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Dragon-Marked War God (Web Novel)


The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world! Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me. Don’t compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment. Don’t compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor. The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of geniuses……
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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 2296 - Not abandoning, not giving up2020-05-29
Chapter 2295 - Danger Approaches2020-05-29
Chapter 2294 - Twisted Jungle2020-05-28
Chapter 2292 - You Horny Lady-killer2020-05-26
Chapter 2293 - Twisted Jungle2020-05-27
Chapter 2291 - Splurging2020-05-26
Chapter 2290 - How much do you guys think is appropriate?2020-05-26
Chapter 2289 - You’re but a defeated foe, what respect can you give?2020-05-26
Chapter 2288 - Another Wealthy Person2020-05-26
Chapter 2287 Reincarnated Thrice2020-05-26
Chapter 2286 - An originally innocent gentleman became guilty because of the item he possessed2020-05-26
Chapter 2285 - Where is my Formula?2020-05-24
Chapter 2284 - I’m Going to Take Over the Beast Fire2020-05-23
Chapter 2283 - Divine Tool as the Stake2020-05-23
Chapter 2282 - Divine Pill Sect2020-05-23
Chapter 2281 - The Humiliation that Happened a Hundred Years Ago2020-05-23
Chapter 2280 - The Ancient Dragon City that Coexists with the World2020-05-23
Chapter 2279 - Xuanyuan Fengqi2020-05-20
Chapter 2278 - Hidden Secret Realm2020-05-18
Chapter 2277 - Slanderous Charges2020-05-18
Chapter 2276 - Give me Back my Grandson!2020-05-18
Chapter 2275 - Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill2020-05-18
Chapter 2274 - Heavenly Insane2020-05-18
Chapter 2273 - Turn the Tide Over2020-05-18
Chapter 2272 - Competition Between Jiang Hao and Elder Ling2020-05-16
Chapter 2271 Not that Difficult2020-05-16
Chapter 2270 Jiang Hao2020-05-16
Chapter 2269 - Looking Back Again, No Traces Could be Found Anymore2020-05-13
Chapter 2268 - The Frozen Field2020-05-12
Chapter 2267 – Playing with Fire and the Dust Settled2020-05-11
Chapter 2266 - Are You Really Transcending Your Tribulation?2020-05-10
Chapter 2265 - Crazy Confidence2020-05-10
Chapter 2264 - Melt the Luminous Cauldron2020-05-10
Chapter 2263 - Divine Burying Flag Released its Mightiness Again2020-05-10
Chapter 2262 - Shuttle Through the Void2020-05-10
Chapter 2261 - Who is Going to Laugh in the End 2020-05-10
Chapter 2260 - Pretending to be Weak2020-05-09
Chapter 2259 - Overcoming the Enemy2020-05-08
Chapter 2258 - The Heaven is on my Side2020-05-07
Chapter 2257 – Good Luck Beautiful Sister2020-05-06
Chapter 2256 - You’re Lucky2020-05-05
Chapter 2255 – Purple-eyed Youth2020-05-04
Chapter 2254 Displaying Own Talents2020-05-04
Chapter 2253 Fire Spirit Lizard and the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon2020-05-04
Chapter 2252 – Reaching the Top of the Mountain and Enjoying the View Below2020-05-04
Chapter 2251 Wind and Snow Starts to Fall, as a big battle is about to start2020-05-04
Chapter 2250 The Girl Favored by the Heavens2020-05-04
Chapter 2249 Qiyun Mountain Range2020-05-03
Chapter 2248 Yan Jun’s anger2020-05-02
Chapter 2247 - The Clue of the Lightning Essence2020-05-02
Chapter 2246 It is Very Good to be Respectful and have no Fear2020-05-02
Chapter 2245 Jiang Chen, do you fear me?2020-04-29
Chapter 2244 - Xuan Qingming2020-04-29
Chapter 2043 Instant Death2020-04-27
Chapter 2242 - Poisoning People’s Minds2020-04-27
Chapter 2241 - Real identity2020-04-27
Chapter 2240 - Your Death is Near2020-04-27
Chapter 2239 - Supreme Grade Pill2020-04-27
Chapter 2238 - Extreme Shamelessness2020-04-27
Chapter 2237 - The Thickness of His Face is truly out of Reach2020-04-26
Chapter 2236 - Sad, oh so sad.2020-04-24
Chapter 2235 – If there is any request, one shall follow it through till the ends of the earth.2020-04-23
Chapter 2234 – Pill Testing2020-04-23
Chapter 2233 – Soul Stabilising Pill and Daybreak Pill2020-04-22
Chapter 2232 - The Weight of Trust and Respect2020-04-21
Chapter 2231 - Hopefully, the Day Will Come2020-04-21
Chapter 2230 - Li Huo Demon, Yan Cheng2020-04-21
Chapter 2229 - Your Sword is my Sword2020-04-21
Chapter 2228 - Men Should be Born to Fight2020-04-21
Chapter 2227 - Sword of Solitude2020-04-21
Chapter 2226 - Sui Zhenkai’s battle invitation2020-04-21
Chapter 2225 – Five Hundred Thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones2020-04-19
Chapter 2224 - Senior Huang, Are You Going Back on Your Own Words?2020-04-19
Chapter 2223 – Pretending to be a Pig to Prey on the Tiger2020-04-17
Chapter 2222 - Come to the Door2020-04-16
Chapter 2221 - Battles for Hundred Time, One Would Never Regret Dying in Battle2020-04-15
Chapter 2220 - Entering the Profound Feng Sect2020-04-15
Chapter 2219 - The entry pass nameplate2020-04-15
Chapter 2218 - Killing the Young Sect Master2020-04-15
Chapter 2217 - I, alone, am enough!2020-04-15
Chapter 2216 - Your surname is Helian, your root is in the east.2020-04-15
Chapter 2215 - One Must Dig Up the Roots When Weeding2020-04-15
Chapter 2214 - Sword that Broke Hundred Thousand Strike2020-04-13
Chapter 2213 - Decided to Kill Him2020-04-13
Chapter 2212 - Formidable Feng Manlou2020-04-11
Chapter 2211 - How Can You Still be that Arrogant When You’re Blackmailing Me?2020-04-10
Chapter 2210 Devastation, wherever the flame reaches.2020-04-09
Chapter 2209: Shocking battle2020-04-08
Chapter 2208 – White-robed lady and the Profound Ice Azure Snake*2020-04-07
Chapter 2207 – Listening to the words of a wise man is greater than studying ten years of books2020-04-06
Chapter 2206 - The easiest thing is also the hardest2020-04-06
Chapter 2205 - Mortals are those who are Under True God Realm2020-04-06
Chapter 2204 - Profound Feng Sect, Feng Manlou2020-04-06
Chapter 2203 - Northern Cold Divine Region, Deer Mourn Mountain2020-04-06
Chapter 2202 - Divine World, Here I Come!2020-04-06
Chapter 2201 Have a Sure Catch!2020-04-05
Chapter 2200 - The powerful Fire God Guards2020-04-03
Chapter 2199 - Prestige of a True God2020-04-03
Chapter 2198 If the Gods stand in my way, I shall slay the Gods!2020-04-02
Chapter 2197 Hand over the inheritance of the Craftsman God2020-04-02