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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1193: Forced Kiss (Part One)

Chapter 1193: Forced Kiss (Part One)

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She was simply perfect from head to toe.

Jiao Chen gazed at the girl who was walking towards him, and her beauty had blown him away.

He unconsciously smiled when he saw her smiling. His smile had lit up his gorgeous features, and he seemed more vibrant and charming than usual.


Su Yue called him with a clear and resounding voice that resembled a lovely nightingale. Her voice reverberated continuously in Jiao Chen’s head.

Jiao Chen was wearing a dark blue and a white hoodie with dark gray pants. His lanky frame seemed elongated and Su Yue appeared like a tiny child beside him.

He gazed at her. “You look different.”

“Oh…” Su Yue blinked, looking puzzled. “Which part of me?”

Jiao Chen grinned and quipped, “Let’s go.”

He stretched his hand and held her tiny hand as they walked out of the campus together.

Su Yue frowned as she glanced at Jiao Chen’s face. He was still grinning sheepishly to himself, and she had caught a glimpse of his pearly-white teeth. He looked so handsome.

This was the first time he had seen Jiao Chen smile that way. As compared to her third brother… her own brother… or even Uncle Ming…

His smile was so breathtakingly beautiful.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And naturally, over the course of time, his or her lover would be the most beautiful in one’s eyes.

So was that the reason she felt that Jiao Chen was more good-looking than everybody else? Has she fallen for him?

But why wasn’t her heart pounding excitedly? Why was she able to gaze at him, feeling so calm and composed?

Bai Jing had said it before, if she really liked a person, she would miss that person terribly if he wasn’t with her. But when she sees him, she wouldn’t dare to meet his eyes and her heart would pound.

She felt exactly as what Bai Jing had described… but towards Ming Ansheng.

“Su Yue…”

Su Yue stood there deep in thought. Jiao Chen called her several times, but she didn’t respond.

“Su Yue.”

Jiao Chen lifted an eyebrow and raised his voice once more. Finally, Su Yue heard him and her eyes darted around gin guilt before bowing her head.

How could she think of another man while looking at Jiaojiao! Su Yue inwardly berated herself.

Su Yue felt really guilty.

Jiao Chen’s voice sounded above her. “What was on your mind just now?”

“Nothing much.” Su Yue vigorously shook her head and steered the conversation out of dangerous waters. “Where are we going to eat?”

Jiao Chen asked her instead, “Where would you like to go?”

Su Yue replied lightly, “I’m fine with anywhere you bring me to.”

Jiao Chen chuckled and teased, “Aren’t you afraid that I might sell you off?”

The young girl’s eyes sparkled in the sunlight and her exquisite-looking face was so alluring and beautiful.

Jiao Chen was completely captivated by her at that moment.

He suddenly stretched his hand and hugged Su Yue’s soft and tiny body.

This embrace was too sudden and it caught Su Yue off guard. She raised her hands instinctively and hovered in mid-air. She seemed to freeze.

She widened her eyes in shock and only realized what was happening after a while.

She grinned as she answered, “Who would sell away his own girlfriend?”

Jiao Chen grunted softly in response and he smiled.

He quietly relinquished his grip on Su Yue and grabbed her hand instead. He held her hand tightly.

“I’ll bring you to eat something really yummy.” He led the way as he held Su Yue’s hand to the bus stop.

It was already the peak hour.

There were many people waiting for the bus, and most of them were students from A University.

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