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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1197: Forced Kiss (Part Five)

Chapter 1197: Forced Kiss (Part Five)

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At the wedding, the girl saw the teacher dressed impeccably, standing alone in the crowd. In her eyes, the teacher was still the most outstanding of them all.

Sometime after the wedding, the girl heard from her friend that the teacher got a divorce almost immediately after his marriage. Nobody knew why.

And years later, the girl found out that the teacher had passed away, and she cried all day in front of his grave.

Lastly, the ending scene of the movie showed an old and yellowish diary. On the first page, there were words written neatly and clearly. The words were: Xiangxiang, I love you too!

The movie ended and Su Yue walked out of the theater with swollen and puffy eyes. She was still sobbing badly when they exited.

She had used up all the tissues, and Jiao Chen passed her the last one. Jiao Chen gazed at her with an amused expression and asked, “Do you need to cry so much over a movie?”

“The director is so horrible,” Su Yue sniffed as she replied in a choked voice. “Why didn’t they end up together? Why must the teacher die?”

Jiao Chen was at a loss of words when he heard her.

How was he supposed to answer?

He helplessly smiled and answered after some deliberation. “It’s not the director’s fault. It’s the scriptwriter.”

He extended his hand and dabbed Su Yue’s tears away.

Su Yue was still dwelling on the movie on their journey back to the school.

The bus was quite empty that most of the seats were unoccupied.

Su Yue and Jiao Chen sat on the last row. She had no idea when she had placed her head on Jiao Chen’s shoulders.

After recovering from her emotions, she glanced around and muttered under her breath. “This is what I’ve expected.”

“Huh?” Jiao Chen glanced at her, looking confused.

Su Yue answered, “In the dramas, the male and female characters always took the bus together and they would be the only ones in the bus. Both of them would then alight only at the terminal. How romantic.”

Jiao Chen was speechless.

He curled his lips into a smile and held Su Yue’s tiny hand.

His huge hand entirely covered hers.

Su Yue and Jiao Chen reached the campus after 11 p.m. Su Yue had fallen asleep on the bus and Jiao Chen woke her up when they reached.

She stumbled unsteadily as she was still sleepy. She kept yawning.

Jiao Chen noticed it and said, “Su Yue, I’ll carry you.”

Without waiting for Su Yue to reply, he darted forward in front of Su Yue. He then bent his back and carried her on his back.

The series of actions was seamless.

Su Yue was a bit startled, and she instinctively clenched his clothes. “Jiaojiao, I can walk on my own.”

She began to struggle since she felt awkward being carried by Jiao Chen.

“Don’t move.” Jiao Chen insisted on carrying her on his back.

Su Yue had no choice but to comply, and she fell silent.

Under the light cast by the lamps, a tall boy was carrying a girl on his back. He walked towards the entrance, taking his time.

They walked past a black Mercedes.

The man in the car watched them. He was lost in his thoughts until they vanished out of sight.

The night was an abyss of darkness.

His heart was surging with waves of sorrow and pain, and they hit him repeatedly.

The man took a puff of his cigarette and in his haste, the smoke engulfed his lungs causing him to choke. He threw away the cigarette as he coughed violently.

After coughing for a while, the silence was restored in the car.

His deep and intense eyes were watching the tall gates with intent.

Ming Ansheng would come here every night despite him reminding himself that it was already over. And he was getting married soon.

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