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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1196: Forced Kiss (Part Four)

Chapter 1196: Forced Kiss (Part Four)

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Jiao Chen’s sister carried the tray and glanced at Jiao Chen. After some deliberation, she spoke up. “Jiaojiao, do visit grandmother if you have the time. She hasn’t seen you in more than a year… and she misses you.”

She spoke softly. Every word seemed uttered after deliberate contemplation.

She beamed at Su Yue once more before pressing on. “You have such a beautiful girlfriend. She would be delighted to meet her.”

Su Yue blushed at her compliments, and she hurriedly dug her chopsticks into the food.

Jiao Chen pressed his lips and clammed up.

Sister Jiao quietly went back to the stall.

After she left, Su Yue raised her head and watched Jiao Chen.

“Jiaojiao, didn’t you return home last month? Why did your sister say that you haven’t been home in more than a year?”

He wasn’t in school last month for several days and he said that he went home. So why did his sister mention that he didn’t go home?

Jiao Chen didn’t answer and lightly said, “Eat.”

He lowered his head and began to eat.

The vermicelli was piping hot and he ate gracefully.

Su Yue gazed at Jiao Chen for a while before she began to eat.

She suddenly thought of a question that Yan Rusheng had asked her before. Did she know Jiao Chen well?

At that time, she confidently replied that she knew. She knew his name, his age, she could describe his appearance, how good he was at playing basketball, how good were his results…

But she was beginning to comprehend Yan Rusheng’s question.

She realized that she didn’t understand Jiao Chen at all. And she had a hunch he was very mysterious.

“Su Yue, you’re not the only person in this world.”

Su Yue sat there deep in thought when Jiao Chen’s voice interrupted her.

She blinked her eyes in confusion and glanced at him. “What do you mean that I’m not the only person?”

Jiao Chen smiled instead and asked, “Do you like the food?”

Su Yue nodded with a smile. “Yes, the food is nice.”

She put a piece of vegetables in her mouth and happily chewed.

Jiao Chen answered with a smile. “Eat more, then. I’ll bring you to a new place the next time.”

Su Yue frowned as their eyes met. She hesitated before asking, “Jiaojiao, are you unhappy?”

Jiao Chen shook his head. “I’m not.”

“Oh.” Su Yue pressed her lips tightly and she had no idea why she blurted out that question. She just felt that there was a complex and conflicted expression in his eyes.

She couldn’t read his mind, but she was certain that he was reminiscing about an unhappy memory.

When they finished, Jiao Chen simply put a hundred yuan on the table without even waiting for his sister to come out from the kitchen.

He glanced at Su Yue. “Let’s go, the movie is starting.”

“But…” Su Yue turned her head and looked around for his sister. “Shouldn’t we tell your sister we’re leaving?”

“It’s all right.” Jiao Chen shook his head as he rose.

Su Yue stood up quietly, too, as Jiao Chen offered her his hand.

After they left, Su Yue was still harping on it. Wouldn’t it seem rude to leave without a word?

If it was her in the past, she wouldn’t have thought of this.

Of course, she knew that she had changed. She was more sensible and sensitive and was beginning to grasp the ways of the world.

The movie was a romance film about how a girl had fallen in love with her high school teacher. She encountered countless hurdles and obstacles from high school to university until she started working. In the end, the teacher married another woman and the girl ended up marrying a man who loved her very much.

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