the sudden light.

As the most powerful force in the area, the East Ocean Dragon Clan hadn’t shown any magnificent sight for many years.

However, the light… the shaking… the surging waves… Boom!!!

Waves of powerful suppression swept across the sea.

Even the South Ocean Dragon Clan, the North Ocean Dragon Clan, and the West Ocean Dragon Clan vaguely saw the light shooting from the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

“Could it be that… that the ultimate treasure of the East Ocean Dragon Palace had returned?@ they thought.

In the distant Demon Sea, the demon beasts were restless and wanted to rush out of the sea, but they suddenly sensed Lady Zhen Zhen’s presence and sank into the bottom of the ocean one by one.

In the house, Yue Yang dug out her cell phone in a hurry and was about to ask the meteorological station to record this scene, but the light had gradually disappeared.

The sun rose slowly from the east as if that light was a reflection of the sun on the ocean.

Outside of the secret chamber, Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi caught each other’s hand to keep their balance while the ground shook. Finally, they saw Hao Ren walking out from the secret chamber.

The sealed secret chamber had a hole in the ceiling, and the colorful spiritual light still lingered inside.

Wearing rose-colored sweaters, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili didn’t come out from the secret chamber. Their faces looked pink and healthy.

During the night, they had not only helped Hao Ren plant the mystic crystal but had absorbed the two 10,000-year-old lotus seeds into their bodies. They strengthened increased a bit more as well.

“Big Zhumu, Small Zhumu! Linlin and Lili must go now!” Standing in the secret chamber, they bowed at Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi slightly and spoke at the same time.

Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia were surprised. Before they could react, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had changed into two colorful lights which shot into the sky and entered the boundless clouds as two beautiful rainbows.

In the house, Yue Yang saw another two lights rising in the sky. She immediately picked up the camera which she had just dug out from the drawer, but she was still one beat too slow.

Seeing two lights shooting out from the East Ocean Dragon Palace while layers of auspicious clouds invisible to mortals floated on the surface of the ocean, the cultivators around East Ocean City realized that cultivators had soared into the heaven from the East Ocean Dragon Palace!

Looking up and watching the Lu sisters turned into two lights, Hao Ren felt empty inside.

Staying with him, they frolicked occasionally but generally were quiet. Hao Ren thought back and found that he hadn’t done much for them and had seldom taken them out for meals.

The sisters had entertained themselves but were quite lonely here.

Zhao Hongyu looked up and watched the colorful lights disappear gradually in the sky, feeling a bit lost.

The Lu sisters were very vivacious and lovely, and they had been helpful to the East Ocean Dragon Palace. However, they still had to go back.

“Our East Ocean Dragon Palace can’t keep the cultivators from the Heavenly Realm.” Seeing Zhao Hongyu’s reluctance to see them go, Zhao Guang tried to comfort her.

Zhao Hongyu liked the obedient and considerate Xie Yujia, but she also liked the vivacious and smart Lu sisters as well.

“Yeah…” Zhao Hongyu nodded and turned her eyes toward Hao Ren who had just walked out from the secret chamber.

Having planted the mystic crystal, Hao Ren didn’t show any outside changes, but significant transformations had taken place in his body.

After the cleanse by Hao Ren’s natal nature essence, the ordinary-looking black lotus seed had emitted five-colored lights, looking extremely radiant.

The 100,000-year-old Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus had absorbed all of Hao Ren’s nature essence with ease and began to absorb the nature essence from the surroundings as well.

In the instant when the mystic crystal was planted, Hao Ren felt as if lotus flowers were blooming in his body. Even vague lotus phantoms appeared above his head.

In that instant, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had completely absorbed the 10,000-year Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus. Five white lotus flowers floated around them, and each of the flowers had five petals!

They had planned to stay with Hao Ren by suppressing their realms, but now they must return.

With Su Han’s current strength, she would inevitably cause some changes in nature when she charged at the Heavenly Dragon Realm. Since the Saint Mother knew that they were hiding in the mortal world, the consequences would be too big for them to take if they made any mistakes.

It was why they had to return after helping Hao Ren plant the mystic crystal. It was their last assistance to him.

Familiar with the temperament of the Saint Mother, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili knew that they wouldn’t receive severe punishments if they returned in time. However, if they delayed, Hao Ren would be punished as well.

In the end, they knew that the Saint Mother loved them. Locking them in East Ocean Dragon Palace was only a small punishment; she wanted them back because she didn’t want them to be involved in this grand transformation of nature that was going to occur.

The white morning sunlight came from the east, lighting up the surface of the ocean.

Hao Ren looked up and saw the array formation of the East Ocean Dragon Palace repairing itself. Then, he looked at Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi in front of him.

They had tear trails on their faces, which showed their worry and anxiety during the night.

“It’s ok now…” With a bitter smile, Hao Ren walked up and opened his arms.

Without thinking, Xie Yujia walked over into his arms, but Zhao Yanzi brushed off his arm.

At this moment, Xie Yujia realized that everyone was staring at them. While blushing, she immediately stood away.

Wide-eyed, Duan Yao looked at Hao Ren as if he were a rare animal. Seeing Hao Ren walking out from the secret chamber, she didn’t know how she felt.

“Yao! It’s time to return!” A melodious voice suddenly appeared.

Hearing the voice, Duan Yao immediately jumped up and tossed the snow lion in her arms toward Hao Ren before rushing to the surface of the sea.

Lady Zhen had come to pick her up!

She couldn’t suppress her joy as if she were a kindergarten kid whose parent had finally come for her.

“Humph! I’ll take your life next time we meet!” While Duan Yao flew toward the surface, she tossed those words at Hao Ren.

Catching the snow lion, Hao Ren looked at her in exasperation.

Duan Yao claimed that she would kill him each them they met, but she had never put her words into action. It had become her tagline.

Then, he turned his head slightly and saw Zhao Kuo standing at the end of the corridor.

Elder Xingyue stood beside him, and her usual cold face had a trace of joy.

Hao Ren smiled since he had known that Zhao Kuo wouldn’t stay put if he were planting the mystic crystal. Seeing Zhao Kuo coming out, Elder Xingyue knew that he had got over his fury, which explained the joy on her face.

“When is Su Han charging toward the Heavenly Dragon Realm?” Hao Ren asked.

“At noon in the Dragon God Shrine,” Lu Qing answered.

Hearing that Su Han would charge at the Heavenly Dragon Realm, every force was collecting information about it. With the resources of the East Ocean Dragon Clan, it was easy to get accurate information.

Hao Ren was surprised that Su Han chose the Dragon God Shrine. However, he knew that it was the best place to pass the Heavenly Tribulation after thinking for a bit longer.

When Zhao Kuo tried to pass the Heavenly Tribulation, the East Ocean Dragon Clan had spent a lot of time and resources in building a huge platform in the deep ocean, but it was all destroyed during the process. Hao Ren was a bit surprised that the Dragon God Shrine had offered its platform to help Su Han pass the Heavenly Tribulation.

“With Su Han’s mentality and realm, this Heavenly Tribulation shouldn’t be too powerful…” Hao Ren thought.

“Uncle, Auntie, I’ll head back. I’ll go and watch Su Han while she is doing this,” Hao Ren said.

“Ok…” Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu didn’t object.

With Hao Ren’s potential, he would have the opportunity to charge at the Heavenly Dragon Realm. No matter if Su Han succeeded or not, it would be a good experience for Hao Ren.

“Let’s go!” Taking Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi’s hands into his, Hao Ren flew into the high sky from the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

He had made the decision not to interfere while Su Han charged at the Heavenly Dragon Realm. As in the battle between Su Han and Zhao Kuo, no one knew the result until the last moment.

In that battle, Hao Ren had thought that Su Han lost when she was struck down by Zhao Kuo and wanted to dash out to catch her. However, Su Han unleashed her full strength and instantly turned the table.

If Zhao Kuo and Su Han didn’t push him back together when he rushed out, he would have died.

With Su Han’s realm, she didn’t need Hao Ren’s help in battles, let alone when passing the Heavenly Tribulation.

Passing the Heavenly Tribulation was risking one’s life! Not everyone was as lucky as Zhao Kuo!

One would live if the process was smooth and die if it were a failure! This might be the last time that Hao Ren could see Su Han!

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