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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1194: Forced Kiss (Part Two)

Chapter 1194: Forced Kiss (Part Two)

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Jiao Chen was holding Su Yue’s hand, and both of them naturally attracted attention wherever they went.

People labeled them as the most compatible and perfect couple in A University according to a group of impartial ‘judges’ .

A bus was driving towards them.

Jiao Chen glanced at the bus and bent his head. “The bus is here,” said Jiao Chen softly to Su Yue.

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

She watched the oncoming bus in excitement.

Ever since she came to the capital city, it was the first time she took the bus. Although the bus seemed crowded, it didn’t affect her anticipation.

As expected, the bus was really crowded. As Su Yue was petite, the passengers pushed her to the middle section of the bus.

She was holding her hand with Jiao Chen, and he tightened his grip on her hand. After everyone found a spot to stand properly, both of them stood close together.

After buying their tickets, Jiao Chen held on to the handrail with Su Yue in his arms.

Su Yue rested against the handrail as she peered at the floor. Jiao Chen glanced at her and asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“I’m okay.” Su Yue shook her head before managing a smile. “It’s just a little different from what I’ve imagined.”

Jiao Chen chuckled softly and replied, “How did you imagine the bus ride to be?”

Su Yue laughed but didn’t reply to his question. “It’s just a little different.”

Jiao Chen didn’t press on.

The bus route had many stops along the way, and there were passengers boarding and alighting at every stop.

Jiao Chen and Su Yue remained standing.

“Next stop, Splendid Serenity Shopping Mall…”

“We’re here.”

Su Yue was dozing off and Jiao Chen’s voice jolted her awake.

She raised her chin and murmured, “We are here?”

She glanced out of the window and saw a huge and luxurious-looking mall.

Jiao Chen nodded and he grabbed Su Yue’s hand. When the bus stopped, he held her hand and they alighted.

After alighting, they strode towards the shopping mall.

Su Yue surveyed her surroundings and looked up at Jiao Chen. “Is this very far from school?”

Their campus was located at a rather remote location, and there weren’t any huge malls in the vicinity.

This area was full of towering buildings, and it was more well-developed and bustling as compared to their school.

Jiao Chen quipped, “14 stops away.”

“14?” Su Yue’s mouth hung wide open. “We went past 14 stops?”

Why didn’t she notice that?

“Yeah.” Jiao Chen suppressed a grin as he knew why Su Yue was so startled. “You certainly didn’t realize it since you were dozing off.”

Su Yue pressed her lips together.

They entered the shopping mall and went to the fourth level. There were stalls selling a variety of international food.

Jiao Chen led Su Yue to a stall that sold duck’s blood vermicelli.

There were a few customers around the stall.

A middle-aged woman wearing an apron around her waist was clearing the tables. Jiao Chen held Su Yue’s hand and walked quietly behind the woman.

The woman straightened her back and stood there in shock when she saw Jiao Chen.

A slightly wrinkled face broke into a warm smile as she said, “Jiao Chen? I thought you were busy?”

Su Yue had assumed that this middle-aged woman was merely working at the stall, and so she didn’t notice her presence.

She just thought Jiao Chen wanted to sit at the table.

After the woman called Jiao Chen, she sized up the woman from head to toe, looking curious.

After observing her closely, she realized that this woman and Jiao Chen looked quite alike—especially their eyebrows and eyes.

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