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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1199: Forced Kiss (Part Seven)

Chapter 1199: Forced Kiss (Part Seven)

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Her phone persistently vibrated.

Su Yue placed her phone on the table and slumped against the chair. She peered at the ceiling before shutting her eyes.

‘Su Yue, forget him. Don’t listen to his voice as it’s hypnotic and mesmerizing. He is getting married soon and he has a fiancée. You can’t think of him anymore, and certainly you can’t continue to like him.’ Su Yue reprimanded herself sternly.

She suddenly understood why the girl in the movie had agreed to marry the man who had loved her deeply after her teacher got married.

She was in love with her teacher, but he was married. No matter how much she loved him, she had to give him up. She needed to forget him.

Su Yue felt that she could relate to the girl in the movie. She also assumed that she would forget about Ming Ansheng once she had a boyfriend.

Finally, her phone stopped vibrating.

Silence covered her like a blanket and it made her anxious.

She suddenly recalled how the girl had collapsed at the teacher’s grave as she cried her heart out. In that instant, she abruptly opened her eyes.

“Uncle Ming!”

She stretched her hand for her phone. There were three missed calls from the same person.

She clicked on the number and dialed it.

Before it got through, she immediately hung up in a panic.

No, she can’t do that.

Su Yue shook her head and flung her phone away.

At that moment, her phone vibrated once more. Uncle Ming was on the other line and her hands were trembling. Without thinking, she answered the call…


Ming Ansheng’s voice immediately sounded.

His deep voice sounded as if he were suffering.

His voice tugged Su Yue’s heartstrings, and so she mumbled softly.

Ming Ansheng didn’t respond too, and both of them fell silent.

One minute… two minutes…

After some time, Ming Ansheng’s hoarse voice sounded. “I’ll wait for you outside the school entrance.”

He abruptly ended the call before Su Yue could even utter.

Su Yue was dumbfounded when the call ended.

‘I’ll wait for you outside the school entrance…’

Why would Uncle Ming come to school so late at night? Was he looking for her?

Su Yue nervously grabbed her phone and her mind had gone blank. Her heart thudded against her chest and she was about to have a breakdown.

Her phone vibrated again and she saw a text. Ming Ansheng typed, ‘I was passing by your school and I’m thirsty. Can you send me a bottle of water?’

So he was passing by… After Su Yue read his text, she felt a strange sensation in her heart. She had no idea if it was disappointment. She typed and replied, ‘Okay.’

After she found a bottle of water, she bolted for the door and ran towards the school entrance.

The black Mercedes was parked under a tree. A faint light shone in the car and she stopped running. She composed herself as she strode towards the car.

The man inside the car was watching her without blinking.

Su Yue held her breath as she clutched the bottle tightly. Her other hand was clenching her clothes.

She wanted to see his face, but she didn’t dare to.

‘Su Yue, he already has someone in his heart. He is going to get married soon, and he is Third Brother’s friend. He is older than you by eight years…’

She reminded herself over and over again. From seeing Ming Ansheng’s car to reaching his car, Su Yue felt as though an eternity had gone past.

Every step she took was painful. But at the same time, she was shaking with anticipation.

She reached the car and stretched out her hand.

The man got off the car, put his arms around Su Yue and pushed her against the tree…

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