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Dungeon Predator (Web Novel)


던전 포식자




Hodam, 호담


Action Fantasy Sci-fi

Orginal Language:



[Class changing to the hidden class, Magic Swordsman.] [You are the first one to discover the hidden dungeon.] [You are the first one to discover the hidden…] [You are the first one…] [You are…]

I’m a gamer who uses ESP.

Let me tell you everything.

83 • 2020-01-17 00:08:40


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 57. Seed of Calamity, Gureko (2)2020-02-22
Chapter 56. Seed of Calamity, Gureko (1)2020-02-21
Chapter 55. Demon's Lair Hunt (2)2020-02-20
Chapter 54. Demon's Lair Hunt (1)2020-02-19
Chapter 53. Lupenia (2)2020-02-18
Chapter 52. Lupenia (1)2020-02-18
Chapter 51. Uninhabited Island2020-02-17
Chapter 50. A New Eder (2)2020-02-16
Chapter 49. A New Eder2020-02-14
Chapter 48. Gamer's Chuseok2020-02-14
Chapter 47. What Goes Around Comes Around2020-02-13
Chapter 46. Immortal King Arumode2020-02-11
Chapter 45. End of the Guild War2020-02-11
Chapter 44. Going as Three2020-02-10
Chapter 43. Cake and Cockroach2020-02-10
Chapter 42. Money, Money, Money2020-02-10
Chapter 41. Demon Kang Oh (2)2020-02-06
Chapter 40. Demon Kang Oh (1)2020-02-06
Chapter 39. Lightning Hunter, Caraco2020-02-05
Chapter 38. Agath Leader Hunt2020-02-03
Chapter 37. Kaistan Canyon2020-02-02
Chapter 36. Slave Contract2020-02-01
Chapter 35. Grano2020-01-31
Chapter 34. Mage's Tower2020-01-30
Chapter 33. Information Gathering2020-01-29
Chapter 32. A Productive Day2020-01-29
Chapter 31. Bercy and Baramut2020-01-27
Chapter 30. A Desperate Fight Against Baramut2020-01-26
Chapter 29. Jungle Exploration (2)2020-01-25
Chapter 28. Jungle Exploration2020-01-24
Chapter 27. Cave Hidden by the Wind2020-01-23
Chapter 26. Bad Guys2020-01-22
Chapter 25. Fishing2020-01-21
Chapter 24. An Entertaining Show2020-01-20
Chapter 23. Ghost Possessed Jewel Box, Sharobea2020-01-19
Chapter 22. Maumbharat Palace2020-01-18
Chapter 21. The Man Who Conquers Dungeons (2)2020-01-17
Chapter 20. The Man Who Conquers Dungeons (1)2020-01-17
Chapter 19. Taksen Castle2020-01-17
Chapter 18. The Search for a New Magic Sword2020-01-17
Chapter 17. New Ability2020-01-17
Chapter 16. Black Rat Nest2020-01-17
Chapter 15. Feature Broadcast2020-01-17
Chapter 14. He Who Defies Death, Eder (2)2020-01-17
Chapter 13. He Who Defies Death, Eder (1)2020-01-17
Chapter 12. Sewer’s Secret2020-01-17
Chapter 11. The Search for a Hidden Dungeon2020-01-17
Chapter 10. Spider Queen, Alishi (2)2020-01-17
Chapter 9. Spider Queen, Alishi (1)2020-01-17
Chapter 8. Magic Swordsman Kang Oh2020-01-17
Chapter 7. A Sweet Reward2020-01-17
Chapter 6. King of Magical Beasts, Ubist2020-01-17
Chapter 5. Fight Against 100 Men (2)2020-01-17
Chapter 4. Fight Against 100 Men (1)2020-01-17
Chapter 3: Hyper Intuition2020-01-17
Chapter 2: Swordmaster2020-01-17
Chapter 1: Awakening2020-01-17